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Thursday, October 25, 2012

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This has been a crazy work week so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I thought it might be fun to get to know one another, so please leave your twitter/instagram handle, blog address, and if you're up for it–share a little something about yourself (something funny, a confession, your halloween costume, favorite candy, workout etc). Take a moment to say hi/stalk each other. I'll start. 

Twitter and instagram – @daniellemoss_
I may dress up as catwoman. I can't think of anything else and see this as an opportunity to finally buy leather leggings.
And I love haribo gummy frogs.

Happy Thursday, people.


  1. Love it! I'm Brianna. Instagram @briannadcook, and my blog is a baby.. just a week old! thehistoryofever.com. I'm going as Patty Mayonnaise. Also, I chopped off all my hair yesterday and don't. know. what I was thinking.

  2. I like this - very different to ask about the readers personal lives! LOVE your blog by the way. My blog is youngoldhomes.blogspot.com - and I have a confession, I know nothing about blogging and don't even know where to go from where its at right now. LOVE the idea of blogging, but I'm stuck. My favorite candy is Swedish Fish and I am taking my 2 little ones trick or treating as Max and his Wild Thing!

  3. Oh How Fun!!! I have both an instagram and twitter; I really have both just to follow others...AND Sad... I Love reading blogs! Love them...But, I know nothing about blogging and don't even know what I would write about everyday if I had one of my own. LOVE the idea of blogging, but I haven't gotten the nerves settled yet to start one of my own... The design, daily posting just scares me.
    I love Halloween! This year I'm going as an SNL character. Mary Katherine Gallagher. Can't wait!

  4. Twitter and Instagram: @itslaurastreet
    My blog is: simplylowcountry.blogspot.com

    Favorite candy is always going to be Kit Kat bars. Yum!!!

  5. Hi, I'm Londa. I'm a frequesnt reader of your blog and you can find my blog at designroundup.blogspot and I'm also here Twiiter, Instagram, Pinterest as DesignRoundup.

    I love this color PINK, But don't wear much of it. I like wearing BLACK.

  6. Fun! I'm Christine...long time reader:) Twitter - @bijouandboheme same goes for Instagram...blog- www.bijouandboheme.blogspot.com - something about it- adore Pink but preggers with my second boy! Ha:)

  7. Love! I'm Kristin. Instagram @ kristinkleiber. My blog is: champagnetrinkets.blogspot.com. I attend an amazing bootcamp in my area, but have seriously considered crossfit. I just bought the Paige leather leggings. Best purchase ever. You should get them :)

  8. ohraq on both instagram and twitter. I have an unhealthy obsession with Kate Spade and I love peanut M&Ms! love your blog

  9. This makes a rainy Thursday morning a bit brighter! I'm Rachel; both instagram & twitter are found @racheltoman. My blog is loveyoutoogoodbye.blogspot.com but is in serious need of an overhaul. Hope everyone has a lovely day!

  10. HI! I'm Katie.

    instagram: katielizabeth
    twitter: katielizabeth14
    blog: katieish.tumblr.com.

    The only fact I can think about right now is that I'm running my FIRST HALF-MARATHON this Saturday! (and I'm beyond pumped, if you couldn't tell!)

  11. I'm Carolyn - a longtime blog reader. Yours is actually one of the ones that inspired me to get started last year! My insta is @collectingsparks and twitter is @colectingsparks (damn character limits). Blog address is: collectingsparks.blogspot.com.

    I am dressing up as Jess from New Girl for Halloween - she's been wearing so much J.Crew this season that I don't even need to buy anything to pull it off (aside from fake bangs)!

    In the same vein, my biggest vice in life is J.Crew, closely followed by Orbit Sweet Mint gum.

  12. twitter & instagram: @kelseysutherlin
    blog: www.kelseysutherlin.blogspot.com

    i'm going as black widow {from the avengers/iron man} for halloween! woo! also, i love anything yellow, crocheting, and i may have a slight obsession with vintage dishware. no idea where that came from.

    also my two cents, D... go as cat woman! dynamite!

  13. Hello I'm Ashley! Nice to meet you!

    Love love love your blog and style. I have you on my list of favorites and know I can always look forward to something interesting or cute!

