Join The Everygirl Team

- looking for photographers who specialize in portraits, style, interiors, travel, and/or food photography
- proficient in Photoshop or Lightroom for photo editing
- include link to portfolio
- students welcome
- looking for talent in any city, state, country... after all, Everygirls are everywhere!
*Email resume and portfolio to internship@theeverygirl.com with subject "Photographer"

Graphic Design Intern
- lay out out feature stories and other web graphics
- proficient in the Adobe Creative Suites, specifically InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
- please send us a link to your portfolio that includes at least five samples of editorial layout and other graphics work (if you have specific examples of typography work, we'd love to see that, as well)
- must be in the continental U.S. or Canada (time zone purposes)
*Email resume and portfolio to internship@theeverygirl.com with subject "Graphic Design intern"

Chicago Intern
- assist editors in styling and executing photo shoots in and around Chicago
- assist with communications and social media marketing
- proficiency in Adobe Creative Suites preferred but not required
- must have a car
- available nights and weekends, approx. 8-12/week
*Email resume and portfolio to internship@theeverygirl.com with subject "Chicago intern"

As a side note, we are so honored by everyone's enthusiasm for the launch of The Everygirl, and we've been getting asked a lot about the official launch date. Please note the full TEG site will not launch until later this month. And by later we mean post-Valentine's Day. *cue smooth jazz music* Your patience is appreciated. Please stay on the line.


Color POP

I'm bringing color pop back to the blog. I wear neon pink. It's time. My first post will go up later this week!

What do you think of my new banner? Adding some new buttons and cleaning things up over here, too. Hope to have it all done in the next few days. Now my apartment & blog are both neutral with a touch of gold. I love it.

Happy Monday!



Now that you have seen my home, you understand how much I love neutrals. Well, earlier this month I declared 2012 my year of color & I don't mess around. This neon pink top was less than $20 & I got it an additional 20% off! How Everygirl of me. One more goal: try to be less awkward in photos.

Do you have any fun little goals that you're working on this year?


Good stuff

Kale chips a la my brilliant Nutritionist, Christine Fikany

Drizzle a little olive oil and sprinkle salt on one bunch of Kale. Preheat oven to 375 and bake for 12-15 min. I know it may not seem possible, but this plate of "salad" tastes like chips. These will change your life. 

Christine and I will be meeting every two weeks for the next 6 months. I am so so excited to leave my 20s in the best shape possible and plan on documenting the process on my blog! Christine is amazing. I have met with several nutritionists throughout the years and she is by far the best I have worked with. Christine offers a few packages and can meet with anyone, anywhere. If you are interested in working with her, tweet to her or contact me and I will put the two of you in touch.

Fresh hydrangeas. Keep these in HOT water and change the water every day!

A little pop of color in this neutral space

Water always tastes better in a mason jar. With a little cucumber, of course.

Meet Harper,  my BFF's baby girl. I love her already and cannot wait to meet her!

A few other things:

I love Chicago. It is a beautiful city and I have created a nice little life for myself. But at the end of the day I am alone and there are times I miss my family and the familiarity/warm weather back in LA. I am so thankful for Sarah's pep talk Wed. night & the fact that Audrey checked up on me yesterday. While it isn't always easy, I do love my life here. There are just moments where I look outside the window and wonder how I got here/what I was thinking moving to Chicago. It has been a surreal experience.

This is the last weekend of January which means that we are getting closer and closer to the launch of The Everygirl! We will launch post Valentine's Day, so we have a few weeks to go! Excited for some photo shoots & a little down time this weekend! 

Last night Alaina and I attended an event for Cheeky Chicago where we met The Girls of Lincoln Park. I wore heels on a Thurs! But let's keep it real. I had to take my heels off to make it back to the car without having my feet shatter in to a million pieces. I really love flats.

My good friend Anne planned a beautiful wedding & shared photos on her blog. I have such talented/creative friends.

Have you see this video?

Any movie recommendations for me? I want to rent something and haven't seen any of the oscar nominated movies (so unlike me). I need to get on it!


Quote of the day

What are you doing to make yourself happy?

Chanello! & Happy Birthday

I love my Coco Mademoiselle print from Cathryn's Designs on Etsy. Don't you love this touch of pink? Cathryn is offering my readers 20% off any order through Valentine's Day! Just enter the code BREAKFAST20 at checkout. Cathryn is also giving away one of her prints on her blog!

And a very special happy birthday to one of my best friends! Jess received a wonderful birthday gift yesterday. Her sweet baby girl arrived at 12:15 am, 3.5 weeks before her due date! Happy birthday Jess & baby Harper! Love you both!


Meet Gorjana.

