Take it Outside


L to R. Buddy, Dexter, and Milo.

I hate to start the week off with a sad post, but April is almost over and this month marks one year since I had to put my sweet little Dexter to sleep. Dex was only 1.5 and had Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which is a fatal disease that affects cats. Berkley is doing research on FIP. Click here to learn more.

Dex was a loving, mischievous little guy who contracted FIP before we found him (he was found in my mom's front yard). While losing any pet is difficult, this was an especially painful loss because he was so young.

I miss you, sweet little Dexterpants. xo


The Everygirl in Boston

 The beautiful Beacon Hill. I want to move there.

Alaina and I were in Boston Tues - Thursday where we photographed nine features for The Everygirl. We posted a full recap here, but I thought I'd share a few highlights of the trip since this was my first time in Boston.

We stayed at The Inn at St. Botolph. The most charming little (budget friendly) hotel I have ever seen. Fireplace. Free Breakfast. Friendly staff. Beautiful decor.

The sidewalks. So charming.

Beacon Hill (pictured above). One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I can't believe it's real.

Meeting my Sun Savvy co-founder Alison of Long Distance Loving for lunch at South End Buttery.

If you've been following us, you probably figured out that we are featuring Erin Gates! I photographed her home and office (gorgeous spaces) and then we went to dinner at Stella for one of the best meals of my life. I love Erin, her husband, and her dogs.

We are also featuring Abby Larson, the founder and editor of Style Me Pretty. We photographed her office, and if the feature wasn't enough to make my entire year, she also offered to give us a few tips on running a website and asked us to stay in touch! She is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever met. I received her answers for her feature today and couldn't stop smiling. I absolutely adore her. Get ready to be inspired! Wedding Week begins May 7!

I am in desperate need of some down time. I plan on spending the weekend relaxing, working out, and may even get a little work done.

Happy Weekend!


...and we're off!

Alaina and I are heading to Boston for our second business trip together. We have some amazing features to photograph, are getting together with a few Boston Everygirls, and plan on doing a little exploring, too. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates and sneak peeks! We'll be spending the day with one of our favorite bloggers. Just a little excited. Can you guess who it is?

There's a great giveaway from Stella and Dot on The Everygirl today along with a feature on the importance of a 401k. Because we really should know these things. Check it out. 

Image via Hello!Lucky


New Kicks

As you may know, I am all about color now. Color and Barre Bee Fit. I am feeling motivated + my old running shoes need to be replaced. These Nike Free Run shoes are really comfortable, but I cannot decide on a color. Neon pink or aqua?

Today on The Everygirl:
Corri McFadden of eDrop-Off and VH1's House of Consignment
Submit your home tour!
Coffee Talk: Travel tips for The Everygirl
And if you haven't already, submit your wedding!


It's the weekend

Is it just me, or was this a very long week? I went to Barre Bee Fit every day Sun - Thurs and worked until midnight almost every night this week. I am finally putting myself first and taking time to work out. It feels good. And I'm going to get some muscles if it's the last thing I do. Before I begin my recap, a few things I'm loving right now:

Dress   Pouch   Sandals   Tote   Eye Mask   Dress

Looking forward to my second business trip with my friend/co-founder/best girl. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates as we travel to Boston next week!

My new glasses arrived c/o Mezzmer. I'll post some photos while we're in Boston. Alaina said that I look like a J. Crew model in them. That is obviously not the case, but I'll take the complement anyway. 

We have a BIG photo shoot for The Everygirl on Sunday. Ten girls, three photographers, two co-founders, two hair stylists, one editorial assistant, one makeup artist, and lunch for everyone from Hannah's Bretzel. Should be fun.

Have a wonderful weekend. xo



Our Friend Crystal Gentilello is one amazing girl. Crystal, the Editor of Rue Magazine is being featured on The Everygirl today. And she just launched her new website TODAY!  Congrats, Crystal! xo

Photography by Andi Hatch for The Everygirl


5 Under $50 and Wedding Week!

I revamped my design studio, and my wait list is open for those in need of a custom blog design, photography, or any graphic design work.