    My instagram: CooperJaneDesign
    blog: www.cooperjanedesign.blogspot.com

    Don't exactly know my Halloween Costume just yet, but I fell in love with this sexy racoon costume last year and have been begging my husband to be a trash can so that throughout the night I can "dig" through the trash. Hahah I thought it was hilarious but he did not agree.

  14. Hi! I'm Rhiannon. Yep, named after the song, not the singer from Barbados. I've gotten that question more than I can count.

    twitter: @rhiannonfalzone
    blog: chicagogirlmoveson.blogspot.com

    I'm being Mary Poppins for Halloween. I love anything dark chocolate, caramel's a bonus, running, Scrabble, J.Crew, and writing. I'll graduate with my Master's in Writing & Publishing this March. I'll turn 28 in December and I'm all about the bucket list lately.

    Hope you ladies have a fabulous day!

  15. hi! i'm renée and i've been reading breakfast at toast for awhile now!
    twitter/instagram: @rglevesque
    i am going to be liz lemon for halloween, and my bestie is going as jenna!

    random facts: i work in a zoo (and love animals!), am a recent devotee of bikram yoga, and i have a serious j.crew/anthro addiction. also, i love blogging but i have been a bit lazy lately, partially due to the fact that my software is ANCIENT.

  16. Cute! I am catcason on most social networks blogger at merchant project and I forgot people would be celebrating Halloween this Saturday so I planned a fancy. Oops

  17. Long time follower, and purchaser of a couple of your pre-made blog templates. :)

    I blog at www.lovejaime.com twitter: jaimemckee instagram: jaime_mckee
    I'm not dressing up for Halloween this year (all of our regular Halloween parties were canceled this year because of out of town commitments), but my soon-to-be 14-month-old is going to be a super cute dinosaur.

    Random facts: I've completed 4 full marathons - and trained for my first marathon before I ever raced anything more than a 5k. My husband and I met online - and randomly only lived 1.5 miles from each other and had several mutual friends. So odd. And lucky. ;)

  18. Becca writer over at www.lowlifecouture.com twitter/insta @beccsjones I am not a halloween person. I know no fun, but I just can't get in to it! So I will stay home and make all kinds of pumpkin treats and pass out candy to the little ones! Perfection in my book!

  19. So fun! I'm Eileen - www.acreativedayblog.com - twitter eileenebeaver
    I panic every year at this exact same time to come up with a great costume...still don't know yet!

  20. Such a cute picture!

    twitter & instagram - @_thebrunetteone
    blog: www.thebrunetteone
    costume: if i end up dressing up either Audrey Hepburn circa “How to Steal A Million” (saw a cute how-to from Camille Styles) or wear my DIY Zoe Karssen Bat Tee to pass out Halloween Candy! :)

  21. Hi I'm Kim from shewritesundone.tumblr.com. You can follow me on Twitter @KimmyMarie4. I love your blog!

  22. Hi I am Chelsea. New reader stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago and love it! I love the cat woman idea with leather leggings!

    Twitter/Instagram - chelsparker1
    Blog - catchingupwithchelsea.blogspot.com - a little uninspired in the blog dept lately
    Halloween - Minnie Mouse :)
    Candy - gummy bears!!

  23. Hi, I'm Kellie, I'm a style blogger and been a reader for a few months now. I find your blog to be so inspiring and REAL (much appreciated!) I'm rockin the Cher Horowitz (from Clueless) look this Halloween...yes, white thigh high stockings and all!

    Twitter- @krosefriedman
    Instagram- studsnroses
    Blog- www.sequinsstudsnroses.com
    Halloween- Cher Horowitz (as if)

    xo Kellie

  24. Love this!
    Twitter/insta/Pinterest: ritammehta
    Blog: www.tomorrowtodayblog.com

    I also am using Halloween as an excuse for leather leggings! Favorite costume was when some friends were the whole cast of saved by the bell (including mr. Belding and violet!) I was Lisa turtle and it was pretty awesome!

  25. Hi there, I don't have a blog; I wouldn't even know where to start. I got addicted to reading them after my friend Jill started cornflakedreams.com. I love your blog and the Everygirl! I tend to be really boring style-wise if left to my own devices so I love getting ideas from your round-ups and the Everygirl's checklists.
    I'm going as a Gryffindor for Halloween. I'm a dork and saved the Harry Potter 3-D glasses from the last movie so I'll be rocking those and my house scarf.
    I'm @jkrup85 on instagram.

