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What. A. Year. A few milestones from 2013.
We celebrated the 1 year anniversary of The Everygirl on Feb 22, 2013.
The Everygirl was listed as a top 100 website for women by Forbes for the 2nd year in a row.

Featured my home tour on The Everygirl.
Also featured on Houzz, Apartment Therapy, and Style Me Pretty.
Hosted a workshop at Apple.
Shingles. That was the worst.
First Lolla experience.
Went to the beach almost every weekend this summer.

I traveled to London, Paris, and Rome for the first time.
Got my first hand stand push up and strict pull up.
Buddy was in the October issue of Ladies Home Journal.
Hosted events at Splendid, J. Crew, Bloomingdales, and Clare Vivier. 
We also relaunched The Everygirl.

And started a product line
My dog developed Thrombocytopenia and had a 50/50 shot of pulling through. He made it.
I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. 
Ended the year happy and healthy. Can't ask for much more.

And here are my recaps from 2012, 2011, and 2010, too.

What were some of your most memorable events/experiences this year?


pick a chair. any chair.

My office chair hasn't held up at all, so it's time for a new one. 
Question is, do I go for something a bit more fun? (left)
Or a "traditional" office chair, similar to the one I have now? (right)

Which one would you choose?


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and it's navy. beautiful.

on paleo + crossfit

I've discussed similar issues in the past, but after a talk with a friend a week ago, decided to put this out there since most people have very strong reactions to paleo and CrossFit. People who do one or the other, or even worse, people like me who do both, are crazy. We are obsessed with all things paleo and Crossfit and think everyone who isn't paleo isn't healthy every workout other than CrossFit is insignificant.


Paleo isn't for everyone. Like vegetarians. Or people who love cheese. And I believe that paleo isn't the only healthy way to eat. I think you can follow a clean diet but eat grains or cheese and be very healthy. If I'm at a restaurant and the bread basket comes out, I won't throw it across the room or rant about how terrible grains are. I'll have bread if I feel like it or won't if I don't. No need to talk about it, because it's that simple. If it's Christmas and there are cookies, you can bet I'll have a few of those. And if I want pizza I'll have pizza–I just don't need those things all the time. If I felt deprived, I'd be miserable. I'd be living life on a diet, feeling unhappy, and that wouldn't get me anywhere. Paleo and CrossFit got me to a very healthy place with diet and exercise. I like where I am, and it works for me.

CrossFit isn't for everyone, either. If weight lifting isn't your thing, you'll probably hate it. But here's what happened. I spent the entirety of my 20s trying to be the girl who worked out regularly because I wanted to be skinny. I was always counting calories for the same reason. Forget health and strength–I wanted to be skinny. I also hated working out. H-a-t-e-d it. And the girl who hated working out found CrossFit, became ridiculously excited about it, and wanted everyone to be as happy as she was.

And that's where I messed up.

I felt great. Confident, stronger, happier, and healthier. I wanted to go to cf at the end of the day and couldn't wait for my Saturday morning WOD. I still love it. And I wanted everyone to know about it. I felt like I emphasized that cf and paleo weren't the answers for everyone. That you should find the thing that's right for you and go with it. But there were aspects of my love of CrossFit that were a little extreme. Or I see how they could have seemed that way.

I don't regret sharing the information that I've shared thus far because quite a few readers have found CrossFit because of this blog. I would absolutely take back my posts with goals, because going to cf and trying is enough. I no longer have goals when it comes to lifting. Yes, I'd like to be able to do hand stand push ups during a WOD, and I'll get there. But there isn't a timeline. I'm not a slacker when it comes to working out, and I'll get there when I get there. I'm getting a great workout, and it doesn't matter if I back squat 125 or 160. My back squat is a good 20-40lbs behind most of my friends at cf, but that's ok. I am a much stronger, happier, and more confident version of the girl I was the day I walked into RNCF. The type a overachiever in me who likes to set the bar really high finally calmed down. I'm enjoying it for what it is and not overdoing it or comparing myself to anyone.

Live and learn, people. 

The first time I tore my meniscus I was shopping with my mom. It's a common injury and could happen with any workout, or in my case, doing anything at all. And yes, I spent a good amount of time in physical therapy, because I went from doing nothing to lifting weights. From not working out to working out like an athlete. And because I was so excited, I had the tendency to keep piling on weights and overdid it a little bit. I wasn't in PT because I was injured. Yes, my back hurt, but it hurt because I was using my back instead of my glutes, lats, and hamstrings. So I worked on other areas of my body, went back to cf, and I was fine. This seems crazy to some, but it was worth it to me because I love CrossFit.

I had a long talk with my surgeon and told him that I'd quit CrossFit tomorrow if he said that's what was best for my body. He said he thought it was a great workout and that I'd be fine to return in early Feb. I think I must have asked the same question 5x, almost as if I was waiting for him to tell me to quit, because everyone (aside from my friends at cf) blames my workouts for any problem I've had the past year.

But lots of things come with risk.

