While in NYC, I treated myself to this bag by Decadent. It was the week before my 30th and while I wouldn't normally just splurge on a bag, I decided to go for it. You only turn 30 once, after all. I was so excited when the people at Decadent offered to send a matching wallet as a belated birthday gift, but I'm having a little trouble choosing a color. While these bags and wallets come in a million gorgeous colors, my current wallet is orange, so I'd like to go with something neutral.

Latte, powder, or black (which would match my bag). Your thoughts? 

Have a safe + happy Halloween!


Currently Loving / West Elm Edition

If you've seen my old home tour, you should not be surprised by my love of all things West Elm. That's where I purchased my desk, desk chair, shelves, rug, mirror, throw, lacquer tray, and several other items that you'll see throughout my home. I love mixing old and new and try not to overdo it with one brand, but when it comes to West Elm, it's hard to hold back. Great pricing, quality, and style, + an understanding of the importance of gold, grey, and lacquer.

And let's not forget that the brand has one of the greatest Creative Directors of all time–the gracious Vanessa Holden, who welcomed The Everygirl into the West Elm offices for a career feature on TEG.

I recently purchased my dining chairs and coffee table from West Elm and have my eye on a few other things to help me finish my home in preparation for home tour #2. Number one on the list? The Souk rug (below). And the gold flatware. Oh, that gorgeous gold flatware. I've only posted about it 27 million times. I am pretty sure I need it.

 What are your two favorite items on this list?



Last week felt like one of the busiest/longest weeks of my life. Here's a little recap.

Went to CrossFit 4x. I wanted to go a 5th time on Sat but listened to my doc and am keeping it to 4x for now. I've been overdoing it a little bit–my body needs some rest.

I organized my apartment and finally got started on my gallery wall last week. I still plan on switching a few things out, but it's coming along. Next on the list: new pillows, new rug (?), styling my mantle, new bedside tables and lamps, and a little table or cabinet for my hallway. Determined to have this place finished by the end of November.

Alaina and I were featured in Chicago Home and Garden Magazine.

Photo shoot for The Everygirl. A special thanks to Boutique Bites, Stoffer Photography, and our amazing interns for making the shoot possible.

Nate Berkus book signing at Jayson Home and Garden. We did not become BFFs as planned, but he did sign my book.

Gilt Groupe warehouse sale with Alaina, Kat, Jenn Lake (read her Everygirl feature here), Lauren, Jena, January, and for the second time that day–Elaina of Boutique Bites.

Dinner at RPM Italian with Amanda. After dinner, I turned myself into a cat (or mouse–verdict is still out on that one) in the bathroom and went to a Halloween party. I spent $15 on ears and a tail and wore those with and wore black leggings, a tank, and over the knee boots.

Lady date at the Joffrey Ballet with Gina. It was beautiful!

Caitlin is sharing her story on The Everygirl today. You do not want to miss this one. That girl holds such a special place in my heart. I am so proud of her!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. And it's Monday. Here we go...


The Everygirl in Chicago Home and Garden

I never would have imagined all the wonderful things that would happen for The Everygirl within the first year of our launch, but here we are eight months in with some more exciting press–a feature in Chicago Home and Garden! A very big thank you to the lovely Gina Bazer for writing this feature.

I remember reading this post three months before my move to Chicago and hoping that somehow I'd meet Alaina and we'd become friends. She seemed fun, I loved her style, and I didn't know anyone in Chicago. She's a girl that anyone would be lucky to call a friend–as sweet as you'd imagine her to be. I never would have imagined that someday our homes and website would be featured side-by-side in a magazine

A few things:
The photos of my home are a mix of photography by yours truly and John + Maura Stoffer (who happen to be shooting something for TEG today). It's really exciting to see my photography and home in CH&G.

I received a few comments about my DIY painting after my home was featured in Rue Magazine. I ended up giving my painting to a friend and Stephanie Jean of Lulu and Drew (who inspired my DIY) is painting something for my new place this weekend!

I've been posting sneak peeks of my place on my instagram and The Everygirl's instagram, too.

Thank you to everyone who linked up yesterday! Hope you found some new friends / people to stalk.

I'm off to a photo shoot for The Everygirl and couldn't be happier that it's finally Friday. On the agenda for this weekend: An event tonight, CrossFit, going out with friends, and finally, to the ballet with Gina. In desperate need of a little down time and a very large iced americano. Because I drink coffee now.

