Making a comeback

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You may have noticed that I've been awfully quiet lately. It is no secret that the past year has been a bit of a roller coaster. I've struggled with trying to find balance in my life, and when things get busy, the blog is one of the first things to go. Between running The Everygirl, keeping up with graphic design clients, starting CrossFit 9 months ago, and now a new boy, there is often little time for blogging. And I know I've been slacking, but I miss blogging and feel ready for my comeback. I know it won't be easy, but I'd like to give my blog a little love every week.

So this is where you come in.

While I do write this blog for myself, the fact is that you're reading my blog and I'm writing for you as well. That said, what do you want to see from me? What types of posts are your favorite? Why are you here?

Whether there's something you want to see or a question you've been wanting to ask, I want to hear all about it.

image via andi hatch for the everygirl

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  1. Yes, please come back! I really love your blog. It feels authentic as opposed to blogs with links to reward style laced throughout every sentence. My favorite posts are hearing about your life in general! A fashion post is also fun, but seeing more pictures of your really cool city/your life in general would be great, too.

  2. I second Lauren's comments above. Also enjoy fashion and style recommendations, decorating ideas and fun places to visit in the city such as restaurants and boutiques.

  3. I have really enjoyed the raw honesty about your life experiences, and I will always be interested in reading about fashion, decorating, and your work stuff (graphic design, the everygirl and anything else you have up that sneaky sleeve). I've also really enjoyed your posts about exercise and healthy eating! I just like your blog in general!

  4. I agree with Lauren, please come back! I miss you when you don't blog - I really enjoy your honesty and the simplicity of your blog! It's refreshing to read your post and see that someone else is out there 'making it' - and doing challenging things! (Your move to Chicago, starting up a business 'the Everygirl,' taking a chance on something harder - Crossfit) there's more to your blog, I love your house/decorating ideas, and reading about recently a new boy that will surely be exciting if you decide to share with us - although the privacy aspect we all totally understand!
    Its just fun to read about others lives and feel happy for them although we don't know each's nice to see others grow and change - I feel that way about several blogs I read... I read them because I appreciate the person on the other side!!! And believe me, you're my #1 favorite blog to read - because of the diversity in your posts!

    1. I second this! I admire you and how you taught yourself challenging skills like graphic design and photography. You also post a variety of topics that peaks my interest, from decorating to fashion!

    2. I third this! It's great to find a blogger who is so relate-able and whose successes you're genuinely happy for. Of course I understand that you need a little break every once in a while but we definitely miss you when you're gone.

      Chelsea & The City

  5. Agree with all the above - my favorite posts are about your life and your amazing apartment!

  6. I would love to hear more about running a business (both the everygirl and freelancing), getting over hard times (you seem like such a strong person), your favorite spots in chicago and just your life in general!

  7. A new boy! Congrats! I say keep it coming as you always have- I love your features on Crossfit, style and the happenings of the Everygirl!


  8. yay! you're back! :) i like everything you post. and congrats on one year for the everygirl! :) and i'm so excited you have a new boy. you deserve someone amazing.
    ps i cannot wait for your new apartment pictures! i've been seriously needing some new inspiration.

  9. I'm basically going to reiterate what everyone said above -i love everything you write. While one of my best friends has been doing crossfit for over 5 years, I've loved your perspective on it. I can't afford to join a box, but your posts help keep me motivated!

    I also really enjoy your style, both in the home & clothing-wise. I appreciate your voice and what seems like raw honesty, you're personal without sharing too much.

    I think it'd be fun to get tips from you about graphic design, i really like your blog's aesthetic and am currently dabbling in graphic design. I'd love to learn more!

  10. Just keep doing what you're doing because that's what drew us here in the first place. But whatever you do, please don't get on the endless-sponsored-posts train...

    1. Turned down TWO sponsored posts today because they didn't align with me at all. I promise to continue to stay true to who I am + what I love!

  11. I love photos! Photos of your house, design and decorating projects. And when you post new paleo recipes, weather its dessert or yummy dinner. It's always fun to find new food websites, especially Paleo because once I stumble upon them from bloggers like yourself, I am hooked!

    Even Crossfit pictures and being able to see what you do at the gym. I am an athlete also, so I love to see new and fun ways that others exercise and meet goals.

    You always have something new and fun posted that I get to learn about. I think that's why I love blogs so much. You discover new items, sites, and places everyday.

  12. I love all of the photos. I like a good mix of everything. Not too picky :)

  13. So happy you're back! I love your blog and some of my favorite posts from you are the ones about fashion, decorating, and your adventures in Chicago. Keep up the great work!

  14. So excited you're back! I agree with the other girls...we just like hearing about your life.

    I think it's so amazing how you moved to Chicago (and that's one of my husband and my fave places to visit) so hearing about things to see and do there would be great. We visit once or twice a year and I'd love new ideas.

    Your CrossFit and Paleo journey is also really interesting. I keep wanting to try it, but it's pretty expensive here in St. Louis.

    And of course fashion and interiors and lots of pretty pictures!

    You really do seem so genuine in your writings and it's so great that you're willing to share! Glad you've made a comeback

  15. I'd say- keep it real, share more about adventures in Chicago-- not so much about what you did or where you went, but think about where you went and what_it_was_like. So what's Stout like? What kind of crowd was there? I love to read a strong opinion.
    I love to see pics around town...
    Love to see pics of the apartment in the making...
    I don't like the sponsored posts that much either, but recognize a girl has to make money, so once in a while they are OK, as long as you balance them with genuine posts.
    More than anything, keep it genuine, don't worry about being perfect because we're not either. The beauty in blogging is connecting with someone GENUINE. Not with a whiner, or someone obsessed with exposing their flaws, just someone real that can have a laugh when they trip while walking down the sidewalk, but can turn around and can show you the coolest idea for decorating, tell you about a cool poem, or a fun movie, or can show you how to get healthy...
    Also would LOVE to read more about the boy!
    Would LOVE to know if you have a job other than blog/design!
    Keep it up! Don't let the blog die!

  16. I like reading more about your Paleo dishes and Crossfit gains.