Any exercise can result in injury. Running, spinning, rowing–my mom knows someone who hit her head riding a bike, was hospitalized, and died as a result of a head injury. I have a cousin who died hang gliding. A good friend just hurt his foot climbing a mountain. People fall in love and have their hearts broken. There are over 6 million car crashes each year. So I'll quit CrossFit, stop dating, and never go in a car again–and you should all do the same. Let's just hang out at home and never do anything ever.  

I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who has followed me and wondered about paleo and CrossFit. I've written very similar posts (links below) but after talks with a few friends decided to share again. CrossFit is a very important part of my life, but I've been approaching things differently since PT and haven't really had time to write much about that. The past year has been one about finding balance, and while I honestly don't care what anyone thinks because I know where I stand, I wanted to share this with those of you who are interested in these topics, or who have been put off by how crazy I was about them.

A big thanks to my friend Jess who inspired this post after a girls night a few weeks ago. We talked about everything–past issues with body image, food, exercise, finding balance etc. It was that talk that inspired me to share what I've learned the past year. I'm hoping this will inspire some of you to find balance, too.

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deal of the week: booties

 These Sole Society booties are under $100.
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Gift Guide // Keep it Neutral

Neutrals are my favorite. You can't ever really get sick of them, and they make the perfect gift–they're classy and they go with everything. I know not everyone likes all things neutral and gold, but I do, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you today. Everything is under $100 except for the dog bed, but I couldn't leave that out because it's been my favorite for years.

Kendra Scott Jewelry has been a go-to for me, because it's both budget friendly and real gold, so it doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin. The new holiday collection is beautiful, and each piece I've selected is under $100. There are also quite a few options under $50–they make a great gift.

The pandan bins and black semikolon boxes can be found covering my new West Elm Parsons Tower, which was purchased to hold (part of) the inventory for our product line. The CB2 Bronn Candleholder has been a great go-to, and I can't tell you how many times I've used my measuring hedgies for baking, or to display little treats at a party. And that leopard book is the greatest.

And you really can't blame me for adding a phone case from The Everygirl. I mean, I kind of love them.

Kendra Scott Ring | Coralie Bickford Smith Fitzgerald Books | Kendra Scott Donna Necklace | Harry Barker Safari Bed Anthropologie Measuring Hedgies | Semikolon Box | Kendra Scott Jessa Statement Earrings | Serena and Lily Pillow The Everygirl iPhone Case | CB2 Bronn Candleholder | Pottery Barn Gilt Frames | Jan Showers Glamorous Rooms Container Store Acrylic Trays | Serena and Lily Pandan Bin | Kendra Scott Audrey Keychain 



Happy Shopping


Today is the last day to place your Christmas orders from The Everygirl's shop. And...we are offering free shipping until Midnight tonight! Use code FREESHIP. They make great inspiring gifts for the women in your life. Prices on prints and iPhone 4 and 5 cases range from $12-35.

I know I've been the worst blogger ever. Not that anyone reads my blog anymore, but for the 3 of you that actually enjoy it, my sincere apologies. I've just had zero free time to post. Between the relaunch, shop, surgery, the pup getting sick (he's doing very well), graphic design/photography projects, working on The Everygirl, and my sorry attempt at having a personal life, there has been very little time for posting. I also got so close to getting my pre-made template line up (for blogger) but that's been delayed (again) too.

358 posts in 2011. 262 in 2012.  181 in 2013. Serious decline in posts but I'm not giving up just yet! 


5 years

Five years ago today, I walked past an animal adoption drive and for some reason, decided to go inside. I had zero intention of getting a dog and while I love all animals, I am honestly not a fan of chihuahuas (or chihuahua mixes–don't hate me) but saw a tiny little pup with a dirty cast on his leg that read "rescue me" and that was that. I waited three hours to be approved and off we were. Me and my dog. Mr. Buddy Handsomeface.

If you've seen my instagram it's clear that I've always loved my dog. It didn't take almost losing Buddy last month to love/become completely obsessed with him. But I do appreciate him more than ever now that I almost lost him. I am truly thankful that he's here. He's the sweetest little guy in the whole world, and I'm so lucky that he's mine.

Happy 5 years, little guy.


Illume Giveaway

I love decorating for the holidays, and a big part of that consists of placing holiday scented candles throughout my home. They're beautiful and add a sense of warmth, but most important, they smell like Christmas. And I'm a sucker for anything that smells like Christmas. I have this one, on this one, and this one, too.

I have partnered with Illume to give two of my readers each a $50 gift card to Illume! To enter, just visit Illume and tell me what candle (or candles) you'll choose if you win.

You have until Saturday, December 7th at 11:59PM to enter. I will announce the winners on Twitter so please be sure to follow me there! Make sure you either leave your email account or that you follow me and email by the following Monday morning to claim your prize.

It's also the first day of Holiday Week on The Everygirl! We have a week of gift guides and giveaways for you!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Week is Here!

Head over to The Everygirl for a week of gift guides, giveaways, and lots of holiday cheer! Happy Holidays!