A little Sparkle for NYE

I bought this Parker dress on sale for NYE last year, and then got really sick and missed Alaina's NYE party. I'm not sure how I let a whole year go by without wearing it, but I did. I realize this might be a little dressy for a house party but it's New Year's Eve and I'm going to make it work.

When it comes time to sparkle this NYE, will you go white, gold, black, or would you go for a little color?

Have a safe & happy NYE!


Christmas // The Gifts

My family usually keeps it pretty simple as far as gifts go, but my mom decided to go all out this year. I had been talking about ordering a nespresso pixie for a while, and she ordered one for me! I gave up lattes for iced Americanos when I started the paleo challenge, and then became addicted to said Americanos. Buying an iced coffee during the winter in Chicago seemed so irrational, and it was getting pretty expensive which in the need for a nespresso. Thanks, mom!

The colorblock shell and sequined top are on sale at J. Crew and were each an early Christmas gift.

Sparkly hair ties, neon pink J. Crew socks (now sold out online), and a disco ball ornament from Alaina.

J. Crew Glittens. Mine are not cashmere, but these are the only ones available online.

Gold mouse pad, Jonathan Adler scarf (for Buddy), and signed Jonathan Adler book from my sis.

Faux fur throw from Restoration Hardware (currently on sale).

What was your favorite gift this year?


Bedroom Gallery Wall Sources

My bedroom gallery wall is almost done. I swear–decorating is such a process. I moved in June and the goal is to have my place photographed for my home tour on The Everygirl this coming February. Still waiting on some sconces, a new rug, and have to find a little table for my hall. It's all in the details.

But back to my gallery wall. I'm looking for something other than a frame for the bottom left corner. Any ideas for me? I thought I'd share a few sources since I've been working with some new artists. I've gone a little crazy with Leigh Viner's photography, but I really love her work.

And that beach print from Keri Bevan may be one of my favorite things ever.

1 | leigh viner
2 | keri bevan
3 | leigh viner
4 | leigh viner
5 | paperfashion
6 | photo of the pup
7 | i see noise
8 | vintage photograph // grandfather teaching riding lessons on a ranch
9 | eastwitching
10 | signed christian louboutin box top // from my sis
11 | leigh viner
12 | sarah and bendrix
13 | wisteria
14 | vintage photograph // mom and grandmother

other sources: pottery barn lamp (old) | white attic dresser | west elm jewelry box (old) | anthropologie bowl
black and white frames | gilt frames | vintage tray


A Very Merry Christmas

It all started the day before Christmas Eve. A trip to Anthropologie, holiday drinks at Starbucks, baking, dinner, and Home Alone with Anne and Jack (and Buddy–obviously).

I woke up feeling pretty off the morning of Christmas Eve. As mentioned here, this was my first Christmas alone in ten years which was a bit of an adjustment. I am in a really great place, but Christmas brought back lots of memories which wasn't easy for me. In an effort to snap out of it, I went to CrossFit for the 12 days of Christmas WOD (so many burpees), took a hot bath, and had a chat with my best girl Alaina. Fortunately, she was able to convince me to stick with our original plan and I quickly got it together to join her for Christmas in the burbs with her family. And I'm so glad that I did. She is my Cristina Yang.

Buddy and I felt right at home at Alaina's mom's house. The pups did really well, I met her new niece and nephew, and there was lots of holiday cheer. We enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner, played Scattergories, watched It's a Wonderful Life, a little bit of A Christmas Story, The Holiday and While You Were Sleeping. Christmas day was spent eating, watching movies, and relaxing. We saw a few tiny snowflakes fall in the burbs and returned to some snow in the city. Not the big, white snowflakes I was hoping for, but it ended up being a white Christmas after all. I walked in to my cozy little home, took a hot bath, framed some new art, lit my Christmas candles, and watched Christmas movies.

A very big thank you to Alaina and her family to welcoming me into their home on Christmas. It was different than my last few Christmases, but ended up being a very Merry Christmas in the end. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday!


Be Merry

Just a little note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! I'll be back after Christmas!