  26. Hi! I'm Carrie and I love this idea!
    Twitter: @carriejpastor
    Instagram: carrie27005
    My cousin and I just started theinformedlife.com
    My husband and I are switching places for Halloween, which will make me a chef!
    I'm from waaaay up north in Michigan, which makes me a Yooper :)

  27. Yay for "meeting" new people!!

    I'm Shay and I blog at myconfidenceandme.blogspot.com. My twitter and instagram are @shay_lianna. Funny thing about me: I name everything, but the names are usually really bad. For example, I have a stuffed whale and it is "named" Whale. I shudder to think what will happen if I ever have a kid (another thing, I'm not at all sure I want them)!


  28. Hi!
    My name is Ashley!
    Twitter/Instagram: mynameisashley_
    I think I'm staying in on Halloween and just passing out candy to the neighbor kids, none of our friends are having a party or anything.
    I blog over at sothisiswhatshewrites.blogspot.com and theadventuresofclintandashley.blogspot.com
    But I've been on hiatus, because of wedding planning and really am going to gear up in June next year and take the whole blog to another level. I'm very excited for the change.

  29. Love this!

    Twitter: @TheYuppieFiles


    I have no Halloween costume but my husband & I like to coordinate b/c it looks sillier that way. Our favorites: Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam (his fake beard was ridiculous) & after our honeymoon in Egypt we dressed up as an Egyptian queen and pharoah. And scared small children.

  30. Twitter/Instagram: lindsey_young_


    I love this! No plans for Halloween this year... Probably staying in and passing out candy! Dressing up like catwoman is a really great idea! Hope you have a fabulous time!

  31. any excuse to get a good stalking in!

    instagrammy: @sajahbean

    fellow chicago implant girl myself! and soon to be fellow crossfitter! whoo! (crossfit defined - lakeview) let's be pals!

  32. Hi Danielle!

    My twitter/instagram: @MyBoringCloset

    I really want to dress up as Daenerys from Game of Thrones (so nerdy but I love it!) But as of now, I don't really have any plans, so I may just end up handing out candy at home! I'm obsessed with Pure Barre and other barre style workouts, but after reading about your crossfit experience, I'm very interested it trying it out! But I watched the crossfit championship on ESPN and it made me scared. But, hey, I'll try anything!

    xo Lacey

  33. hi! i'm taylor, and i've been reading along here for quite a while (2+ years!). here's my info:

    twitter: @taylormthomas
    instagram: @xotaylor
    blog: taylormorgan83.blogspot.com

    i think i'm going to go as clark kent mid-transition into superman this year, but my all-time fav halloween costume was when i was jem (from jem and the holograms) circa 1988. i think it was the hot pink hair that sealed the deal!

    i love the smell of crayola crayons (weird but true) and i'm in my last week of whole30 (also inspired by danielle) so i won't be enjoying any halloween candy this year (but i'm actually fine with that!).

  34. Twitter: @myprojectsoiree
    Instagram: projectsoiree
    Blog: www.projectsoiree.blogspot.com

    I'm a huge fan of your blog and the Everygirl. I'm dressing up as Audrey Hepburn for Halloween!

  35. Hi I'm Kristina!
    Twitter/Instagram: @bellamiablog

    I am originally from Chicago, moved to LA for work and met my husband! Been in LA ever since, but miss Chicago!

    My husband and I are going to a friend's Halloween party this weekend. We still don't really know what we are going to be. This Sunday we are taking our daughter to a pumpkin festival. Can't wait!

  36. Such a great idea!!

    Hi! I'm Caley from Ellie Love.
    Blog: www.ellieloveblog.blogspot.com
    Twitter: Cals_Rosie
    Instagram: cjrosenberg

    I recently became a mama and I love potatoes in any form!!

  37. Hehe... I love that I'm not the only one that stalks other people's blogs and twitters! :)
    I'm Kelly from Cakes & Louie - www.cakesandlouie.blogspot.com
    Twitter: kellylawler1
    Instagram: vonlawler
    I'm not doing anything for halloween and I'm seriously excited about it - I'm a HUGE chicken so things like dead presidents masks scare the heck out of me!