We worked with Lara & Shari to come up with five delicious salads under $50. All the dressing is homemade, which I have to say is much easier than I would have imagined. Have you ever made dressing?Any Everygirl could (and should) make these salads. Don't forget to download the handbook which contains the recipes and your shopping list!

Had the craziest day yesterday. Started the day with our newsletter (as usual), worked on some design projects (logos + blogs), ran to a shoot with Anne Book, and then had 15 minutes to get home, change, and walk to Barre Bee Fit. I barely made it to class which took place in a 95 degree room. Aside from being unbelievably delirious/exhausted, I loved it! Grabbed dinner at Protein Bar, walked home, and spent the rest of the night working. Writing this post at almost midnight. I am exhausted.

But back to Anne. She is a genius. I plan on getting married on an island in an effort to avoid any and all drama, but if I do choose to have a real wedding, Anne will be my wedding planner. I cannot wait for Wedding Week on The Everygirl. We are working with some of the biggest names in the wedding, events, and styling world. Can it be May 7th already?  Here's a teeny tiny little peek. Florals by Hello Darling. The most beautiful flowers I have ever seen!

Alaina and I leave for Boston in less than a week. Can. Not. Wait. I have never been and have always wanted to go. And I'm kind of excited for who we'll be featuring while we're there.

Oh yeah. Domino Magazine tweeted The Everygirl, complementing my styling. My heart (literally) skipped a beat. I also have a theory that Domino is going to come back. Any thoughts on that? Because I think it can, will, and should happen.

One last thing. I was talking to great aunt Rose about The Everygirl. She is 93 and just doesn't get it. She regularly asks if we are "getting requests" and if people are "calling in." I was telling her that I wished she could see the site. My mom has shown it to her but she just doesn't get it.

Rose: You can't have anything appear on raspberries, can you? Can it appear on that? I thought something could come across and that we could all get together so I could see it.
she often refers to a blackberry as a raspberry or blueberry

Me:  My mom can show you on the computer when you're at the house.

Rose: So you don't have to get dressed up? You aren't in front of an audience. Are you going to wear pants all the time?
Has she thought The Everygirl was on TV this entire time?Does she think I don't wear pants all day?

Me: I don't understand your question. Where?

Rose: Next Tuesday. You're going to wear pants and be comfortable?
zero transition into what I'll wear in Boston

I love my great aunt.
Hope you enjoy today's feature


You can stand under my umbrella

I was contacted by MOMA and asked to be a part of the 20th Anniversary of Tibor Kalman’s Sky Umbrella. Since my entry is a little dark and the open umbrella is all kinds of fun, I decided to do something a little different.

Buddy was (sort of) ready to go, too. He just woke up, his nails look way longer than they are, and the sun is in his eyes. Not his best photo, but I love him.


 Use “SKY20” to receive 20% off on all versions of the sky umbrella from tomorrow (4/17) until April 30th. Photos can be submitted through April 23. Enter their contest here.


Our Girl Friday

I love Caitlin. She is smart, sweet, funny, adorable, has great taste, and is an ambitious little thing. You can read Caitlin's story and see her home tour on The Everygirl today. My college apartment was not 1/8 as cute and I wasn't 1/200th as ambitious at only 21 years old.

Caitlin has been the perfect editorial assistant and I am beyond excited that she will be interning for us IN CHICAGO this summer. The title of this post is pretty fitting since she's working for Jess LC Mon - Thurs and The Everygirl on Friday. I have a feeling she'll be joining us on a few weekend shoots, too.

Here's a little peek at her place. 

Cutest college apartment I've ever seen. See the rest here! 

Photography by Arielle Elise for The Everygirl


The time we met Kelly Wearstler

Yesterday was a great day. Alaina curated a collection for Joss and Main and we featured Taylor Sterling on The Everygirl. And then we met Kelly Wearstler. Growing up in LA, you get used to seeing celebrities on a regular basis. Because of this, it is rare that I am starstruck. But this is Kelly Wearstler. When our friend Kat invited us to this event, I almost had a heart attack. Kelly. Wearstler. I broke the zero color in my apartment because I needed this pillow

I got all dressed up in BaubleBar, Jess LC, and Stella and Dot. I even wore heels.

