a very long and overdue update post


I've been meaning to write one of those recap posts for about a month, but there just hasn't been time. Things have been crazy, busy, overwhelming, and wonderful. This is going to sound like a post where I talk about how cool things are, so I'm going to open with the fact that my life isn't all sunshine and rainbows.Work has been really busy, I hurt my knee in London (seeing orthopedist tomorrow), and I got sick again. I just never want to paint this "life is perfect" picture, because it isn't.

My mom came to visit in early October and I got really sick right after she arrived which meant I was miserable and unable to do fun things. On a positive note, Nissan let me borrow the Versa Note for a week. I drove to whole foods, ran errands, and was even able to get her at the airport. I loved this car and would buy one tomorrow if it was in my budget to have a car. Someday... It drives so well, is really comfortable, roomy, and has some very fancy features (navigation, rear view cameras, bluetooth, and xm radio to name a few). And it's a really cute car!

I attended a Robert Rodriguez event at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Ave. I was able to meet him, try on some gorgeous clothes, and I was also able to ask him a few questions. I walked away with the most beautiful black dress I have ever owned, and will ever own (second row on the left).

What are three pieces every girl should have in her closet?
Leather Jacket, leather pleated skirt, amazing sweatshirt and track pants
What advice do you have for other aspiring designers?
 Stay true to yourself so that you can leave a mark.
When did you know you wanted to be a designer?
 When I was 12 years old.  My mother gave me a Christian Dior book and from that moment I realized I wanted to become a designer.
Can you describe some of the journey that got you to where you are today?
 To sum it up – Cuba, SF, Miami, NY and LA.  So far, It’s been a long journey!
Favorite city in the world?
 New York

I also attended a media dinner at CB2 with Bob and Cortney Novogratz–two designers that I've admired for years. This was definitely one of the cooler things I've ever gotten to do, and I sat there like a huge dork wondering what I was doing at that table the entire evening. I was a huge fan of their show 9 by Design and loved getting to meet them! They were just as great as I imagined they'd be.

I completed a ton of graphic design projects and basically worked like a crazy person leading up to our trip. 

I finally made it to Europe! Alaina and I went to London, Paris, and Rome, and jet lag has completely adjusted my schedule. I've been going to bed around 9:30-10:30 and waking up between 6:30-7:30. Not sure if this will stick, but it's nice being on a normal person's schedule.

We're still working on some big and exciting top secret stuff for The Everygirl. We actually posted a little peak at one of our projects on instagram yesterday.

I won't be posting much from Europe on my blog since everything will be on The Everygirl, but I do plan on writing a bit about my first time in Europe in the next few weeks.

I finally got to meet Will!

This is it. The year I got it together and ordered Christmas cards from Minted. And they have gold glitter liners. Naturally.

I have a million photos to edit this weekend and a photo shoot on Sunday. Will be a low key and productive weekend. Hoping for a little down time on the couch. I'm sleepy.



photo by me

 Grey rooftops and grey skies–there's nothing like the neutral backdrop of paris. 
It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen and I'm a little sad to leave.
...and now we're off to Rome!

Photo is straight out of the camera. Paris doesn't need editing.

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Je t'aime Paris

photo by me

My eyes teared up upon first sight of the city. Every corner, every alley, and every building in Paris will take your breath away–I love this city even more than I thought I would. I can't wait to walk these city streets (and photograph everything) for two more days.

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ready for london

We're leaving on Friday! Just confirmed plans with Will and Helena.
I'm getting so excited!

it's on the wall

I found a great new resource for art and wanted to share a few of my favorite picks with you. As you know, I tend to gravitate toward neutrals, but am really loving these colorful paintings, too. If you're planning on buying any art, check out Saatchi. Which painting is your favorite?


be cool. be shady.

Buddy is really passionate about World Sight Day and he'd love it if you would post your favorite shades, tag @TOMS and use the hashtag #beshady.

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness for visual impairment and blindness worldwide. Here's why:
285 million people are visually impaired or blind.
80% of visual impairment worldwide can be cured or prevented.
9 out of 10 people with visual impairment live in developing countries.
Individuals with vision loss often have to give up their jobs or other income generating activities.
Over 12 million children worldwide have visual impairment that can be improved with glasses.
2/3 of people who are blind are female. And Buddy loves the ladies.

