All about paleo part 2

Monday, January 21, 2013

I shared this post about the paleo diet last week and thought I should take a moment to answer a few questions about paleo. So many people mentioned that they could not "give up" certain foods. Well, I've tried every diet under the sun and always felt so limited, as if I was trying to avoid certain foods in order to get skinny. I no longer view food this way.

When you work out this hard, you'll find that you want to put the best possible food in your body. But you can also justify having a treat every so often. And when you do, there's no reason to feel bad about it. All thanks to CrossFit.

A few CrossFit updates–did 5 unbroken kipping pull-ups last week and a total of 20 kipping pull-ups one day! I also did my first 55 lb thrusters on Saturday when I did the partner WOD with Gina.  I've always done 45 so adding that 10 lbs was a very big deal. I am so sore but it felt amazing.

Please leave any questions about paleo or CrossFit in the comments section and I'll add my answers to this post.

What do you typically order when eating out?
I almost always order some form of protein and/or vegetables. I usually order an omelet with no cheese for breakfast or brunch and will ask for fruit instead of potatoes. At lunch or dinner I will switch any non-paleo food (rice, quinoa, potatoes) for vegetables. I usually ask for my food to be prepared without butter or oil (unless it's olive oil) and have been doing that long before I started paleo. When ordering a salad I always ask for olive oil and vinegar on the side instead of dressing. I also try to avoid places with very limited menus or non-paleo options.

Do you do meal prep for the week? 
Yes! I usually make one trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joes for the week. I buy what I have to at Whole Foods (meat, certain veggies that aren't at TJs, and a few snacks), and get everything else at TJs. I'll decide on at least 1-2 crock pot recipes and alternate those for lunch and dinner for the week. I almost always have 2 eggs and bacon or organic turkey sausage with some sliced strawberries, blueberries, and/or blackberries for breakfast. I try not to snack too often but will have veggies, some nuts, and sometimes, a little fruit when needed.

Do you drink alcohol?
I try to limit my alcohol intake as much as possible but will occasionally have a glass of red wine when on the challenge. I've had maybe 7-8 glasses of red in 2013 which is actually more than I planned on. But you have to live, and it is paleo friendly, so I feel ok about it. When just following paleo, I will occasionally have tequila with soda water and lime but I am all about red wine these days. I met friends at Stout yesterday but was very sore after Saturday's WOD and decided not to drink any alcohol. It really depends on how I'm feeling.

Did you go full on Paleo one day or did you slowly ease yourself into it? 
I pretty much dove right in–after being a vegetarian for two years. I had relied heavily on greek yogurt, black beans, etc. and just cut those things cold turkey. It wasn't that difficult of a transition for me. I did not really adjust how much I was drinking until the challenge and seriously decreased my number of cheat meals during the challenge as well. It wasn't long before I had more energy and saw a huge change in my body, workouts, etc. so I just stuck with it. While it may seem limiting to some, I actually feel like I've added things to the list of foods I will eat.


  1. hmmm...this is so interesting to me...I know I can give up rice, red wine, switch out a potato for veggies...but cheese...yeesh I guess I'm one of those people who don't know if I can give that up...

    Did you go full on Paleo one day or did you slowly ease yourself into it?

    Like I fear that I can't give up cheese but with determination I could slowly ease myself off of it. But I'm not sure if this is a diet that you have to stick to it full throttle immediately??

  2. Congrats on starting paleo! It has seriously changed my life. I'm a wedding planner & lifestyle blogger (The Preppy Chic Blog), so my life was all about macarons, cupcakes and decadence. I've went paleo in February 2012 when I hit health rock bottom and it's been a hard adjustment (especially in the industry), but the payoff has been amazing. Last year when I started paleo there were limited resources available and since I'm a total girly girl and not a hardcore athlete finding a site that I could relate to was hard, so I started From Cupcakes to Crossfit: http://www.cupcakestocrossfit.com/. Check it out :) Now that wedding season is over I'm going to go back to blogging more!

  3. Congrats on the kipping! That is awesome!

  4. Congrats! You are an inspiration. I run marathons and I'm looking to clean up my eating a little bit. My boyfriend and I are planning on beginning paleo together (and not kill each other) after my next marathon on Sunday. Wish us luck!

  5. These are some great Q+A's...i recently started paleo and people's first remark is "i can't give up ____" they don't understand that ok maybe you can't eat a betty crocker cake but you can make a paleo version! Keep it up gf!


  6. How did you go back to eating meat after being a vegetarian? The thought of eating meat doesn't appeal to me at all anymore...