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Paleo Challenge. Day 1/60.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I really love CrossFit.

Wait–you didn't know I CrossFit? Ha.

I've never felt this way about exercise, so even I'm surprised by how much I love CrossFit. That said,  things are about to get even better. Last week marked 5 months at RNCF and today is day one of the 60 day paleo challenge. I've spent weeks thinking about today and even planned my LA trip around the challenge. As you may know, I love a challenge.

Each participant is placed on one of two teams and each team has a lead coach. I love all the coaches at RNCF but ended up with the one who would have been my first choice. While I mostly follow a paleo diet, this is strict paleo for 60 days. I will be doing lots of paleo cooking and plan on posting updates over the next two months. Really excited to start using my new paleo e-book, and I'll be finding recipes on my favorite paleo blogs, too.

Paleo / CrossFit resources:
What is the paleo diet?
What is CrossFit?
My friend Gina's blog–River North Paleo Girl
Other paleo blogs I love–Civilized Caveman and PaleOMG  
And of course, the place that changed my life: RNCF 

You will hear this from almost anyone who does CrossFit, but the sense of community is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I don't know what I did before I knew these people. It is something that I need to do every single day. Not because I have to, but because I just feel so much better when I go.

I wonder what it feels like to know you inspired someone to change the way they eat, work out, and how they view their health. There is one person in my life who has done that for me, and I love her so, so much. Thank you again, Gina

So here we are. Day 1. I am so excited! It's on.


  1. Funny that you mention the sense of community, that's what EVERYONE told me when I considered joining CrossFit. Seems like a great time, and a great way to be fit and active!


  2. I've done Paleo and I love it! Good luck with your 60 day challenge!

  3. AWW, you are the sweetest! I'm so glad we met because you have become such a dear friend to me in the short amount of time we have known each other. I am so proud of you for taking positive steps towards health and wellness, and it's so exciting to see it spill over into other aspects of your life. Good luck with the challenge, I know you will rock it, and be so happy with the way you feel! Obvi, I'll be with you the whole way. I see your first pullup in the horizon! xoxoxo
    ps buddy and minnie forever

    1. I'm so glad we met, too. Thank you for inspiring me to give CrossFit a try. I thought you were INSANE when you told me about your diet/workout routine and never would have thought I'd love it so much. THANK YOU, G! Love you and see you soon!

      Buddy + Minnie 4ever xx

  4. Good luck with your challenge! I'm sure you'll kill it! I've always wanted to do crossfit, I just need to get a bit more courage {and convince my husband it is worth the money :) }. Happy Monday!

  5. Paleo has changed my life and the challenge will be fun! I couldn't make it through the Whole 30, but strictly Paleo should be much easier. I have a TON of Paleo recipe pins on my Pinterest board that you might find helpful as well, and if you like chocolate, try the chocolate pudding made with avocados...SUPER rich but delish. Best of luck to you!


    1. I almost made it through whole30 a year ago but wasn't eating meat at the time so it didn't do anything for me. I'm really excited about this and will check out your recipes. Thanks!

  6. I order my paleo food from www.mypowersupply.com where they deliever to local crossfit gyms in DC/MD/VA. They always have great balanced meals and usually link to where they picked up the receipes. You might find some good ideas from them. Enjoy + Good Luck!

    Alison | www.alisonblogz.com

  7. I eat about 80% paleo most of the time! will you be recording your daily meals? i would love more ideas for breakfast and lunch paleo style! Breakfast is always hardest for me!!