So let's get on board, support World Sight Day and of course, TOMS. Don't forget that when you buy a pair of shades from TOMS, they give a pair of glasses to someone in need.


SS Print Shop Giveaway

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've heard of my talented, beautiful, and wonderful blog friend Steph Sterjovski. Her blog (which was designed by yours truly) is one of my favorites, and she has a thriving print line, too! Can you say talented, driven, and amazing?! She's done a fashion feature, a beauty feature, and yes, one more beauty feature for The Everygirl and is one of the sweetest and most authentic people I know.

Stephanie is giving one of my readers the print of their choice. Just visit SS Print Shop and leave a comment telling me what print you'll choose if you win! I'm Especially excited about her holiday collection. I'm a sucker for black and gold, and you don't want to get me started on the tartan plaid deer. 

For an extra entry, like Stephanie on FB and let me know you've done so by leaving an extra comment. You have until Monday, October 14 at 11:59 PM to enter.

I will announce the winner on Twitter, so be sure to follow me there.


falling for fall: the pea coat

I've added a few coats to my collection since moving to Chicago over three years ago, but don't have anything for that short period when it's chilly but not quite cold enough to wear a coat.

I love my field jacket but it doesn't always work, so I'm looking at investing in a pea coat. I love the navy, but feel like the grey will be more versatile. It goes with everything (navy, black, brown etc) and it's grey–you know how much I love grey. Can I wear the navy with black boots? They both have gold buttons so it's win-win either way.

Which one would you choose?


get it done

I've been going over my massive pre-Europe to do list with my business partner (who celebrated her bday last week–happy birthday to you, Alaina!). I'm not sure how much I'll get done before we leave in less than two weeks (!!!), but here's what's on the list. And I actually finished a few things before hitting publish. Such a productive Monday!

install blogs for two clients. done!
finish graphics for two clients and install their blogs.
email two new clients to proceed with their projects. done!
try to proceed with at least one more client before i leave.
coffee meeting tomorrow
meeting regarding top secret everygirl project #1
work on top secret everygirl project #2
shoot a few features for the everygirl
make sure all content is ready to go while we're away
media dinner / drinks with the novogratz!!
work on interior project #1
finalize interior project #2
coffee meeting thursday 
another meeting on thursday 
host event thursday night (tbd)
do my first dead hang pull-up (i'm 2 inches away!)
work out at least 4x a week before i go
work on europe itinerary
first no-chip manicure for the trip
pack for trip
set up long distance with AT&T

happy monday!

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two more weeks!

i'll be leaving for london, paris, and rome!
a trip i've dreamed of for as long as i can remember.
it's finally starting hit me–we're really going.
so excited. so happy. so unbelievably grateful.

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packing for europe. help.

I like having a few outfit options when I travel and can usually bring an extra top or two (ok–three) on short trips. But in just a few weeks I'll be heading to Europe (London, Paris, and Rome) for 10 days and overpacking is not an option. Since I've never been to Europe, I'd like some advice on what to bring. I plan on wearing neutrals for the most part so I can mix and match everything, and also because I really love neutrals. How many pairs of pants do you bring? Tops? Sweaters?

We'll be there a total of 10 days. Here's what I'm thinking:

2 pairs of dark skinny jeans
1 pair olive green or burnt orange skinny jeans (to mix things up–will plan at least 2 outfits around them)
1 pair black skinny jeans
1-2 dresses
mix of 6 sweaters and long sleeve tops
4 tops for going out at night
j crew field jacket
2 scarves
3 pairs of flats: black, leopard, and camel (2/3 of these flats fold and are very light)
1 pair of heels
1 pair leather boots
Do I have to bring wellies?
1 clutch (evening bag)
camera bag
1 handbag (might just use my camera bag)

I'm not saying I have to bring all of this with me. This is just what I'm thinking about. Let's also not forget that I'll have my camera, lenses, and computer, and that those items are not optional. And please don't tell me to bring one pair of flats because that just isn't happening.

I'm ready for your thoughts + advice now. Thank you!

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