All Alone on Christmas

It's my first Christmas alone in ten years. I was in a relationship from 19-28, and we broke up when I moved to Chicago almost two and a half years ago. After a few months apart, we decided to get back together and spent the last two Christmases in Chicago. Together. I haven't seen him in a year, but the holiday season has still been bittersweet this year. I debated not getting a tree this Christmas but didn't want to miss out on something that I love. So I carried my tree home and up four flights of stairs. I strung the lights and placed each ornament on the tree on my own. It wasn't the same. It was a little sad. But that's ok because it was mostly wonderful, and in the end, I'm glad I did it.

Two years ago, I threw a Christmas party and invited a few new friends including ms. Alaina Kaczmarski who I knew through the blog world. We actually met for the first time that evening. Last night I threw my second Christmas party and found myself surrounded by some truly wonderful friends. And of course, Alaina was there. A girl who was just an acquaintance two years ago and who is now one of my best friends and my business partner. So many of my CrossFit friends came to the party. After 7 short months, these people (especially the girls) have become like family to me. I love them dearly. It turns out that I am less alone than I've ever been. It may not be how I pictured it, but I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

As I mentioned recently, I will be spending Christmas in Chicago. I need to be here with my little Buddy. I need to enjoy Christmas in my city, have lots of work to do next week, go to CrossFit, and spend time with my friends. I was certain that spending the holidays with a family that wasn't my own would be kind of sad, but I am actually looking forward spending Christmas Eve with Alaina and her family. Just like getting the tree by myself, it will be different, but that doesn't mean it won't be wonderful.

I would like to end this post with a quote by Abby Larson, the founder of Style Me Pretty. We had the pleasure of meeting Abby when we photographed her for The Everygirl. She was so, so sweet to us, and I'll never forget the moment her Q&A came in via email. I was walking home and read this quote with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. I know that it was written for our readers, but in that moment, it felt like she was speaking to me. I needed those words. I still need them.

Breathe, my friend. You are not old, you are young. You are not a mess, you are normal. Extraordinary, perhaps. In the blink of an eye your life will change. And it will continue to change for decades to come. Enjoy it, embrace it…be grateful for the ride. You are not old, you are young. And faith will get you everywhere. Just you wait.

I am counting my many, many blessings this Christmas. Thank you to my friends for celebrating with me last night. I love you all more than words can say. And Chicago–thank you for the snow. I really needed it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! xx

photo via


Lulu & Georgia Giveaway : Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf

I am so excited to bring you a giveaway from one of my favorite shops–Lulu & Georgia! Here are just a few of my favorite items, and I've chosen the Jill Rosenwald Pouf to give away to one of my readers. As you may recall, Alaina and I had the pleasure of featuring Jill on The Everygirl. We were able to spend time in her amazing studio! Love her.

pouf // console // rug // pillow // tray // lamp

To enter to win the Jill Rosenwald Hourglass Pouf, leave a comment on this post letting me know that you've followeLulu & Georgia on Facebook, and tell me what your favorite item is over at Lulu & Georgia! Don't forget to leave your email address! For an extra entry, follow Lulu and Georgia on twitter. I will announce the winner on Twitter, so be sure to follow me there as well.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. You have until Thursday, December 27 at 11:59pm to enter!

Happy Happy Holidays!


Last Minute Gift Guide

Just a few more days until Christmas–there's still time to pick up a few last minute gifts or place your orders online. And a heads up that everything at J. Crew is 30% off right now!

Have you finished your holiday shopping?


My. First. Pull-up!

As mentioned in my post yesterday, my goal was to do 10 pull-ups with the pink band this week and an unassisted pull-up by the end of 2012. I was really worried I wasn't going to get my pull up but I nailed the 10 with pink and thought I'd try another unassisted pull-up. Didn't get it the first time but John was there to give me some tips on my kipping and then it happened. My first unassisted pull-up!

Set goals and work toward them! I've been working on pull-ups almost every day for two months, and made it happen. I'm going to try to WOD with pink next time we do pull-ups! And then the next big goal–an Rx WOD (no pull-ups!).

Paleo Challenge Results!

