The Zoku Slush and Shake Maker // Giveaway

I love frozen treats. The colder and icier, the better. Because I follow a clean diet, I don't usually buy store bought ice pops. And since I don't eat dairy, milkshakes are off the list, too. Although, I do plan on making dairy free milkshakes at some point. So, I've posted about the Zoku quick pop maker (flash freezes ice pops in 7 minutes–fancy stuff) and now, I'm excited to tell you about Zoku's newest innovation, the Zoku slush and shake maker.


My Thoughts on Rescue Dogs

I got bit by a dog at CrossFit yesterday. Yes. You read that correctly. Part of the workout included a 200 meter run, and ran past a man and his dog. I tried to run around it because it was barking, but the dog lunged at me. I'm all about finding new and unique ways to hurt myself while working out. Fortunately, no real damage was done–small hole in my workout pants, and a tiny little cut on my leg, and I'm actually doing really well (new PR yesterday!). But there is a very important reason that I'm writing this post.


Currently On Sale

This is quite possibly the most random assortment of items I've ever put together, but they're fun and on sale and I like them. I also really like summer. I have the top (in a floral print) and the sandals in gold.
west elm lacquer ice bucket | furbish whale box | jonathan adler highball glass | kate spade bag 
j. crew swoop top | ray ban aviators | dolce vita sandals | serena and lily hurricane 
ray bans aviators | c wonder votive holders

what's your favorite item on this list?


On Making New Friends in a New City

I recently received a comment from someone who, like me, moved to Chicago, and who also doesn't work with young professionals her age. I have worked out of my living room the almost three years that I've been in Chicago, and until starting The Everygirl, was working by myself. This could have been a recipe for disaster, but I put myself out there and have made some really wonderful friends.  I don't have tons of friends, but am lucky to have some really good ones and want to share a few examples so you can see how, through one person or one event, you can end up making some great friends.


What's New

Get 25% off with the code NEWSTYLE or 30% off when you open a J. Crew card.
While you're there, grab this top (current favorite) also available without stripes.

Happy Monday!


This Summer

Today marks the first day of my third summer in Chicago! In case you don't know my story, here's a little background for you. I moved here from LA on August 1, 2010 because I needed a change. I walked away from an 8 year relationship and everything else I knew, to move to a city where I knew no one. I've made some truly wonderful friends along the way, and have had two great summers so far. There have been patios, fireworks, rooftops, movies in the park, and everything else that summer in Chicago brings.


Currently Loving: Lavender

I have to admit that I've never liked lavender. Ever. Then Brandy Pham sent me this beautiful ring in one of what I thought was my least favorite colors. But I really liked it (ok–I love it), and couldn't help but wear it. But last weekend, I found myself having my nails done in this color. And it may be one of my favorite polish colors to date. I still hate purple.

Is there a color you thought you didn't like that has grown on you?


Tuesdays with Rosie

Had a great chat with Rosie tonight. I may be 30, but I'm not too old for a lecture from great aunt Rose. And even though she'll be 95 in August, she isn't too old to want to "ball me out." Her words. Not mine. 

Rose: you're your own worst enemy. no wonder you're tired. you should be tired going to bed so late. how do you expect to feel good if you don't go to sleep? and you say i'm tired i'm this and i'm that. 11:00 is too late. going to bed at 12:00 is too late. you have to take care of yourself. i'm very disappointed in you. you should behave in an adult manner. how do you think you'll feel a couple years from now? you'll feel wiped out. you need your rest. you can't run around and fool around at home with the dog. the next time i talk to you i want to hear that you're in bed at at least 11:00. i'm talking this way because i want you to take care of yourself. i don't want you to get sick. you will get sick if you keep that up.
Me: ok

Rose: well if you get sick there's no one to take care of you.

Me: i have lots of friends. there are lots of people.

Rose: well that doesn't count. i hope you aren't mad at me. i just wanted to ball you out.

...and we both start laughing

I typed all of this out word-for-word as she spoke.


My Kitchen and Dining // Before and After

I recently shared the before and after of my bedroom and living room, along with my full home tour on The Everygirl. My kitchen is pretty small, and much like the rest of my place, was an awful creamy yellow color before I got a hold of it. This was taken the first time I saw my new place. Don't worry–I'd never let it look like this. 


It's Time

Summer in Chicago. Street fests. The beach. Patios. It's here and I couldn't be happier. 

What are you most looking forward to this summer?


My Favorite Fragrances

My go-to scents that I've been wearing for years:
The "stop them in their tracks" scent: viktor & rolf flowerbomb 
the summer scent: bobbi brown beach 
fall and winter: hermes eau des merveilles 

And a few other favorites:

Also–feel free to add beauty editor to my list of life skills. Beauty Essentials Part 2 on The Everygirl today!

What are your go-to fragrances?


Paleo 101

Last year, I wrote a post about the paleo challenge, and then shared more about paleo and what I eat here. I am definitely not an expert on the subject and recommend doing your own research, but I am often asked lots of questions about paleo and CrossFit.

Are all CrossFitters paleo?
Is it difficult to follow?
I can't give up bread.
I'm intimidated by CrossFit and don't think I can do it (more of a statement, but I hear this all. the. time)

So. Let's discuss.


The time I was on Style Me Pretty

No, I didn't run off and get married. Ha. But I was featured on SMP Living. We featured Abby Larson (the founder of SMP) on The Everygirl and I had the pleasure of photographing her a year ago. She left this comment: "The minute I met Danielle, I knew she was a total keeper. She's amazing, so sweet and clearly, so talented. We're lucky to call her a friend!!"

How sweet is that? Made my day! And let's talk about the most exciting part of the whole feature. Buddy was on SMP.


Around Here

 So much going on around here!