Have a lovely weekend.


let's be friends

image via

This has been a crazy work week so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I thought it might be fun to get to know one another, so please leave your twitter/instagram handle, blog address, and if you're up for it–share a little something about yourself (something funny, a confession, your halloween costume, favorite candy, workout etc). Take a moment to say hi/stalk each other. I'll start. 

Twitter and instagram – @daniellemoss_
I may dress up as catwoman. I can't think of anything else and see this as an opportunity to finally buy leather leggings.
And I love haribo gummy frogs.

Happy Thursday, people.


I Have No Regrets

In my early - mid 20s, I felt so lost. I did not know who I was, what I wanted, or where my life was going. I am sure that many of you can relate or have related to what I went through, especially when we see so many women with their dream jobs and businesses of their own. We are left scratching our heads (or sitting in the closet crying with a gallon of ice cream) wondering how we're supposed to figure it all out. I kept telling myself that one day I'd use what I went through to help others. I did not know when or how, but that was my plan. Just a few years later, we've done it with a little something called The Everygirl.

My life has changed so much the past few years–so much that in the best way possible, I barely recognize it anymore. I moved from LA to Chicago. I went from running one business to two. I have a business partner. We have interns. My last apartment was featured in Rue Magazine and I am trying to finish my new apartment for not one but two home tours. I struggled with working out and feeling good about myself throughout my 20s, but found CrossFit five months ago and haven't been the same since. I've never felt better. I went from being a vegetarian to following a paleo diet and am a week and a half into the 60 day paleo challenge. My mom sold her house which was in our family since the day I was born and finally, great aunt Rose has been slowly losing her mind. It's a lot to process.

And there's more. My 20s came to an end last month, and my the relationship I was in throughout my 20s came to an end. We haven't lived in the same city for two years and haven't seen each other in almost a year, so I suppose it was over before we made it official. I found myself single for the first time in my adult life, and while it was a very big change (and not always easy), I feel like I have adjusted and that I'm doing very well.

I am s-l-o-w-l-y learning to find some balance in my life. I worked nights and weekends the first half of the year, but have been taking weekends off since summer, and it's been lovely. The thing is–there is always something to do, which can be a little overwhelming. There's the social media–Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for both myself and The Everygirl. The newsletter. The submissions inbox. My inbox. Our (wonderful) interns. The editorial calendar. Conference calls. Photo shoots. Photo editing. Blog design. Logos. Other graphic design projects. Collaborations. Events. CrossFit. The list goes on.

I fell into this world and while my life is a little crazy right now, I have no regrets. Financially–it's scary. I work for myself and always have a fear that the money will just stop coming in. I worry about the future. Ok–I worry about everything. I'm working on this one! But I feel like we're doing something great. Something worthwhile. Every single time someone emails or stops me to tell me how much they love TEG, my heart skips a beat. And there are so many good things happening for The Everygirl. Just four months in, we made it to Forbes. And within the past eight months since we launched, we've partnered with Random House, Kate Spade, Gap, Home Depot, Banana Republic, Rue, and Career Builder. And we were featured in the Nov issue of Chicago Home and Garden. It feels pretty damn amazing.

It has been a crazy few years, but I am excited/nervous to see how it all unfolds. To watch The Everygirl grow. To continue to grow as a person. To meet the man of my dreams. I'm so lucky to be healthy, to have these businesses, wonderful friends, this blog, a supportive family, and to have found a form of exercise that has completely changed my life (you had to know I'd mention CrossFit, again). While everything often feels as if its up in the air, it also feels like it's all slowly coming together. I guess that's part of the journey. I know I'll figure it out and I truly believe that anything you're this passionate about is worth fighting for. And all of this? So worth it. 

If you find yourself where I was years ago, or feeling a little lost at times (still facing that now), or just completely overwhelmed/don't know where your life is going, know that you are not alone. We're all trying to figure it out. Just continue to stay true to yourself, follow your heart, and live a life without regrets.