The 60 day paleo challenge ended on Friday, so I wanted to put a little recap together with my stats and some more info on the challenge! Here's the post I wrote on day 1.  I cannot wait to look back on this post in the months and years to come. I have some big CrossFit goals for 2013 (to do Jackie Rx, HSPUs, double unders, etc.) and I love keeping track of my results. So while I love sharing my story with my readers, I am writing this post for myself.
Body fat: 25-31% is acceptable, 21-24% fitness, and 14-20% athletes (for women). I started at 29.53% and my goal was to make it to 24% or below. I am now 22.59% and lost almost 1/4 of my body fat in two months! My next goal is to make it to 20%. I want athlete status!

Weight: Our focus was on loss of body fat and taking time off of Jackie. My starting weight was 130 and I am now 126. I did not have any goals for weight because I don't really care about this number. 
Workout Time: As I mentioned in my last post, we did Jackie (1000m row, 50 thrusters, and 30 pull-ups) at the beginning and end of the challenge. Two months ago it took 13:07 to get through Jackie. My goal was to finish in under 10 min this time around. I did it in 9:01. I actually ended up taking more time off than anyone else in the challenge which is insane/proof that the challenge works. I am much stronger and my endurance is clearly better than it was two months ago. Amazing.

Taking a 5 second break from thrusters

30 pull-ups

Pull-ups: When I started CrossFit 7 months ago, I could barely do a pull-up with the green band on the right. I used blue and pink for Jackie 2 months ago and had to finish with the same bands to see how much I had improved. During that time I worked on my pull-ups almost every day. I now work out with just the red and can do 7 unbroken with pink. Hoping to make it to 10 unbroken with pink before '13 and can't wait for my first unassisted pull-up.

Working out: I have changed the way I work out and have some big plans for 2013 (although it all starts now because I do not believe in New Years resolutions–but that's a post for another day). I plan on adding a 1000m row to my workouts at least 2-3x a week (this only takes around 4 minutes and is great for endurance) and I am going to spend a little extra time working on my weaknesses. I just started lifting heavier weights, even if it means a longer WOD time. This would mean working out with 55 instead of 45 even if I know I'll do fewer rounds than normal. Time to work on my strength! It all clicked for me during the challenge, and I am really looking forward to continuing with paleo (and CrossFit–obviously!).

Blame it on the alcohol: We were allowed 1 glass of red wine per day. It is rare that I'll drink during the week and I cook 95% of my meals Mon-Fri. There were at least a handful of times that I had more than 1 glass on the weekends, and this is something I'd really like to keep up. I feel better when I stick with this. I might have the occasional paleo margarita (tequila with soda water and lime–had a few this weekend).

Food/beverages: I made the switch from lattes to iced americanos and had one almost every single day. I missed my lattes so much at the beginning but have learned to live without them. On the challenge, we had to eliminate a few things that are paleo but too high in sugar (grapes and lara bars for example). I don't know how I feel about these things now because a. I want to keep seeing change and b. I am used to living without them. Fortunately, a friend of mine is starting to make (and sell!) bars that are much better than lara bars. I will keep you all posted on them! I've been able to sample two flavors and they're amazing!

We were allowed one cheat meal per week, so I plan on sticking with paleo and enjoying some non-paleo food every so often. At the end of the day, I feel 1000x better eating/living this way. I do not feel like I am depriving myself in any way. This hasn't been that hard because I feel better than I've ever felt before. It is only the beginning!

My thoughts on the challenge: It rocks. Period. It isn't always easy to see changes in yourself and I was really nervous my time wouldn't improve as much as I hoped and had no idea I'd lose 1/4 of my body fat! I feel so good and so motivated to keep going! Aside from moving to Chicago and starting The Everygirl, CrossFit is without question the best thing I have ever done for myself. I realize that it sounds very intense, but it's not as crazy as you think it is. And if CrossFit sounding scary is the only thing holding you back, or if you just think you can't do it, please don't let that stop you! I couldn't do one push up 7 months ago and now wake up and do 10 in the morning–just because I can. There are still so many things that I can't do, but I'm looking forward to getting stronger and making it happen.

Thank you to everyone at RNCF. My friends, the coaches, and the biggest thank you to John–my paleo challenge coach! He set up some great team workouts for us and was there throughout the two months to answer my questions and provide support. John even set up a time to come cheer us on as we completed Jackie. I love my CrossFit family! As coach John said, this is only the beginning. I am so excited to start 2013 as a CrossFitter and can't wait to see how far I go this coming year.