  38. Fun idea! Hi all! I'm Cate from www.sweetnicks.com, and I'm cateomalley on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I'm from the East Coast, where as a divorced mom I'm raising my 2 young kids while freelancing, recipe developing and photographing. I write about life, love, food, family, relationships, and anything and everything else. Powered by laughter, a gorgeous sunrise, joy, sometimes caffeine, kid art, and millions of small awesome moments.

  39. Hey Danielle! I'm going to pin paint color cards to a shirt and go as 50 Shades of Grey! :)

  40. Hi Danielle!

    I love love love your blog! I have a fairly young blog, styleandstrength.blogspot.com. I'm an avid Crossfitter and LOVE it! Was in my first competition this weekend and had a blast!

    Hubby is working on Halloween so I'll be going to a friends house to help pass out candy!

  41. Oh, oh, oh! It's so exciting when the fourth wall is broken! I live vicariously through your stylish, metropolitan life! Let's be fraaaaands!

    My name is Rachel, my blog is http://heroette.blogspot.com. I'm trying to power level to being an effortless, chic, blog-savvy twenty-something, but being a lady is harrrd! It took me four years, but I've managed to lose 80 lbs. so I'm trying to build a proper wardrobe (skinny jeans? camel coat? chambray shirt?) on a part-time associate producer's pay. I LOVE my job (at a podunk television news station), but I'm looking forward to moving back to Nashville when my husband's finishes law school!

    I work Halloween, but I'll be representing my nerd-cred in my Star Trek costume and go out for sushi with other costumed coworkers. My FAVORITE candy is Ferrero Rochers, but I've been known to lay waste to Reese's Cups! As a comic book reader, I co-sign your Catwoman costume! Don't forget the vampy red lipstick! Meee-ow!

  42. This is great! I've been reading your blog, The Everygirl and a few others daily for almost a year... still trying to not feel totally creepy when i know so much about someone i've never met! i think the blogging community is extremely powerful and be the year i start a blog!
    uplifting for young women... maybe my 29th year will finally
    Instagram: MMRGR29

    p.s. i recently left chicago after 28 years for my husband...i miss the city EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. but i'm trying to stay positive (and live vicariously through the chicago bloggers!)

    Keep up all the great work! The Everygirl never stops impressing me!

  43. Share & Tell day, love it!

    Anna from annawithlove photography. I love champagne, a good dance party and bright colours! <-- Yup I'm canadian & thats how we spell it lol

    Instagram @annawithlove
    blog: http://www.annawithlove.com
    my portfolio: http://www.annawithlovephotography.com

    Thanks to Danielle & the every girl for the daily dose of inspiration!

  44. Hello! I'm @jessicashia on both twitter and instagram -

    and this year is the first time I've purchased a costume in one of those pack things. I'm going to be a genie! (I originally intended to buy accessories, but couldn't find any and kind of really liked the costume I ended up buying - even though I'll have to have my midriff bare and I am already self-conscious about it!)

  45. I would love nothing more than to feel more connected with the people who inspire my daily life! such a great idea :) I'm Heather and similar to you, I took a big risk and moved across the country away from everyone I knew to Phoenix, AZ. I've since found my way back to the east coast thanks to my then boyfriend/now finace (!!) but the experience taught me so much. and a few of my favorites - all things pumpkin flavored, my cat carrie bradshaw and finding every and any reason to travel, especially if it involves going to visit a friend in their new home city

    instagram and twitter: @moorehe2

  46. I'd love to be friends!

    @caughtonawhim on both twitter and instagram

    As for me, both of my pups have people names (Patrick and Tanner) and I swear the way I talk about them some people think I have kids (like, the human kind)... lol! I'm a cRaZy dog lady for sure! :)

  47. Hi,

    I'm Elisabeth. With an "s" because my parents were rebels like that.

    Newby-blogger (http://optimisticmusings.wordpress.com/ - haven't had a comment yet...even from Mom, so would love one from some lovely gal on here), semi-competent Mom, lover of warm socks, a good book, and Frasier re-runs.

    I hate running, but do so multiple times a week. Love crunching leaves underfoot, long walks in the park (how cliche!), and peanut butter and banana on toast every.single.morning.

    I'm incredibly awkward, so am not even THINKING of pulling off a costume this year, but my 19 mo. old will be rocking a froggy costume ($2 from Goodwill; don't mind if I do)!