Oh Kate Spade. You are aging so gracefully–getting more and more beautiful as the years go by. Tweed, sparkles, polka dots, puppies, bows, and now...hashtags. It's like you created this entire collection just for me. And I have some exciting news! The Everygirl is working on a little something with Kate Spade. Yes–Kate Spade and us. Together. Partnering with one of our favorite brands very well may be the highlight of our year. Time to celebrate with a #manipedi or a little #popfizzclink. Although I'm only a week and a day into the paleo challenge ≠ drinking.

karolina heel $298 | pop fizz clink iphone case $35 | scotty studs $48 | mani pedi ipad folio $85 | glitter bow belt $98
garance dore georgie $98 | usb bow $50 | carnegie hall carlyle bag $358 | word search iphone case $40
brightspot avenue bryce crossbody $198 | 2013 desk top spiral calendar $38

You knew this question was coming. What are your two favorite items on this list?


Highfalutin Monday

Great Aunt Rose's thoughts on my (longer) hair:
It suits your face. You've gotta get something that suits your face. It will help you with work - the fact that you look cute.

Side note – Rose did not like my short hair. When she first saw it her response was:
It'll grow out.
Great Aunt Rose on getting your hair done:
Me: How much do you pay to get your hair done?
Rose: $80
Me: That's very reasonable for a cut and color.
Rose: That's because I don't go to those highfalutin places.

Have a highfalutin Monday. Get fancy.


Lately / Serena and Lily Favorites

My new pillows arrived from Serena and Lily and they're beauuuuuutiful. The store is having a big site wide sale, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite items. Just enter SHARE20 at checkout to receive 20% off everything. If you could choose any two items from this roundup, what would you choose?
Table $395 | Orchid Kuba Pillow $64 | Chair $1450 | Candleholders $34+ | Throw $128 | Black Diamond Pillow $64
Pouf $450 | Sham $68 | Salad Servers $38

CrossFit/paleo challenage update:
Wrapping up week one of the paleo challenge and it's going well. I did lots of cooking and was able to work out a few times this week. I'm feeling much better and should be back to normal soon. RNCF is participating in Barbells for Boobs this weekend. My doctor told me to skip the wod but I'll be volunteering and attending the mixer. And finally, Two blog readers are taking the basics course at River North CrossFit (girls, if you're reading this please email me!) and another reader emailed to tell me she's started CrossFit, too. Love it!

And a few other things:
I had lunch with Maya Kaminsky, founder of w8fit, yesterday. Amazing girl with a brilliant concept–weighted workout clothing for women. She gave me a set of these cuffs (which are awesome) and I am ordering this top in turquoise.

I photographed this family last year and will be photographing them for their '12 holiday card photos on Sunday.

We (as in The Everygirl) are shooting something for Home Depot today. 

Poor Mr. Handsomeface had to see the vet yesterday. He has very sensitive skin and develops a rash on his stomach a few times a year. His usual meds weren't cutting it and the little guy is now on steroids and antibiotics. Oh, Buddy.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


Work with Me

Most people assume that The Everygirl is my full-time job, but that is definitely not the case. I divide my time between TEG and my graphic design / social media consulting / styling / photography business. If you have a blog and are in need of a custom (or pre-made) blog design, or if you need help with social media consulting, a photoshop / blogger tutorial, graphic design projects (logos, brochures, business cards etc), photography, and even a little styling, email me. I work on projects with clients across the country (and globe) and I'd love to work with you, too!

And a heads up that I'll be working on some great new (editorial) pre-mades soon!

I have an exclusive offer for my blog readers–email me by end of day tomorrow to receive a special little something when you get on the wait list for a blog design. Just contact me for more info! danielle (dot) moss (at) gmail (dot) com

I'll leave you with some samples of my work. Enjoy! 

The weekend is almost here!



There are still a few hours left to save 20% off at shopbop. I planned on posting a few favorites and noticed myself choosing one rose gold and blush item after the other, so I decided to stick to this beautiful palette.

Necklace, Gorjana $53 | Heels, Steven $139 | Clutch, Clare Vivier $156 | Glasses, Ray Ban $150
Watch, Michael Kors $250 | Bag, Tory Burch $550 | Necklace, Gorjana $100 (my favorite necklace)

Aside from the perfect pink TB bag (my first choice), what one item would you choose on this list?