It's been 4 years

On this day four years ago, I walked by an animal rescue drive with no intention of rescuing a dog. But I saw a sweet little pup with a broken leg. His cast said rescue me. And then he looked at me. We all know what happened next.

Happy four years my sweet little pup. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every single day. For following me halfway across the country. For being the most loveable and perfect dog a girl could ask for.

You can follow Buddy on Twitter and Instagram. @ohlookitsbuddy
He may have his own accounts, but I post his photos like it's my day job. 
If Buddy was your dog, you'd do the same thing.

Happy 4 years, Buddy. Puppy treats for everyone!


Look out, Jackie

Today marks s-e-v-e-n months of CrossFit and the last day of the 60 day paleo challenge! I made it! Aside from not being able to drink as much as I'm used to and not really having as many splurge days as I'd like, the challenge was pretty easy. The hardest part for me was all the pressure I put on myself. I plan on sticking with paleo, but the one glass of wine maximum isn't going to cut it on the weekends. That is no fun.

I will be going in tomorrow for my paleo challenge weigh in and body fat measurements (fun fun fun!), and to take on Jackie for the second time. Eight weeks ago, we did this WOD (workout of the day) and we then do the same one at the end to see how our time has improved.

1000m row
50 thrusters (33 lb bar)
30 pull-ups

I came in at 13:07 (or was it 13:09?) and expect to knock some serious time off of that tomorrow. My goal is to take at least two minutes off, if not more! Two months ago I used the blue and pink bands for my pull-ups, and I'll be using the same ones tomorrow to see how I've improved. Over the past two months I went from blue and pink to just blue to just red, and can now do 7 unbroken pull-ups with the pink band. Two months ago it took 4 minutes to do 30 pull-ups with those two bands. Earlier this week I tried those bands again and did 15 in 30 seconds. I'll be tired from the rowing and thrusters, but I plan on owning Jackie tomorrow.

Here's a (horrible) photo of me (on the far right) doing pull-ups with just the red band during a WOD last week–just so you can get an idea of what these "bands" look like. The girl next to me is using the blue.

Last night Gina texted to remind me to go to bed early. She also offered to come cheer me on tomorrow and gave me some great advice, too – just go wild animal beast mode and don't look at the clock till you're done!

So happy it's Friday! Celebrating a friend's birthday tomorrow night, I have two friends in town this weekend, and a holiday party Sat night. And today–me v. Jackie. That b*tch is going down.

Wish me luck today & have a happy (holiday) weekend!


My Office on Apartment Therapy

Surprises. They just aren't my thing. I like to know what's coming my way. But I was pleasantly surprised when someone tagged me and linked to a feature on my (old) office on Apartment Therapy. Now that's my kind of surprise.

I miss my old office. Love my new place, but a. the natural light was bananas and b. I loved those shelves. I suppose being in a chair on wheels just 3 feet away from the fridge was a bad thing, and I now sit in front of 3 windows staring at a really cool fire escape. Not a fancy view, but it's my little corner of the city and I love it.

Do you like surprises?

Oh. And today marks 7 months of CrossFit!


Hello! And Merry Christmas!

It's that time again! I thought it would be fun to connect with each other this holiday season. Yes–again! So, tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you love? Share your favorite Christmas movie, tradition, or recipe. And don't forget to leave your social media links!

I'll start. 

I'm Danielle. Co-founder/Editor of The Everygirl. Graphic designer and Photographer. Blogger.
I love The Holiday, Love Actually, Elf, and every other Christmas movie to ever exist.
I adore my sweet little rescue pup.
I love anything white, gold, or grey.
I will have been doing CrossFit for exactly s-e-v-e-n months tomorrow!
I'll be spending Christmas with Alaina and her family.
Twitter @daniellemoss_
Instagram @daniellemoss_

And...now it's your turn!


Four Things

I love my little apartment. It isn't perfect but it's charming, has lots of character, (faux fireplace, great little details), a newer washer and dryer (this was a must for me), and it's mine. My dream would be to buy an older property and make it my own, so while I love my little home, I cannot help but wonder how much better I could make it. That said, there are a few things I'd change if I could.

