Monday, December 10, 2012

Last week was probably one of the busiest/craziest weeks of the year. It was Holiday Week on The Everygirl, and I worked until 1:30 am every. single. night. Our gift guide took over 22 hours, I've been working on a look book for a client, and multiple graphic design projects. I was so tired that I spent all day Saturday laying around doing absolutely nothing. It was lovely.

My new pillows arrived from Aurelia on Etsy. I now have the black diamond on my sofa and then Kelly Wearstler Lee Jofa Confetti and an amazing coral velvet from Aurelia. They look gorgeous below my Cocoa & Hearts Painting.

New stockings arrived from Burlap Babe. Burlap with a faux fur cuff and chalkboard tags. They are the best stockings I've seen to date. Looked everywhere and knew these were the ones the second I saw them. I also ordered a simple burlap tree skirt from The Burlap Cottage. It's lovely!

Had another little holiday photo shoot with the pup. Bought some cute holiday snowman carob bon bon treats  for the pup as a reward since he hates wearing that little hat.

Picked up the little hedgie measuring cups from anthro.

Friday night I went to Luxbar with Amanda and Maxine. I love those girls. Saturday I watched Morning Glory in bed and then Love Actually on the sofa, and then went to Lindsey and Jordan's engagement party at Old Town Pour House.

Sunday–CrossFit, quick trip to Whole Foods, and then had dinner and watched The Holiday with Caitlin.

CrossFit update since I love keeping track of my progress
I did my first Rx WOD on Monday. 5 rounds: 15 back squats (Rx weight–65 lbs) and 10 pull-ups (red band). Grand total of 75 back squats and 50 pull-ups. I could barely move come Tuesday but am SO glad that John (one of my favorite coaches) was there to get me through it. I thought I was going to die.

Friday I had a new PR–80lb 2 rep push press. AND I did 7 pull-ups in a row with the pink band. Goal is to get 10 unbroken with pink this week. I have a feeling it will be another month or two before I do an unassisted pull-up. We'll see! Been working so hard on those. And just so I have record of it, 7 months ago I couldn't do one real push up. I can now do 10 in a row. It's such a good feeling, people. I love it!

The paleo challenge ends this coming Friday! I will definitely still stick to paleo once it's over. In fact–I just ordered this slow cooker cookbook. I have gotten so much stronger the past two months, but I am very type A (and a bit of an overachiever) so I keep stressing out that I will not see these crazy/dramatic results that I expected, and then feel discouraged. I have decided that I'm doing my best and love CrossFit, so I'm done stressing.

Final paleo team WOD on sunday: as many pull-ups as possible with the bands we used the first time we did Jackie. I had to use blue and red bands and was able to do 45 unbroken in under 2 min. Considering I struggled through 30 in about 4 minutes weeks ago, this is a HUGE accomplishment. Then we did a 1000 m row, 5 rounds of 20 wall balls, and ended with 100 med ball twists. I tied for first place with 1 of the other guys. Awesome.


  1. omg your week sounded HECTIC!! so glad you had such a lovely and relaxing weekend to balance it out :) Morning Glory, Love Actually and The Holiday = perfection!!! x

  2. Your dog is adorable! :)


  3. Buddy is such a cutie in his Xmas gear, every time I see his little face on facebook I crack a smile!

  4. Glad you had a good weekend. love the photos and how they're in a circle.. I need to be better with photo editing.. happy Monday..

  5. Wow, sounds like a crazy weekend!! I love those lil hedgehog cups from Anthro! I gotta get them!! Good for you w/ working out!! I need to that, ASAP...I'll check out the paleo diet..=) Your doggie is too cute btw! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  6. Love the Monogrammed Mugs- I have plans for those babies in our new home! :)

    Manda @ Eat Cake

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  8. Love the measuring cups!! So cute!!! The stockings are pretty!



  9. Hi Danielle! A friend just referred us to your blog, and it took us about 7 seconds to see why! We know we're late to the party but we absolutely love it! And yes, our weeks get so crazy too that all we can do is lie on the couch on Saturdays... and it's wonderful! Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration and can't wait to follow-
    Warmest, Liz and Lo {celesteandpearl.blogspot.com}

  10. Yes. I just bookmarked every single etsy shop you listed.

    Need those pillows