  48. I love this idea!
    I'm Deanna....
    @deannanashevent on twitter, instagram and pinterest
    http://deannanashevents.blogspot.com (business blog)
    http://something-nice-to-say.blogspot.com (fun blog)

    I'm not sure I'll be dressing up this year, but I might be guilty of dressing up my dogs Teddy and Zoey. Much to his chagrin, Mr. Teddy might end up as Superman and little Zoey will be decked out as the princess she is! :)

    Love, love, love your blog, and TEG rocks!

    Thanks for sharing!

  49. Oh Danielle, this is why you're so fabulous. I love the energy, design and good juju that comes from reading your blog. (Obviously, as I have blogged about it a handful of times!)
    instagram: @monicarosekc
    twitter: @finerfeelingskc
    blog: finer feelings

    I'm going to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert this Saturday, so unless I come up with something clever, I will probably just be a RHCP fan for Halloween!

  50. Hi I am Jaime @jaimelopez18 on instagram and southonbroadway.blogspot.com.

    I am in LOOVVEEE with fall... cozy sweaters, apple cider on the stove all day, hay bails on my front porch and halloween decor everywhere I can find to put it. Looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better too!

    thanks for the great idea Danielle!

  51. Hi I'm nora. @love_motivated lovemotivated.wordpress.com -my blog is only a few weeks old. I have been wanting to write/blog for a long time so I just went for it. I also have been giving Paleo a try. I bought the book Practical Paleo (great info) I love photography and animals. I may be Where's Waldo? for Halloween. Already have the neon blue jeans, trying to find a cute striped shirt maybe peplum?


  52. What an amazing idea! Love this!

    Hi! I'm Laura. @Laura_Benn (www.lauralbenn.blogspot.com). I love words and telling stories, photography, am a crazy dog lady (founder of www.pawsh-magazine.com), a chocoholic, avid twirler and baker! Lovely to meet you!

  53. Love this! I'm Kari!

    I'm not dressing up this year, but my 5 month old little girl, Mila, is going to be the cutest little jack-o-lantern. We were going to do a family theme...the hubs was going to be a bank robber, I would be a cop, and Mila was going to be a bag of money. :) Unfortunately, we weren't able to get it together. :(


  54. Danielle, I think it's great that you're interested in learning more about your followers! My twitter handle is @juliablumenthal and Instagram is @jblume88, but I'm most active on Pinterest and would be HONORED if you followed me there (just search my name)!

    This Halloween, I'm dressing as Ginger Spice, though I'm a brunette and will be sad to leave behind my alter ego Posh. For the first time, I'm experimenting with super high platform heels and am a bit terrified. Figured I couldn't do the 90s without platforms...

  55. Hi Danielle!

    I've been such a huge fan of your blog for awhile and now of The Everygirl.
    I do a similar workout as you, just not crossfit. Think of doing exactly the same thing just not for time! I love it and it keeps me mentally and physically healthy!

    I have a black pug named bubba and I LOVE to travel. As for a halloween costume, I have no idea yet and think i'm running low on time!

    Instagram: @MissChanelSonego
    Twitter: @ChanelSonego

  56. I'm Jessica. I really love to drink ice cold water in a really hot bubble bath. You can find my on twitter @jwpeony, my blog is Peony and @Jessica_Wray on Instagram! Looking forward to getting to know/stalking everyone ;)

  57. Love this!! My blog is comfycozycouture.blogspot.com and follow me insta @comfycozycouture and twitter @cmfycozycouture! Fun fact: I had crazy pets growing up...a lion! Xoxo

  58. Hey Danielle! I'm Amberly!

    Twitter: @amberlydanna
    Blog: www.asliceofglam.com

    I love going for a good jog/walk...feel so energized and accomplished after I do!

    Take care, and I love TEG! Read it everyday!

  59. No Halloween costume yet, but I've always wanted to tease my hair out and go as one of Gilda Radner's saturday night live characters. I started blogging at http://kickingtvblog.com/ about a year ago. A friend encouraged me to do it, and I love that I can share what's going on in my life with family and friends that I don't see everyday, and it motivates me to push myself and try new things and live life to the fullest. I am also instagram obsessed and can be found @ljd144.

  60. Hi I'm Krissy. My blog which has been in my thoughts for some time now will be live soon and the best part is Danielle will be doing the design. I'm soo excited. The name will be Forever Autumn and I can't
    wait till it goes live. Dream come true!