1. The kitchen. I would love to have new kitchen countertops and (surprise, surprise), the cabinets would be white.

 2. Closet space. What I wouldn't give for more closets. A real linen closet and better storage would make this the perfect apartment. And I suppose this walk-in would be ok.

3. I do have a faux fireplace filled with wood and a mantel to style, but on these cold winter days, I wish I had a working fireplace. 

4. Updated bathroom. 

My bathroom is in great shape but is lacking charm. A little brass, a clawfoot tub, and new counters would do wonders for that little room. 

Do you rent or own? What would you change about your home?

all images via my pinterest



Last week was probably one of the busiest/craziest weeks of the year. It was Holiday Week on The Everygirl, and I worked until 1:30 am every. single. night. Our gift guide took over 22 hours, I've been working on a look book for a client, and multiple graphic design projects. I was so tired that I spent all day Saturday laying around doing absolutely nothing. It was lovely.

My new pillows arrived from Aurelia on Etsy. I now have the black diamond on my sofa and then Kelly Wearstler Lee Jofa Confetti and an amazing coral velvet from Aurelia. They look gorgeous below my Cocoa & Hearts Painting.

New stockings arrived from Burlap Babe. Burlap with a faux fur cuff and chalkboard tags. They are the best stockings I've seen to date. Looked everywhere and knew these were the ones the second I saw them. I also ordered a simple burlap tree skirt from The Burlap Cottage. It's lovely!

Had another little holiday photo shoot with the pup. Bought some cute holiday snowman carob bon bon treats  for the pup as a reward since he hates wearing that little hat.

Picked up the little hedgie measuring cups from anthro.

Friday night I went to Luxbar with Amanda and Maxine. I love those girls. Saturday I watched Morning Glory in bed and then Love Actually on the sofa, and then went to Lindsey and Jordan's engagement party at Old Town Pour House.

Sunday–CrossFit, quick trip to Whole Foods, and then had dinner and watched The Holiday with Caitlin.

CrossFit update since I love keeping track of my progress
I did my first Rx WOD on Monday. 5 rounds: 15 back squats (Rx weight–65 lbs) and 10 pull-ups (red band). Grand total of 75 back squats and 50 pull-ups. I could barely move come Tuesday but am SO glad that John (one of my favorite coaches) was there to get me through it. I thought I was going to die.

Friday I had a new PR–80lb 2 rep push press. AND I did 7 pull-ups in a row with the pink band. Goal is to get 10 unbroken with pink this week. I have a feeling it will be another month or two before I do an unassisted pull-up. We'll see! Been working so hard on those. And just so I have record of it, 7 months ago I couldn't do one real push up. I can now do 10 in a row. It's such a good feeling, people. I love it!

The paleo challenge ends this coming Friday! I will definitely still stick to paleo once it's over. In fact–I just ordered this slow cooker cookbook. I have gotten so much stronger the past two months, but I am very type A (and a bit of an overachiever) so I keep stressing out that I will not see these crazy/dramatic results that I expected, and then feel discouraged. I have decided that I'm doing my best and love CrossFit, so I'm done stressing.

Final paleo team WOD on sunday: as many pull-ups as possible with the bands we used the first time we did Jackie. I had to use blue and red bands and was able to do 45 unbroken in under 2 min. Considering I struggled through 30 in about 4 minutes weeks ago, this is a HUGE accomplishment. Then we did a 1000 m row, 5 rounds of 20 wall balls, and ended with 100 med ball twists. I tied for first place with 1 of the other guys. Awesome.


OMG! Lo & Sons Giveaway!

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Lo & Sons. We styled three of their bags on The Everygirl, and I can almost always be seen running around town with my OG (my go-to gym/photo shoot bag) and/or Brookline (my go-to work/laptop bag). And if I'm traveling–I have one of my Lo & Sons bags with me as well. They easily attach to my carry on and are perfect for toting my laptop, iPad, magazines, snacks, and anything else I might need. I'm thrilled to celebrate the holidays with a fantastic giveaway from Lo & Sons! The OMG–the Overnight and Medium Gym Bag in plum.

To enter: Like Lo & Sons on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment.
Deadline: You have until Thursday, December 13 to enter. I will announce the winner on Twitter and Facebook!

We also have a special giveaway on The Everygirl today. Hope you'll check it out! 