Weekend in LA / SB

I had a great time in LA last week (Thurs evening - Sun afternoon). I ran around nonstop–chopped salads at La Scala with one of my oldest friends, breakfast at Toast (my blog's namesake) with my sister and Everygirl financial columnist Brittney Castro, shopping at Century City, dinner at X'ian with my mom and sister, drinks at The Hudson, an eyebrow appointment at Damone Roberts, a handful of trips to Coffee Bean where I discovered my new love–an iced Americano, a little pre-paleo challenge Pinkberry, and a day in Santa Barbara with my best friend and her family. I was finally able to meet baby Harper! We had lunch at Crush Cafe and dinner + margaritas at Carlitos.

A few important highlights:
I've touched on this when I shared the things I'm afraid to tell you, but I haven't spoken with my dad in 10+ years. He and his ex wife had a baby the week before I turned 18. I saw her the first few months of her life but my relationship with my dad came to an end and I hadn't seen her since. I found her (and her mom) on Facebook last year. We started talking and were able to meet while I was in LA. She is such a sweet and beautiful girl, and I hope we'll develop a great relationship in the months and years to come.

I was finally able to see Aunt Rose which (at first) was pretty difficult. When I walked in the room it took her a second to process the fact that I was there and once she did, she started crying. As I've mentioned, she has dementia and has been hallucinating. We have been talking less and less because she thinks people are listening in on her calls and she no longer likes talking on the phone. I stopped by for a visit on Friday and on Sunday we picked her up for brunch and took her to get her nails done at Wendy's.

It was so great seeing everyone, but I really missed my pup, friends, CrossFit, and Chicago. It's good to be home. 


Currently Loving

Wallet, Kate Spade $228 | Necklace, Gorjana $53 | Shoes, Charles Philip $155 | Shirt, J. Crew $88
Bag, Philip Lim $895 | Table, Serena and Lily $395 | Perfume, Hermes $97
Boots, Tory Burch $525 | Boots, Rag and Bone $495 | Socks, Madewell $12 | Gold Pig Bookends, CB2 $29.95

Everything at Shopbop is 20% off right now, so now is the perfect time to grab the boots, bag, or necklace! Just enter WEAREFAMILY at checkout!

If a magic fairy said she'd give you any two items featured in this post, what would you choose?


Paleo Challenge. Day 1/60.

I really love CrossFit.

Wait–you didn't know I CrossFit? Ha.

I've never felt this way about exercise, so even I'm surprised by how much I love CrossFit. That said,  things are about to get even better. Last week marked 5 months at RNCF and today is day one of the 60 day paleo challenge. I've spent weeks thinking about today and even planned my LA trip around the challenge. As you may know, I love a challenge.

Each participant is placed on one of two teams and each team has a lead coach. I love all the coaches at RNCF but ended up with the one who would have been my first choice. While I mostly follow a paleo diet, this is strict paleo for 60 days. I will be doing lots of paleo cooking and plan on posting updates over the next two months. Really excited to start using my new paleo e-book, and I'll be finding recipes on my favorite paleo blogs, too.

Paleo / CrossFit resources:
What is the paleo diet?
What is CrossFit?
My friend Gina's blog–River North Paleo Girl
Other paleo blogs I love–Civilized Caveman and PaleOMG  
And of course, the place that changed my life: RNCF 

You will hear this from almost anyone who does CrossFit, but the sense of community is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I don't know what I did before I knew these people. It is something that I need to do every single day. Not because I have to, but because I just feel so much better when I go.

I wonder what it feels like to know you inspired someone to change the way they eat, work out, and how they view their health. There is one person in my life who has done that for me, and I love her so, so much. Thank you again, Gina

So here we are. Day 1. I am so excited! It's on.


Beach Day

I am spending the day in Santa Barbara where it will be in the 70s and sunny. I met Jess when I lived in SB and in spite of the fact that we haven't lived in the same city for over five years, we've managed to stay very, very close. Is it just me or are these some of the cutest kids you've ever seen? Baby Harper is 8.5 months old and I'll finally get to meet her today! Expect a million photos on instagram

Happy Weekend.


Grow. It. Out.

In case you're new to the blog, I chopped all of my hair off in July '10, just one month before moving from LA to Chicago. It took a while to get to a place where I was comfortable with my short hair and I just never wanted to deal with growing it out. But eight months ago I made the decision to let it grow. I went through a serious awkward stage for a few months, but I've finally reached a length that feels/looks like a real cut. I would love another inch or two and then I'm done. Thanks to Adrienne at Maxine Salon for the great cut!

Have you/would you ever consider a pixie cut? 

Have a great weekend!