See? It's true. We met her.

 I. Die.

We arrived at Neiman Marcus and Kelly walked right up to me. "Hi. I'm Kelly." I had a big smile on my face and replied with "I know" and then I started rambling about how much I love her. She was so lovely and her clothing line is beautiful! I found a few pieces that I need. Like this, this, and this.

Then I pulled my copies of Hue and Modern Glamour out of my bag and asked if she would sign them. She kindly obliged. So glad Kat brought that pen. 

Best. Day. Ever. 
Happy Friday!


Happy Thursday

The Everygirl is on Joss and Main today! Gold french press. Pink mixer. Grey tufted ottoman. Yes, please. Alaina did a wonderful job curating this sale specifically for Everygirls! The sale starts at 9:00 PM tonight!

And Taylor Sterling of Glitter Guide is on The Everygirl. Photography by Andi Hatch.


Just another day at the office

* All sources in the above photo can be found in my home tour

Exciting things are happening for The Everygirl.
Our home page has a fancy new slideshow.
We have some amazing features coming up. 
We have a trip planned in less than two weeks.

I am still processing how much my life has changed in the past eight months. Working on the launch was one thing, but running a website along with my own little business and this blog is a whole other ballgame. Look at me referencing sports. My sister would be so proud.

Weekends are non-existent and my day to day life has been turned upside down. It isn't easy, but it's so worth it. And I am just so unbelievably thankful for Alaina. She always manages to boost my spirits on the days when I need it most. She never stops singing, smiling, or making me laugh. What did I ever do without her?

I had a chat with my friend Jess Constable this morning and she gave me some great advice. Every time I speak with her I feel inspired and motivated. I highly recommend that you attend one of her workshops if you are able.

What do you do when you need a little down time?

And check out one of my favorite fashion bloggers / shop owners on The Everygirl today.


Happy Monday

image. new glasses c/o Mezzmer. my next read.

I took Saturday off. It is very rare that a whole day goes by without doing any work. Loved every moment.
Bought this dress for an upcoming event. 
As soon as I finish book 3 of The Hunger Games I plan on re-reading The Great Gatsby.
I worked out 4x last week. Goal for this week: 5.
Spent Easter Sunday with Alaina at her mom's house. Instagram photos can be seen here.
Alaina also surprised me with a pretty bracelet.
I love this headboard from Ballard Designs.
The Big C is back.
My hair is a little longer than this. Probably closer to this.
Love this budget friendly  beach Tote.
Hello, neon shoes.

On The Everygirl:
Alex Berlin of Things That Sparkle
We want to hear all about your dream job.


Happy Easter

All images via my pinterest

Wishing you all a Happy Easter & Passover. I'll be celebrating with Alaina's family. Should be fun!

I would love to hear about some of your Easter traditions & favorite recipes!




I have an event coming up and would really like to show up in this Parker dress
Because I wear color now. The brighter the better.

I think this needs to happen.

It's Friday

I swear that I could begin every post with what a day or every wrap up post with what a week. Working two jobs (graphic design/ photography + The Everygirl) is a little exhausting! I haven't had a full weekend off in months. It's been a great week though! I stopped working at 7:00 one night and even managed to take a legit lunch break and go to the gym yesterday! Baby steps.

We featured Maya Brenner and styled 3 coffee tables on The Everygirl. Another big thank you to Kimberly Genevieve for photographing Maya + another upcoming shoot this week!

We have a fun little (early) Hunger Games inspired happy hour post on The Everygirl today. Hope you'll join!

Buddy and I were in Jess LC's new lookbook.

My new juicer arrived c/o Williams-Sonoma and I love it! I thought it would be a huge pain to clean but it's really easy! You just rinse it and that's it. Side note: Do not try the following recipe: 1 stalk of celery, 1 apple, and one carrot. It's gross. If Williams-Sonoma shares a link with 30 juicing recipes, listen to them. They know their stuff.

