Four Things

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love my little apartment. It isn't perfect but it's charming, has lots of character, (faux fireplace, great little details), a newer washer and dryer (this was a must for me), and it's mine. My dream would be to buy an older property and make it my own, so while I love my little home, I cannot help but wonder how much better I could make it. That said, there are a few things I'd change if I could.

1. The kitchen. I would love to have new kitchen countertops and (surprise, surprise), the cabinets would be white.

 2. Closet space. What I wouldn't give for more closets. A real linen closet and better storage would make this the perfect apartment. And I suppose this walk-in would be ok.

3. I do have a faux fireplace filled with wood and a mantel to style, but on these cold winter days, I wish I had a working fireplace. 

4. Updated bathroom. 

My bathroom is in great shape but is lacking charm. A little brass, a clawfoot tub, and new counters would do wonders for that little room. 

Do you rent or own? What would you change about your home?

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  1. I own which makes it more's like I take everything in my house personally, lol! I'd start with removing the carpet upstairs and doing bamboo like I have downstairs...I'd also go with my original kitchen plan. I should've stuck with my first mind! :)

    have a great day,

  2. I own but it is a tiny studio and I just don't have the funds yet to update it the way I would like! I would love new counter tops!! Ohh it is a dream...I do have a walk-in closet, not as nice as the picture, but it does make all the difference in the world. One day in a future home I would love a claw footed tub like in the picture. There is something so vintage and beautiful about them!! I am lucky to own, but yeah it could use some fixing up!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I would do all the same things too. Although our bathroom is pretty nice, and very large (they should have made the living room bigger!!). I love those counter tops and the closet is to die for. The one thing I totally miss though is the fireplace. I'm with you- I'd love an old home with lots of charm and then make it mine.


  4. I love the ideas you have! I rent right now with a roommate, but my BF has a house. I use his space with my decorating experiments, so it's kind of fun having the best of both worlds! So ready to have more space in a house though!


  5. i just hate you so much for having a washer/dryer that i cant even deal with it.

  6. In the last place we had we desperately needed to update the bathroom, but moved out before dreams ever became a reality. We are hunkered down with family right now, but in our next place I want all the dreams to come true. Love all of you choices. xo

  7. Stunning photos!
    We just bought our first home- and it has a fireplace! Which is a dream for me, as they aren't as popular in the Midwest, where I grew up.
    Although, it's gas- and I'd love a wood-burning!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Eat Cake

  8. I own, before this one we had already renovated 2 homes so this one is quite what we wanted, perhaps kitchen island could be wider.

  9. I rent and my next apartment MAY be an own.

    Requirements: washer & dryer, big closets, updated kitchen & bathroom and a fireplace!

  10. Don't change too much! Your house is gorgeous as is!

    I just renovated my bathroom and I am in love with it (for the first time, buying vs renting feels worth it). As silly as it sounds, the one thing I really wish for is crown and picture frame moulding throughout the condo. But it's *so* expensive to have installed.

  11. I just bought a place... three weeks ago! And have been updating it little by little. Can't wait to gut the kitchen and replace with white cabinets and carrara counters. And a little white subway tile backsplash wouldn't hurt either!

  12. At this point I wish I had a faux fireplace to hang my Christmas stockings...:) I have that mirror over that fireplace though! It's from Williams Sonoma Home. I bought it a few years back! So chic!

  13. those counter tops are stunning.

  14. Own. And I would buy a single-fam home next. We would love a yard to just let the dog out instead of walking up and down from the second story every 3 hours :) We also rented a house that had one large, industrial sink basin in the kitchen. I thought I would miss a double-basin sink when we moved in, but the large sink was chic and awesome! Now we have a traditional double-basin in our owned home and I miss the huge single-basin terribly!

  15. We bought our home about 2.5 years ago. It's a home from the 1920s and had a lot of unfortunately improvements in the 1970s. We've done a ton of work to it. Refinished the hardwood floors, ripped down wood paneling, ripped up orange carpet, ripped down orange and lime green flower wallpaper, painted, redid the master bedroom, etc.
    We love our home and next year, we hope to gut and renovate the kitchen to create my dream kitchen since I LOVE to cook and entertain.
    Renovating seems overwhelming at first but I think it's fun to have so many projects. It's a constant work in progress.