A few fun pieces by Gorjana available at Shopbop.
Loving those rings. Which one would you choose?

My home / before and after

iPhone photo taken 1 month after I moved in. I had the basics and nothing more.

The following week I separated my work & living space. My bench was a lot less expensive than a chair and takes up less space. I can also push it aside when I get my Christmas tree and unlike a chair, it seats two and doubles as a foot rest when watching a movie. I also bring it closer to the sofa when I have company. I would love to move to a larger apartment and buy an English roll arm chair.

My current bedroom dresser used to function as a TV stand. And yes, I kept clothes in there.

Gallery wall in progress.

11 months later, I finally have a TV stand [DVDs + Camera equipment in one drawer and sweats/pajamas in the other], purchased a pouf on eBay for just over $100 and some new throw pillows from etsy.

Sad bedroom. I sold this dresser, brought the white dresser in to the bedroom and bought a TV console.

Better, but not great.
And you don't want to get me started on my office.

Poor Buddy hated living in an unfinished home.

This is where I spend my days. And nights. And some weekends.

"after" photos via Stoffer Photography for Rue Magazine

After four apartment posts, I am done-- for not. I still need to reveal my entry! 
My complete home tour


BaubleBar's One Year Sale

I am seriously lacking in accessories. Or I was until I ordered these lovely little baubles from BaubleBar. It is BaubleBar's first birthday and their bestselling pieces are all on sale through January 29th! If that isn't enough for you, spend $40 and they'll give you a free pair of earrings.

Click here to sign up with BaubleBar & get $10 off your first order!

1   2   3

I love this chic and budget friendly shop. How Everygirl of me. 


Skinny buddy & friends

 Buddy [a few lbs. lighter] & his future Frenchie sister & friend. Being a doormat isn't always a bad thing.

Oh, West Elm. I love you.

My weekend

 - Friday -

I walked almost 3 miles in a snowstorm to go shopping after work with Audrey. It's so nice having friends who help me step outside of my gray & white little box. And I actually live in a grey and white box. Have you seen my apartment?

Audrey pulled some amazing pieces for me including blush pink pants. I also picked up a bright fuchsia sweater from Zara / initially $60, on sale for $20. I met up with Shari and we walked back to my place with groceries in hand to get ready for movie night with Taylor. I dropped my phone in a big pile of snow and my legs were numb. Good times. We never finished the movie. T was exhausted and headed home & I ended up talking to Shari until almost 2am. 

The snow looked a little bit like this. Poor Buddy.

Hey, pal. Want to go outside? He's usually a happy little pup.

Movie night with the girls + Buddy.

 Shari made this ridiculously deliciously not so healthy but so good cookies & cream popcorn

My faux fur Hunter socks arrived.

- Saturday -

I worked on The Everygirl with Alaina and then headed out to do some returns. Look at me wearing color.
There's that gorgeous feather from Jayson Home & Garden.

I got all ready to face the 20something degree weather. I love my sorel boots.

I took care of my returns and picked up a few things, too. After that very long week I needed this down time and was reminded of how important it is to take some time to myself.

I must remember to get out and enjoy Chicago. It has been a while since I've walked these streets.

Between us, there are times when I have my doubts. I wonder what I was thinking moving 2000 miles away the place I called home to a city where I didn't know anyone. I left my family & everything I knew behind. And then I walk outside. I see this beautiful city. I spend time with my friends. I work on The Everygirl with my friend/business partner. I spend a night relaxing in my little apartment with the pup. It isn't always easy and it isn't always good. I love this city but wonder what my life will be like in the future if my family isn't nearby. It's a struggle, but I have faith that it will work out.

And now, back to the fun stuff.

Bought this black & white striped sweater for $14.50 from Forever 21. Cute & cozy.

Bought a little chalkboard canister with yellow lid at Anthro. See? Blue is my favorite/safe color so I went with the yellow. I'm bringing color in to my apartment. Baby steps.

- Sunday - 

Photo shoot for The Everygirl. Took a break and met Audrey for lunch at Tavern on Rush. 

Ordered a few pieces from BaubleBar.

Enjoyed a much needed late night chat with one of my best friends. Jess is a reminder that you can stay close to anyone no matter where they live. I can [and do] share everything with her & love her and her little family so much. She's having a baby girl in a few weeks so I am gathering gifts from lots of lovely little etsy shops. Compiling lists of my favorites and will put a post together soon. Some of the cutest things I have ever seen. 

Met with Alaina, did a little blogging & watched some TV.

And it's Monday again. Here we go.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


What. A. Week.

