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Busy. Busy. Busy. We're all soooo "busy"and we're all dealing with or going through something. I've felt especially busy lately, and been completely exhausted. A ready to fall asleep at any moment (which I now do quite often) kind of exhausted. Whether you work for someone, run one business (or two), are single, in a relationship, have 1 or 3 children, chances are that you have a lot going on. This is the age of "busy." And to top it off, cell phones, social media, laptops, iPads, and now iPad minis make our lives easy, and let's face it–they're fun. But they also rob us of the independence that we as humans used to have not too long ago. I have felt pulled in about a million-and-a-half directions lately, and I'm sure many (ok–most) of you can relate to feeling this way.

I have spent much of the past two years trying to find this elusive "balance" that people speak of. And for a while, I thought I finallyhad it. I took advantage of my weekends, give myself 4-5 hours a week at CrossFit (that very important "me time"), and I even stopped working until midnight and going to sleep between 2-3 am. I even cut back on blog posts and because I just couldn't handle posting daily. In spite of all these positive changes, I've been sick multiple times the past year. I wasn't using my body correctly and lost CrossFit for four months. I've been in PT since March, went through a breakup, and then finally started to feel better until I got sick with shingles. Because that's still a thing in 2013 and it was likely caused by stress. I have, at times, felt that I just can't catch a break. I am not saying this to complain, because in spite of all of this, I am happier than I've ever been and am so grateful for all the good things in my life. So grateful.

I thought my exhaustion might be from these early morning workouts, but that doesn't make sense since I'm getting the same amount of sleep that I used to get (if not more). And I am completely exhausted on days that I don't work out. I haven't felt very well if I have more than one drink, and hav had to call it an early night more times than I can count lately because I'm tired. I can't seem to shake whatever is going on right now, so tomorrow, after months of not feeling like myself, I am finally going to see the doctor.

So tell me–have you dealt with something similar? What's something you're struggling with right now? And finally, how have you found balance in your life?

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I like the way you work it

Some of my favorite work/workout attire. I need these tanks.
Working from home has its benefits. 

trunx tanks | lululemon headband | emi jay hair ties | lululemon run speed shorts
nike free 5.0 | reebok nano 2.0 | nike bionics | nike free 3.0 | strength wraps

Nike Frees: for endurance WODs without lifting
Reebok Nanos: for endurance WODs with lifting
Nike Bionics: for lifting and little to no running

I love CrossFit.


Butler Please

Loving this shade of blue–inspired by my new nail polish.

kenneth jay lane necklace | clare vivier clutch | iosselliani ring | jonathan adler coasters
 essie butler please | valextra iphone case | tory burch eddie flats | ray ban sunglasses

and this dress. beautiful.
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Sunday Morning

It's been unseasonably chilly this weekend, so I took advantage of the cool weather and stayed in last night for some much needed relaxation. I haven't wanted to miss a moment this summer, and as a result have had very little down time. I'm going to finish Orange is the New Black on Netflix (it's a little twisted but very good) and might venture out for a while before my plans tonight. Just wish Chicago would bring summer back. We only have a few weeks left!

Happy Sunday, everyone.

burberry umbrella | ali ro anorak | hunter boots
serena and lily throw |  jason wu candle | kate spade ipad case



And I completely disappeared again. I have clearly had some trouble keeping up with my blog this summer. Between work, CrossFit, and enjoying this incredible weather, there hasn't been much time to blog. And while these updates are probably really boring for everyone (even I don't find them interesting) I want to continue to do these posts so I'll have proof that it's not always freezing in Chicago. Something to look back on when I'm on lockdown because it's too cold to leave the house.


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Minty Fresh

No real explanation for this post. I just love this color.

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What's your favorite item on this list?

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And finally–guess who PR'd her clean and shoulder press this week? Boom.


Happy Weekend

Well, the whole week went by and I didn't post anything. As always, things are crazy but we have some very exciting things coming up for The Everygirl and I can't wait to share them with you!

I guess it's time I mentioned that I've been single for a few months. That relationship wasn't working for me, so I walked away. I can say that I learned a lot from this relationship, and while walking away wasn't easy, I know I did the right thing. I would love to meet someone but don't really plan on putting much energy into that right now. I've only done long distance since I've been in Chicago, so I can tell you that the next guy has to live here. For now, the plan is to focus on work, CrossFit, and enjoying summer with my friends. There's so much going on, and I am enjoying every moment. I have faith that everything will fall into place when it should.