    Funny fact.... I have never seen snow

  61. I am over at @simplysouthern_ ! I am being pirates with a group of friends one night and then the other my BFF and I are going to the mice from the kia soul commercials, both of our moms joke about getting us that car so we figured we would go with it and dress up as them! Hmm funny fact I used to do karate when I was little...teheh!

  62. Hi there! My name is Emily and I've been reading for a while- have to say I LOVE hearing all about Crossfit! I'm so tempted to try it, but haven't gotten up the nerve yet.

    My instagram is ETrout12. No blog. but I do really want to start one... maybe someday. I think it would take away from all the time I spend reading them though- not sure I'm ready to commit to that. hah!

  63. Hi, Sharyn here! Twitter & instagram are both @sharynesque, the blog is sharynesque.com. UCSB or Westmont? I'm a Gaucho. I could never pick a favorite candy, if it has sugar I want it. (Nostalgia does have me leaning toward Nerds though.) No costume for me, but I do need to dress up my 1 year old daughter. Ideas?

    1. Your daughter should be Bob Ross: Wig, rainbow tee shirt, painter's pallet.

  64. Hello! I'm Jessa (twitter- whymsygirl & instagram- jmr224). i in grad school and training for my second half marathon!

  65. I love this! I'm Kelsey and I blog over at www.kelseynicoleblog.com - my instagram and twitter are both @kelseynicolep

    I too decided to be a cat so I could finally buy myself a pair of leather leggings! I tried a pair on for the first time yesterday and the entire time had this image of Ross from friends getting stuck in leather pants and having to put lotion all over his legs haha. That didn't happen, thank goodness!

  66. This is so fun! I blog at www.eyecandy828.com. I'm a lawyer by day and lover of all things beautiful all day! I instagram and tweet @marcherobinson

    I'm not sure what I'm going to be for Halloween but I definitely love candy! My fave has to be Smartie's from my childhood and Rolo's! They look so gorgeous and cute wrapped in gold :)

  67. Ok, I'll delurk for this.

    I'm Sandra from www.taylor-family-blog.blogspot.com. Instagram, twitter, email and everything else @sandysignr

    You redesigned my blog and yes, it's time for another now that my adoption is complete and my daughter is home from China!

    Have no idea about Halloween. It's all I can do to get my two girls dressed up and out the door. But I'll share my favorite candy...well, at least for now...it's Tootsie Rolls. But pretty much anything this time of year is YUMS.

  68. I'm Desiree and I too would love to dress up as cat woman because I thought Anne Hathaway was amazing in Batman! I love Puerto Rican bread and I ate almost a whole loaf today...not so good

  69. Forgot to leave my info! @chiccoastalliving instagram

  70. love this!
    twitter/IG: @maebad
    blog: www.maebadiyan.com
    my favorite ever halloween costume was Sarah Palin, second was Statue of Liberty
    have a great weekend

  71. This is really fun! So let's start...

    Hi Danielle! I'm Natalia, a Colombian copywriter/translator working in beautiful NYC. I got engaged a week ago and I'm just over the moon. I read your 'No Regrets' post yesterday and when I got to the "meeting the man of your dreams" part I felt so connected to you. Will and I found each after we both gave up looking for "The Correct One". The second we met in person we both knew we are meant for each other. I know it isn't a rational thought but I have never been so sure about anything in my entire life. I truly hope you and your soulmate find each other soon :)

    I'm not into Halloween at all but I do love candy, so I guess I would indulge myself with some yummy cupcakes and Lady M's cake to celebrate my birthday next Tuesday.

    I haven't been active in social media in a very long time but I've decided to change that and get back on track next week. You can find me here:

    Twitter: @nata_liBellule Instagram: @natalibellule Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/natalibellule/
    My (empty) fun blog: natalibellule.blogspot.com My translation blog: natalibellule.wordpress.com

  72. hi :) I've been a follower for a while but I'm not entirely sure how I found your blog...perhaps through Things that Sparkle. You know how the blog hopping goes :)
    Well, my blog is putaruffleonit.blogspot.com. I've blogged since 2010, and I really just do it for a creative outlet AND to remind myself of all the joy in my life.
    My instagram is maryfromtx...I love that as well.
    Have a great FRIDAY!