Gift Guide: My Favorites

Photo by me for The Everygirl

It's Holiday Week on The Everygirl and we have 6 looks to get you through the holidays, styled by...

Liz Schneider of Sequins and Stripes,
Alicia Lund of Cheetah is the New Black
Krystal Knight of The Feisty House
Sally and Molly of A Piece of Toast
Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam
Kendi Skeen of Kendi Everyday    

And on to my first 2012 gift guide. From my go-to fall/winter scent and favorite candle to my favorite pjs and gold flatware–it's all here. Happy Holidays from me to you! And if you're looking for a much more comprehensive gift guide, I suggest that you head over to The Everygirl. Side note–I have some fun giveaways coming your way. One of the items in this list, and the other is one of my favorite bags!

What are your two favorites on this list? And what's on your list this year?



I've had a crazy crazy week. Let's talk about it.

My friend Brandon was in town last weekend. We celebrated my friend Allison's birthday on Friday and went to brunch on Saturday.

Sat night–Untitled, Second City, and a drink at Old Town Pour House. Good times.

New Tory Burch Eddie Flats and New Kate Spade bag c/o KSNY. #lovelovelove

I did my first WOD with Rx weight on Monday and FIFTY pull-ups with the red band. You can see the red band in the photo above. Pre-paleo challenge I couldn't do one pull-up with a blue band (which is thicker than red). I went from struggling with blue and red, did blue for a few days, and then skipped right to red. It feels SO good. Goal–do an unassisted pull-up in 2012. Preferably by Christmas! It'll be my own little CrossFit Christmas miracle.

Buddy sat on my chair and I rewarded him with a new toy moose. He won't play with it but they look cute together.

Really enjoying all this holiday cheer. The tree. The lights. My flannel PJs. Tartan plaid. Prepping for my holiday party in a few weeks and a few parties next weekend. I need an ugly sweater.

Spent over 20 hours on The Everygirl's gift guide. Wrapping up a look book for a client, working on blogs and logos, and of course–The Everygirl. And I'd love to put together some gift guides for my blog. Anything you're dying to see? 


The Everygirl's Gift Guide

It's Holiday Week on The Everygirl and our gift guide is live! In typical Everygirl fashion, all 90+ items in the gift guide is under $50, except for a few "splurge" pieces. We have a little something for everyone–the ladies, fellas, little ones, home, office, entertainer, and cook. And we've asked some of our favorite bloggers to share their picks under $30.

I can't believe it's finally done. Only took 20+ hours.

Happy. Happy. Holidays.


Because I really love Christmas and Buddy

It's Holiday Week on The Everygirl, and I could not be more excited. We have lots of holiday cheer coming your way, and I hope you'll enjoy it. I can tell you this–the gift guide will be epic. I spent 7 hours working on it yesterday and we're not done. There's fashion, food, decor, and lots of holiday cheer.

The time had come to take new Christmas photos of the pup. I've never dressed him up for Halloween but Christmas is a whole other story. I just loved this photo so much and had my heart set on an elf hat this year (in honor of his namesake, Buddy the Elf–obviously). Elf hats were sold out (humbug), so I decided on this ridiculous cute hat and scarf. I called Gina and after describing our dog's holiday outfits, we quickly realized that we bought the same exact outfits that day. Since I was planning on taking G's Christmas card photos for her this weekend, we thought it would be fun to take some holiday photos of the dogs. They are in love, after all.

Warning. If you didn't think I was a crazy dog lady, these photos may sway you. But in my defense, Buddy is the world's sweetest and most perfect dog, I kind of like taking photos (ha), and I have a blog. It would be strange if I didn't do this. It's not like I'm one of those people pushing their dog in s a stroller. And if someone happens to read about the sweet little rescue pup that I got 4 years ago at Christmas time and decides to adopt a rescue dog of their own, that would be pretty wonderful.

Side note–I'll be taking some new photos this week since the lighting was terrible when I took these.

This photo has me debating whether or not I should send holiday cards. Hello, Mr. Handsomeface.

He's her lobster.

The greatest thing I've ever seen.

What's up?

Please make it stop.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.


What's a Christmas Gram? I want one!

He's an angry elf.

Taking new holiday photos of Buddy this week. He can't wait! Obviously.