I am sitting at my desk with a glass of wine, unwinding after a very long week. After Rue went live, my apartment was featured on Coco + Kelley, CasaSugar and sfgirlbybay! I have seen lots of photos pinned on Pinterest, including a pin of my office by West Elm. Sharing my home was a little scary. I didn't know what anyone would think. All of your comments, tweets etc have been so sweet. Thank you!

I also shared a tour of my home on my blog.

I hit a wall yesterday. I was asked how I was doing and started crying. Girls. We're so emotional.  Running my little graphic design studio while launching a website has been a lot to handle. I know how fortunate I am to have so many wonderful clients and I am beyond excited for the upcoming launch of The Everygirl but I need a little balance in my life. What do you do when you need a little balance? I think I need an intern.

I played with my shelves a little bit this week and my Serena and Lily Pandan bin/ Buddy's new toy box arrived yesterday! I absolutely love it. And sometimes a long day requires a glass of wine or two. 

I finally launched my new pre-made templates and have more to install as soon as I can! $10 off for my blog readers today only. Jump on it.

I did a little budget friendly online shopping. Sometimes a bright pop of color can brighten your day. I ordered this sweater and top. Look at me wearing color!

 These Kate Spade earrings arrived! Love them.

I am meeting Audrey for an hour of shopping after work and we have planned a girls night in with Sarah, Taylor & Shari. A little wine, time with my girls and Midnight in Paris. This is exactly what I need right now.

Alaina and I will be working on The Everygirl this weekend. Follow us on Twitter for updates! We are expecting a few inches of snow and it's freezing outside. Literally. Freezing.

I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago.


My home tour / living room and bedroom

Part two of the home tour continues with my living room and bedroom. Although my living room is just a few steps away from my "office" I did my best to make it feel like its own little space. The gold athena tray from Jayson Home and Garden is one of my favorite things in this room and seems to receive the most attention. I also love my little gallery wall.

Buying a white sofa made me a little nervous, but the slipcover is washable and Buddy knows three important commands.
1. Get off the couch / he is allowed everywhere, but I prefer that he not jump on the cushions after a walk
2. Get on your blanket / said so he will sit on his blanket on the sofa as opposed to my cushions
3. Take your treat to your bed / he now takes his treats directly to his bed to avoid getting crumbs everywhere

I may sound crazy, but these are Buddy's only "rules." Just ask anyone who knows me. He's a pampered little pup.

Sofa & frames / Pottery Barn
Throw, lacquer tray, grey pillow & rug / West Elm
Chanel print / Cathryn's Designs
Fashion print, top center / Jessica Durrant
Fashion print, bottom right / Paper Fashion
New York & beach photography / me
Top right photograph / my grandfather at work
Dog map art / Scratch and Sniff
Damask pillows / Shabby Chic
Mirror & floor lamp / Thrift store

Coffee table / Ballard Designs
Capri blue candle / Anthropologie
Gold Athena Tray  & hydrangeas / Jayson Home & Garden
Pouf / eBay, $100

Safari dog bed / Harry Barker
Best pal, roommate & assistant / Buddy the rescue pup

Lamp / Pottery Barn
Lotus flower dish & gold ribbed votive holder + love fern / Jayson Home & Garden
Table / Scout

My bedroom was unfinished until September of last year and will feel truly complete once I have my Camden tufted headboard from Ballard Designs in slate grey or maybe a sandy/off white color. Oh, how I love to pine over these decisions. Let's not forget that it took 16 months and 5 days to paint my entry.

Art / DIY project with Lara. Each circle was painted on with a brush. Very easy project!
Lamp / Pottery Barn
Bar cart / Randolph Street Market, $75
Chanel / Mom
Photograph / my grandfather teaching riding lessons

Charleston clock  / Pottery Barn
Lidded basket / Crate and Barrel
Photograph of the pup / me

Duvet, lacquer jewelry box & mirror / West Elm
Pillow, Kelly Wearstler bengal bazaar fabric / Aurelia 
Dresser / The White Attic
Perfume art / Jessica Durrant

Headboard / Pottery Barn [Reupholstered it myself. Can't you tell?]
Shams, lamp, coverlet & frames / Pottery Barn

Black forest candle / Archipelago
Tray & vintage hobnail bottle / Randolph Street Market
Perfume / Hermes Merveilles, Flowerbomb, Marc Jacobs & D&G Light Blue

And there you have it. My home tour is complete. I want to thank everyone for the lovely blog posts, tweets, emails and comments. I am so flattered at the wonderful things that have been said about my home. Another thank you to Alaina for doing such a lovely job styling my home. Just look at how perfectly the jewelry is placed in that tray.

Anything that has not been linked to is no longer available.
Photos via Stoffer Photography for Rue Magazine