  73. My Blog: itissochoice.blogspot.com
    Instagram: itissochoice

    I love your blog, I love TEG, and it makes me want to move to Chicago constantly.

    I don't think I'll be dressing up this year, but my French Bulldog, Olive will be going as a hot dog.

  74. Hi all!!
    I'm Karen and I chronicle my adventures and misadventures of home-ownership over at yearofserendipity.com. Pop on over and say hi!
    On both twitter and instagram I'm @vintageviolet30 (although my phone currently isn't letting me instagram :( #ineedaniphone)
    This year I'm phoning in my costume and being little red riding hood, but one of my faves in recent years was when Hubby and I were pac man and pinky http://wp.me/p14rab-3z

  75. Hi Danielle!

    As usual, I'm late to the game! In life, I was late (or right on time :}) to figure out what I wanted to do with my life (teach), get married, and have kids. And I certainly don't have it all figured out, not even close..I haven't stopped discovering who I am. Do we ever? But I wouldn't change a single thing about the journey...it is all SO.WORTH.THE.WAIT. I'm so happy that The Everygirl came to be, I love it, and only wish it had been around in my 20's when I was a single wanna-be fashionista living in NYC! Great job!

    My blog: http://thestimsonchronicles.com - where I write about everything from styling our kids and home, to my adventures in baking, training for and running marathons (just ran Chicago!!!), photography, and planning parties!

    Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest: @cameron_stimson

    For Halloween, I'm going to pull together a Wicked Witch of the West ensemble, since my kids (2.5 & 13 mos) are going as Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion. :}

    Have a great weekend!!!

  76. Hi Danielle, I'm Amy from Love & Hot Chocolate. I am a Graphic Designer from Rhode Island. I am trying to figure out what to do with my life. I recently just quit my job and am planning a May 2013 wedding. I read The Everygirl daily.

    My blog: http://www.loveandhotchocolate.blogspot.com.
    Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest: @aprochet

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you, sometime soon hopefully!

    Xoxo have a great weekend and Halloween.


  77. Hi Danielle,

    I'm Jackie, a fellow Chicago transplant. I love your blog and interior design tastes. Looking forward to picking up a issue of Chicago H&G! And, last but not least, I am dressing up as a Jack-ie in the Box for Halloween this year. My instagram name is JackieC07.

    Have a good one!

  78. I just ate some Garrett's popcorn and I live in TX! It was sooo good! I have two blogs...a personal family one and the other is about our home. Find me at www.servinghome.com.

    Oh and my husband is children's book illustrator. koreyscott.com

  79. LOVe this!

    Twitter and Instagram: @Pretty_Fluffy
    My blog is: www.prettyfluffy.com

    I'm obsessed with dogs, pinning home interiors on Pinterest and trying to emulate Rachel Bilson's hair and wardrobe. Plus I live in Sydney, Australia - so I think everyone always thinks my spelling is bad for words like organised and colour! :)

  80. Such a fun idea!
    Twitter and Instragram @HopeLongingLife

    I love all things candy, but am dreading this Halloween because of my son's new peanut allergy diagnosis. Maybe I can just eat all of it that night after he goes to bed ?!?!?!

    Love your blog!

  81. What a great way to connect.
    Twitter: @sprinkles_toast
    Instagram: @kelseycampion

    I collect vintage clothing and I had a refurbished band-jacket so I was a circus ringleader for Halloween. Half of my wardrobe could second as a costume.

    Frosting is one of the few things that motivates me to get out of bed and I'm obsessed with gothic architecture.

    Oh, and I believe that sprinkles makes any food taste better.

    Danielle- thank you for being an inspiration. You have no idea how much I look up to you.

  82. Love this Danielle!

    Twitter: @cherylpisha
    Blog: 40isthenew30alifeinprogress.blogspot.com

    Confession #1: I started my blog when I was 40 (hence the name!), and wish that I had been brave enough to start it years ago. It is this tiny little place where I can go and simply spill my thoughts..whether that be in pictures or in words. It allows me to share a part of myself that only few people in my 'real' life get to see. And THAT is pretty flipping awesome.

    Confession #2: The beginning of October marked my 1 year anniversary in this big blogging world. No cupcakes were had, or horns blown aloud...just a silent little 'woohoo' that I did for myself...and that was pretty awesome too.