I've been doing lots of cooking. Made my first paleo (steak) stir fry with home made sauce (skipped the sherry). Drinks with Alaina, John, and Maura in Logan Square. Jon whittled spoons for us. I spent Friday night cleaning, catching up on work, and watching Pitch Perfect. Partner WOD Saturday morning–marks going to CrossFit 4x a week for 2 weeks! Fresh peonies. Old town art fair with friends. Drinks with Jen Sat night. Coffee and went for a walk with Buddy and Jen Sun morning. We ended up at Lululemon where I bought two new headbands and a pair of shorts. In my defense, I work out 4-5 days a week and have 3 pairs of shorts and didn't own one headband. But let the spending hold continue. I'm saving for something big.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
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In the Kitchen: Paleo Donuts

After prepping, styling, and shooting 11 healthy snacks for The Everygirl, I found myself inspired to try a little baking. I used the base of the muffins Nature Box shared with The Everygirl, and added my own additions to make both apple cinnamon donuts (pictured) and sunbutter donuts. The whole Everygirl team was at my place–seemed like a great reason to bake a little treat. And if I can trick my non-paleo friends into loving something paleo? #winning #paleoprevails

All you need to get started is this little donut pan.
And all this stuff.


My Bedroom // Before and After

I recently shared my home tour on The Everygirl, and already shared the before and after of my living room, as I did with my last apartment. And now–on to the bedroom. I first painted this room "mint" aka baby nursery green. Life lesson: do not paint a whole room without painting a little swatch on your wall! You can see the rest of my home tour on The Everygirl.

before I had real grown up nightstands and lamps

white ikea dresser. necklaces hanging on my pinboard (that didn't last). mom's vintage chanel.

before the gallery wall went up. sad and empty little space. 

I wish I could say that I measured where every frame went and that I didn't have a million extra holes in the wall that I patched with wall putty and a kitchen spatula (always save some paint for touch ups!) but that would be a lie. I made such a mess out of this gallery wall, but love how it turned out.


paint color: Farrow and Ball Cabbage White
dresser, vintage
sunburst mirror, Ballard Designs
custom pillows, Aurelia
malm dresser, Ikea
rug, Layla Grayce
mirror, Wisteria
headboard, Ballard Designs
gold lamp, Euro Style Lighting
gnome, Imm-Living
terrarium, Jayson Home
pandan bins, Serena and Lily
duvet and shams, Serena and Lily
sheets, Serena and Lily
navy pom throw, Serena and Lily
books, Coralie Bickford Smith
flower tray, Baba Souk
gilt frames, Pottery Barn
dish, BHLDN

"after" photos by stoffer photography for the everygirl


And This is Why I CrossFit

If you've read my blog, follow me on instagram, are friends with me on FB, or have spoken to me for more than five minutes, you know how much I love CrossFit. I've always been the girl that hated working out, but now, I look forward to it. It's the first thing I want to do on a Saturday morning, and I can't wait to finish work so I can head to RNCF. It has completely changed my life and has become a very big part of who I am. I love it.

The past three weeks have been difficult and wonderful at the same time. Pull-ups are so much harder than they used to be, I'm scaling back weight, and my endurance close to where it was, but I am so happy to be back. I'm determined to get back to where I was, and to continue to get stronger. And let's face it–I like a challenge.

I spent the majority of Saturday and all of Sunday at the CrossFit North Central Regionals. The energy. The strength. The paleo snacks. The CrossFit gear. The ridiculously sculpted bodies. The way the last person to finish is cheered on by his or her competitors. A room full of people who don't think I'm crazy for working out the way I do, for only drinking red wine and/or tequila, and for completely giving up grains, dairy, and legumes. They get me.

Six people from RNCF competed as a team and two (Morgan and Paige) competed as individuals. Morgan came in 33rd and Paige (who started CrossFit last August–yes, less than a year ago) placed 9th! I am not nearly as strong as anyone who made it to regionals (and after taking time off, I'd say I have less strength than most), but there is something really awesome about knowing that you work out the way that these people do. Such a rush.

Coach Briggs and Coach Katie watching Torres during the team competition.

Emily was one of my coaches for the basics program when I first started CrossFit.

That's Paige in lane 11 (white tank).

Lindsey gearing up for the rope climb.

Coach Katie (head coach) on the right.

There's Paige again! She's awesome. Hello, muscles.

Morgan has quickly become one of my favorite coaches. She pushes me to work harder but is also great about helping me modify when I need to. And she plays the best music (I'm talking Madonna and Spice Girls). She's also ridiculously good at everything.

Cheering on the last competitor to finish. Where else would you see that happening?

And a few instagram pics.

I did that partner WOD (2 people divide the workout) before heading to regionals.
My new tanks (and Buddy's shirt) were made by SoRock Shop.

If you're afraid to give CrossFit a try because you aren't strong enough or don't think you'll like lifting, I have to urge you to go for it. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments–happy to answer them!

Lulu and Drew Giveaway!

I have teamed up with Stephanie Jean of Lulu and Drew to give one of my readers a beautiful canvas panel. It's the one on the bottom right directly to my mirror. Yes–the one with the lovely gold, silver, and cream colored dots? Yep. That's the one.

The canvas is flat and needs to be framed. To enter, follow Lulu and Drew on Facebook or Twitter, and leave a comment telling me where you'll put this beautiful canvas if you win.

You have until Friday at 11:59PM to enter. Winner will be announced on Twitter, so be sure to follow me there.  


Going to the Chapel

Wedding Week has begun on The Everygirl! Get ready for a lots of beautiful wedding inspiration all week long.

Also follow along on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #weddingweek!

Happy Monday!

photo by Jen Dederich
styling by Amber Whitehouse