Earlier this week, I had this idea for summer office hours on Fridays. We work all the time (day and night) and it's only warm in Chicago for a few months, so I'd like to enjoy a little sunshine. I hadn't mentioned anything to Alaina because I thought she'd think I was crazy. Turns out she had the same idea (shocker) so we went to the beach this afternoon.

My new GHD hair dryer and brush are incredible.

I have this maxi skirt in white and turquoise and just ordered it in black, too. 

These aviators are 25% off.

My new friend Meg is awesome. I have connected with a lot of people via social media, but it's not often that you instantly become friends with someone. Bonus–she's paleo. And a CrossFitter. I love both of those things so much.

Celebrating Gina's birthday this weekend and the 2 year anniversary of River North CrossFit, too.

I debated posting about this but hope it might help someone. I was diagnosed with shingles (this is apparently still a thing in 2013) two weeks ago. I got really lucky since I only have a tiny (quarter sized) rash on the back of my neck, but it was incredibly painful and left me feeling very sick and drained. My energy has never been this low (the meds didn't help) and my workouts have suffered drastically. My body just can't recover, so every muscle aches. A lot. That said, I am so grateful that it was a very minor case and that I'm ok. I just can't wait to feel like myself again! Point of writing this is that if you see any changes in your skin, please see your doctor! Also–no moles. No other biopsies. Incredibly grateful!

So that's what's going on. Hope you all had a great week and that you have a great weekend. Happy Summer!


My Holiday Weekend

This was one of my favorite weekends in Chicago. Boat day, beach day, laying out by the pool, patios, a few naps, rooftops, more patios, a little shopping (bought this tank, this shirt, and these shorts), and a BBQ with friends.


Happy 4th of July!

Time to get a little crazy. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Happy 4th of July!

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Summer in the City with Rank and Style

It's no secret that I'm really pale. Like really, really pale. I spent the majority of my 20s wishing I could tan, and while I stand by the theory that everyone looks better in color, I've learned to embrace my white skin. But every summer, I try to find the best natural self tanner that I can, because a little color is necessary. I'm not looking to turn myself Lindsay Lohan orange. Just a little color so I'm not translucent. Laying out isn't really a thing for me. I enjoy days at the beach, but cover myself in sunscreen to avoid sun damage, so self tanners are the only way for me to achieve this look.

With summer in full swing, I found myself on the hunt for another self tanner. The options are endless, and I always have issues trusting reviews, so I turned to Rank & Style's list of 10 best self tanners. I chose Bare Minerals Faux Tan Body and I have to tell you–I love it. Not only does it give you an instant glow, but if you apply it every few days, you'll get a little darker.

Rank & Style makes shopping easy by providing unbiased top 10 lists. They do all the research for you, and create top 10 lists that are delivered right to your inbox! No more searching for the perfect product! Some of my favorite top 10 lists (linking directly to favorite products within the list)–facial luminizers, sunscreen, lip gloss, and maxi dresses. Just sign up for Rank & Style's newsletter, and leave the work to them!

Jessie of Style & Pepper chose one of the ten best ankle strap sandals
Molly & Sally of A Piece of Toast chose one of the ten best white denim shorts
Caitlin of Style Within Reach chose one of their ten best summer clutches.

Be sure to check them out!

This post was sponsored by Rank & Style – an great site that I love and use! As always, I never post anything that I do not believe in and endorse. All opinions are my own.


Summer Fun

Growing up in LA, I was used to warm weather throughout the year. But there's something about surviving winter in Chicago. About getting to March and April, contemplating moving away because you just can't take it, and then once that first warm day hits, you fall in love with the city again. You can't help but appreciate every warm day and every moment that summer brings.

We're one week into summer and I've already been to a movie in the park, dined on few patios, a beach day, boat day, and lots of long walks with Buddy. Haven't been poolside and have yet to see fireworks, but it's only just begun. I love summer in Chicago. It's why we live here. 

Please don't forget to wear sunscreen and always apply a moisturizer with SPF.
And my favorite new go-to product, Trish McEvoy beauty balm with SPF 35.

Happy summer and cheers to a short work week!

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