I have some BeachMint + StyleMint coupons for you!
TOASTY – good for 20% off your first StyleMint T, first time buyers only, valid until 4/30
BREAKFAST – good for 15% off your first ShoeMint pair, first time buyers only, valid until 4/30
Alaina + her mom invited me to spend Easter with their family. So sweet. And since Alaina and I do not spend nearly enough time together, I'll be going. I don't think I ever could have spent this much time with ANYONE without fighting with them. It's been 8 months and we still laugh every single day. I love that girl. I am very blessed/lucky to call her my business partner & friend.

Speaking of Easter, I may get ambitious and bake a little treat for Easter Sunday. I am loving this little cookie cutter kit from Williams-Sonoma, and these actually look easy to make! Cute, huh? Or I'll just buy a pre-made treat or some pretty flowrs. We'll see. Any suggestions?

Do you have any special Easter plans this weekend? Any favorite Easter dishes?


Maya Brenner feature, giveaway, & discount code on The Everygirl

Maya Brenner. Chances are that you already know + love her beautiful jewelry. Today is your chance to get to know the girl behind this gorgeous line! Along with an inspiring feature full of STUNNING photographs by the oh so talented Kimberly Genevieve, Maya is giving away one of her beautiful asymmetrical letter necklaces and has shared an exclusive coupon for 25% off through the month of April.

A very big thank you to Maya and Kim. Two unbelievably talented ladies who have taken time to share their gorgeous stories + work with us. xo


Be Brave / Jess LC Wells Collection

My friend Jess Constable has done it again. I am so excited to announce Jess LC's Wells Collection! I just love these prints & the messages behind them! They retail for $40 each on Jess LC and are 16"x20".
I was honored when Jess asked me to style one of her new prints for the Wells lookbook. Me. In a lookbook. What? Buddy was ready to go. After being overexposed by yours truly on the blog and instagram, a cameo in Rue, and a feature on People Magazine's website, he's used to this sort of thing. I, however, am not. Fortunately, this beautiful Be Brave print steals the show and you can barely see me in my bright pink top. It's like I'm not even there.

Photo of me & my handsome Buddy by Alaina

I chose this print because people always told me how brave I was for moving to Chicago. I never saw it that way, but I suppose my move was a little brave. I am the girl who didn't fly for 10 years after 9/11. Everything scares me. So this is my pretty little reminder to be brave. And it's gold and white. It's like it was made for my apartment.

Alaina went with the neon pink Be Present. Another very important message for those of us who love social media.

Which Jess LC print is your favorite?


Success is not easy - and is certainly not for the lazy.

This post title is a quote from today's feature on The Everygirl. Girls like Sam Saifer-Berngard make me want to do it all. I hope you will take a moment to read her feature and that you'll join us for today's Coffee Talk, too!

Sam's feature got me thinking about my life and career. She is a girl who works very hard doing something that she loves. I spent the early half of my 20s feeling so lost and unsure of what I wanted to do. While work can be exhausting, it is the emails from readers and work we love that keeps us going. I could never spend this much time on something I wasn't passionate about. I'd rather be overworked and love what I do than clock out each night at 6:00 and hate my job. I am so grateful for this experience. For my wonderful business partner and to all of you. xo

And since I love looking back on my little recap posts...

Woke up early on Saturday & worked for a few hours. Took a couple hours off to shop with Shari, watched Bridesmaids and redesigned our Tumblr. That girl time was exactly what I needed!

On to Sunday. More work, a photo shoot for The Everygirl, and lots of photo editing. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this feature. We shot it in 3 parts at 3 different locations & it's coming out later this week. Get excited.

My new ShoeMint flats arrived and I LOVE them. I am a big fan of ShoeMint. Their shoes are comfortable and very affordable. Loving the new collection! There are some very cute sandals that I need on my feet ASAP. Chicago just needs to warm up so I can wear them.

I have some BeachMint and StyleMint coupon codes for you!

TOASTY – good for 20% off your first StyleMint T, first time buyers only, valid until 4/30
BREAKFAST – good for 15% off your first ShoeMint pair, first time buyers only, valid until 4/30

Clockwise from top left:
Flats c/o ShoeMint
Passed a romantic photo shoot while shopping on Michigan Ave.
New gold top-siders.
A little morning work on the laptop with the most handsome pup in the world.

Happy Monday!