Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Quick health update: I have costochondritis–inflammation of the cartilage in my ribs, from overdoing it at CrossFit. I am on a steroid this week and am going to stop trying to get a PR every time I work out. I can't believe that I work out so much and pushed so hard that I hurt myself. Is it strange I think that's kind of awesome? #overachiever

I am always thinking about the next big thing on my list–features/upcoming projects for The Everygirl, what photos need to be edited, graphic design projects, blog posts, and everything that needs to be done in order for me to finally finish my apartment among other things. The list never ends, and I never seem to slow down. I've gotten a lot better about taking my weekends off but if I'm home, I am typically working on something. Running two businesses isn't easy! I've found that it is often easier to think about the less complicated nexts on my list.

Things like  finally visiting my family in LA this weekend (haven't been home since December of last year and have canceled my past two trips because of work/life/stress), seeing my best friend and her kids in Santa Barbara (baby Harper is 8 months old and I have yet to meet her), a day of fun with my sis, my fancy new thunderbolt display (which has already made work 1000x easier), the 60 day paleo challenge which starts this coming Monday, and my new favorite fall candle.

And next on The Everygirl–how to style flowers. Photography by yours truly.

I am being featured on A Newfound Treasure today. Head over there to see what else is next on my list.

Tell me–what's next on your list? 

LA photo via kimberly genevieve


  1. Hang in there, it will resolve quickly if you take your medication and are careful for a few weeks with your workouts. I had that a long time ago.
    Anyhow, have a fantastic trip to CA!

  2. feel better sweets!

    You should try Tracy Anderson DVDs- low impact but major workout!!

  3. thanks so much for sharing the flower styling guide! its JUST what I need! When floral shopping Sunday and was a bit lost :)

  4. i am absolutely obsessed with that pumpkin candle as well! the scent instantly makes me feel like i should be sitting in front of the fire with a warm drink and cozy blanket - LOVE! xo.

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