    Confession #3:I am obsessed with magazines. It's an illness really. Tidy little stacks of them can be found around my house.

    Oh, and I'm the mom to a pretty cool little 10 year old girl...and the wife to an awesome guy. Both keep me laughing and on my toes on a daily basis.

    And to Danielle - Thanks for sharing your life with us. It's such a joy to see someone just be themselves and have success.


  83. Astro vashikaran us the best solution of all love problems.if someone love someone else but he/she couldn't get him then astrology or vashikaran is the best solution for their problems.The mission of Vashikaran is to progress the access to the tantric resources of power and renovation.Vashikaran mantra is used to castlove spell on someone whom you want to make you love.

  84. Ha! This is cute!

    My name is Tara and I'm a professional dancer in Las Vegas and a student in the nutrition program at UNLV. Loved your previous post about "figuring things out". Man that resonates with me!
    Love the blog and love Buddy! I have a Chihuahua and an English Bulldog myself. They're quite a pair ;)
    Instagram: caramelzoe
    Email: Ttaylorlv@gmail.com

  85. Ha! This is cute!

    My name is Tara and I'm a professional dancer in Las Vegas and a student in the nutrition program at UNLV. Loved your previous post about "figuring things out". Man that resonates with me!
    Love the blog and love Buddy! I have a Chihuahua and an English Bulldog myself. They're quite a pair ;)
    Instagram: caramelzoe
    Email: Ttaylorlv@gmail.com

  86. Love this! I'm Shannyn...I blog over at http://simplyshannyn.blogspot.com and I'm @simplyshannyn on both twitter and instagram. Fun fact is, I stumbled across your blog recently, and I'm pretty sure we both graduated from UCSB around the same time, with the same major! Go Gauchos c/o 2006?? Have a great week!

  87. I'm Kirby and I write the blog http://www.theshortandthesweetofit.com/ with Alexa Evans. We're on Twitter http://twitter.com/shortsweetblog and I'm on instagram too (@kirbybrooks). My fun fact is that it's been a big month, I got engaged and got a puppy within a few weeks!

  88. What a cute idea Danielle! I've been reading your blog for about a year now and love love love it :)

    Twitter: @laurenelizab88
    Instagram: eyesearsmouthandlens

    Fun fact: I just moved to LA from Toronto to pursue my dream grad school program for PR. I'm still in the process of settling into my place and this morning I just finished painting and hanging up six canvases I painted that were inspired by your circle art DIY that you featured in your home tour here: http://www.breakfastattoast.com/2012/01/my-home-tour-living-room-and-bedroom.html!

  89. Hi. I'm J.Mill. I follow your blog and TEG and also live in Chicago. I love seeing your local adventures and sometimes look for you when I'm out in public (creepy!? I know.)

    Instagram: UnsolictedAdvice
    Blog: answertheunasked.blogspot.com

    I'm oddly into politics this year (first time voter!).
    I love candy with mint or peanut butter in it.
    I like yoga. I run (although I don't like it).
    My pen-name is a nickname one of my college friends gave me.
    I like beverages and keep at least one nearby like a security blanket.
    I love dressing up but feel that all my friends have outgrown Halloween :(

  90. I am Julie-- I live about 90 miles south of Chicago.

    Twitter- @basicallyjulie
    Instagram-- @basicallyjulie
    Blog: http://www.back2basicsblog.com

    I grew up in Western Nebraska, I have never broken a bone, and my dad is an agricultural pilot.

  91. Hey! I'm Stacy!
    Love this idea!
    Twitter: @dixiebelldesign
    Instagram: staces2501
    My blog is www.dixiebelldesigns.com
    I was a witch for Halloween, NOT my most creative, but it was fun!!

  92. I'm Julia, long time reader.

    I'm not into Halloween! I just can't get into costumes and I'm not much for candy. My poor kids! Crazy, right? Now if they could come up with a holiday centered around appetizers and cheese dip like one big progressive dinner party I could get on board!


  93. i'm erin! nice to meet you, danielle! looks like i'm late to the party, but i've been reading your blog for a year now.

    a little something about me: i live in vancouver and have never purchased a single item from lululemon (if you live around here, you know how big a deal it is!). i have a little morkie named ava who is my heart. x

    t: @erincg
    instagram: @erincg