 Feb photo via Stoffer Photography for The Everygirl


...and I'm off!

I booked a trip to LA early this summer and ended up canceling in the day before I was supposed to leave. Then I did the same thing again just two weeks later. I know I've mentioned this before, but work has been a little crazy the past year and there just hasn't been a good time to go. Great aunt Rose has had some health issues, my best friend had a baby in January (and I still haven't met her). It's been 10 months. The time has come. My bags are packed and I am actually leaving. Today. Here are a few essentials I'll be bringing with me.

I'm having dinner with my oldest friend in the world tonight. Spending Friday with one of my sisters. Lunch with Brittney and Kim (The Everygirl's contributing finance editor and one of our photographers) at one of my favorite spots. Time with the family. A manicure at my favorite nail salon. Brows at Damone Roberts. A day trip to Santa Barbara to spend a day with my best friend and her 3 peanuts. And most important–I'll get to see aunt Rose. Oh. It'll be in the 70s-80s in LA. I love Chicago but definitely miss the CA weather.

Follow me on Twitter + Instagram for updates!

Thank you to my wonderful friends who are helping with Buddy.



Two years ago, I dressed up as Rachel Zoe for Halloween. Faux fur vest, sunnies, lots of jewels, and starbucks. And yes–a wig, too. Most people thought I was an Olsen twin. I want to do something that will top RZ, but am completely out of ideas. Something fun that won't cost a fortune to put together and it can't be too typical. Easy enough, yes? Help!

 Are you dressing up this year? Most important–any great ideas for me?


Quick health update: I have costochondritis–inflammation of the cartilage in my ribs, from overdoing it at CrossFit. I am on a steroid this week and am going to stop trying to get a PR every time I work out. I can't believe that I work out so much and pushed so hard that I hurt myself. Is it strange I think that's kind of awesome? #overachiever

I am always thinking about the next big thing on my list–features/upcoming projects for The Everygirl, what photos need to be edited, graphic design projects, blog posts, and everything that needs to be done in order for me to finally finish my apartment among other things. The list never ends, and I never seem to slow down. I've gotten a lot better about taking my weekends off but if I'm home, I am typically working on something. Running two businesses isn't easy! I've found that it is often easier to think about the less complicated nexts on my list.

Things like  finally visiting my family in LA this weekend (haven't been home since December of last year and have canceled my past two trips because of work/life/stress), seeing my best friend and her kids in Santa Barbara (baby Harper is 8 months old and I have yet to meet her), a day of fun with my sis, my fancy new thunderbolt display (which has already made work 1000x easier), the 60 day paleo challenge which starts this coming Monday, and my new favorite fall candle.

And next on The Everygirl–how to style flowers. Photography by yours truly.

I am being featured on A Newfound Treasure today. Head over there to see what else is next on my list.

Tell me–what's next on your list? 

LA photo via kimberly genevieve



My Weekend
Drinks with the girls after CrossFit.
Game night at Alaina's apartment. 
Much needed low key Saturday. Slept in, cleaned my apartment, did a little organizing. It was lovely
Dinner at Bandera and a friend's birthday at Untitled.
Watched the Bears and celebrated two friends running the marathon at Stout.
It's been way too cold, but I loved wearing my riding boots again.

Currently loving
Vintage luxe canning jars from Jayson.
Downloaded a copy of Civilized Caveman's e-book (paleo, obviously). Everything looks so good.
This mirror from Wisteria. Not sure where it's going to go, but I have store credit so I'm going for it.
Ceramic frenchie stamper from Anthro. I love Frenchies.
Gina posted this dish from PaleOMG.

Health issue/question
Over the past few weeks I've had some soreness behind my upper right rib cage. I haven't worked out since Friday but the pain got progressively worse this weekend. I have a feeling it might be a pulled muscle but plan on seeing a doctor today just in case it's something else. According to google I could have liver damage, crohn's disease, gallbladder disease, or a collapsed lung. Researching medical issues online is fun! I'm pretty sure it's from pushing myself a little too hard at CrossFit. Lesson learned–I don't need to set a new PR every time I walk into CrossFit. Has anyone experienced a similar kind of pain?

...and it's Monday again. How was your weekend?


