A Very Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It all started the day before Christmas Eve. A trip to Anthropologie, holiday drinks at Starbucks, baking, dinner, and Home Alone with Anne and Jack (and Buddy–obviously).

I woke up feeling pretty off the morning of Christmas Eve. As mentioned here, this was my first Christmas alone in ten years which was a bit of an adjustment. I am in a really great place, but Christmas brought back lots of memories which wasn't easy for me. In an effort to snap out of it, I went to CrossFit for the 12 days of Christmas WOD (so many burpees), took a hot bath, and had a chat with my best girl Alaina. Fortunately, she was able to convince me to stick with our original plan and I quickly got it together to join her for Christmas in the burbs with her family. And I'm so glad that I did. She is my Cristina Yang.

Buddy and I felt right at home at Alaina's mom's house. The pups did really well, I met her new niece and nephew, and there was lots of holiday cheer. We enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner, played Scattergories, watched It's a Wonderful Life, a little bit of A Christmas Story, The Holiday and While You Were Sleeping. Christmas day was spent eating, watching movies, and relaxing. We saw a few tiny snowflakes fall in the burbs and returned to some snow in the city. Not the big, white snowflakes I was hoping for, but it ended up being a white Christmas after all. I walked in to my cozy little home, took a hot bath, framed some new art, lit my Christmas candles, and watched Christmas movies.

A very big thank you to Alaina and her family to welcoming me into their home on Christmas. It was different than my last few Christmases, but ended up being a very Merry Christmas in the end. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday!


  1. What a beautiful tree!! I'm glad you got to hang out with your best friend on Christmas!! The lil pups are too cute! Merry belated Christmas! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Sounds like a wonderful christmas!


  3. Danielle ~ as a newly single, 36 year old, not living in a city :), you are such an inspiration to me with your attitude. I've been reading your archives while recovering from the flu. Love that you celebrated your Christmas as you had planned, not easy to do, I understand. It was my first one alone too. Here's to the New Year and good things! xo

    1. I'm so so sorry you had the flu and hope you're feeling better. I did almost back out but am so glad that I didn't, and I am so happy to hear that my posts have inspired you. It wasn't easy at first but turned out to be a very Merry Christmas. Wishing you the very best in 2013! xoxo

  4. Looks like you and Buddy had a VERY MERRY Christmas! Missing and thinking of you both! XX

  5. omg your tree looks spectacular :)

  6. Even though it was a different Christmas this year for you, I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Movies, snow, and relaxing are always the way to go Christmas day.