It's Friday

This week flew by and aside from some minor rough patches, it ended up being a very good week. We're working on some big (and very exciting) things for The Everygirl, there were a few conference calls, graphic design projects, photo editing, booked a trip to LA, and of course–CrossFit. And fall is in full swing. Took the pup on a few long walks through the park and he chased a squirrel! He's quite lazy so it was pretty unexpected.

In other news:
Today is Alaina's BIRTHDAY! Can't wait to celebrate tonight.
You can now shop my picks right here on my blog.
Tried on this frenchie shirt at Anthropologie.
I had my hair cut at Maxine Salon. The photo above was taken right after the cut and no–I do not miss my short hair.
I upgraded to mountain lion and now all texts come to my mac. Amazing + fancy.

Would you choose the gold tray or the gold flatware?

Around the web:
The gold flatware is back at West Elm. I need it.
The coats I posted earlier this week are 25% off through Sunday.
I made this (minus the chocolate whip). So good. 
Paleo cinnamon roll donuts. I am SO buying a donut pan.
Upside down pear cake. I am clearly in the mood to bake.
So excited for this.
Have a lovely weekend!


Paleo Pumpkin Treats

It's fall. The leaves are changing colors, I broke out the puffy vest, and I'd like a pumpkin flavored treat. One might assume this wouldn't be possible on a paleo diet (no grains, sugar, or dairy) but that isn't the case. Just yesterday I baked these delicious paleo pumpkin cookies. What makes them paleo? Almond flour, coconut oil, banana, and spices. Nothing processed. No added sugar. I've finally started a paleo board on Pinterest and look forward to trying a few more treats and recipes this fall.

And a few things to get you started – cake pop pan | loaf pan | donut pan

For those of you who don't know anything about paleo, here's a little breakdown for you:

Avoid: processed food, sugar, dairy, grains (flour, quinoa etc), legumes (beans, nuts, soy), alcohol
Enjoy: meat, seafood, nuts, seeds, healthy fat (coconut oil, avocado oil etc), veggies, fruit

wheat flour–coconut or almond flour
peanut butter–almond butter or sun butter
cow's milk–almond or coconut milk
the list goes on.

What is your favorite pumpkin treat/dessert?


Fashion Essentials

First we shared 21 items to get you through your 20s and then 20 items to get you through your 30s. Today on The Everygirl, we're sharing 12 items every everygirl should have at some point in her life, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my fashion essentials.
necklace, maya brenner | crossbody, blair ritchey | jeans, ag | sweater, j. crew | flats, tory burch
plaid, j. crew | bangles, j. crew | boots, loeffler randall | watch, michael kors

Sidenote – I found these boots on sale almost 50% off a few years ago. Couldn't pass them up.

What are your fashion essentials?


Stay Warm

J. Crew has been killing it and now that fall is here, women's coats are back in stores. As much as I'd love a bright new coat, I already have a black trench and orange coat (seen in my '11 NYC photos), a grey coat, and a puffy coat, too. Assuming I stay in Chicago, I'd love to eventually add another bright coat and something camel to the collection.

The magic fairy is back. If she was to give you one of these coats, which one would you chose?


Back to work

I had a lovely weekend and as always, it went by far too quickly. Dinner at La Scarola and drinks at Public House with a few of my CrossFit girls, sleepover at Gina's, my first real cup of coffee (made by G), CrossFit (obviously), lunch at Hub 51 (also with G), Oktoberfest with the girls, drinks at FatPour in Wicker Park, smoothies at Peeled (Yes–with G. We just don't see each other enough), shopped the big J. Crew sale, and finally a trip to Whole Foods, a little work, and Dexter.

A few updates/things from around the web.
Dexter, Homeland, Revenge, and Once Upon a Time have returned. So far I've only watched Dexter (this season is going to be amazing) and I have no idea how I'll keep up with any of my shows this fall. I never sit down and watch TV anymore.

Loving these skin care tips.

Lulu & Georgia launched today and I've found quite a few things I'd love for my apartment.

Gina shared paleo apple cinnamon cookies and the paleo pumpkin chili recipe that I made last week.

I have this cooking in my crock pot right now and am dying to make these blueberry muffins thanks to my new favorite blog–PaleOMG.

A few of my favorites from J. Crew

For all you mac users out there, if you haven't upgraded to Mountain Lion, I highly recommend that you go for it. The new Notes and Reminders apps are amazing. I feel so organized.

It's October and fall is in full swing. Leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and I am loving every moment.

image via