This Week

Friday, August 24, 2012

Please excuse the radio silence this week. I planned on posting every day but it's been nonstop since last weekend! Celebrated a friend's birthday, air and water show, dinner at a friend's house, CrossFit, graphic design work, interviewing new potential interns for The Everygirl, an interview for an upcoming feature on TEG in a magazine (exciting!), two movies in the park, and Chicago Fire's white party.

CrossFit updates: When I first started three months ago I could barely do a push up so HSPUs were out of the question. I started with the modified version (knees on box, you're kind of upside down and go into a push up), and couldn't do one of those. Yesterday, I did FIFTY standing (upside down) on the box. Max push press on 8/15 - 70 lbs. Dead lift - 103 lbs.

Work has been busier than ever and I am doing my best to spend as much time with friends/enjoy being outside before Chicago freezes over. And the next month is going to be crazy. We're hiring new fall interns, I leave for LA next weekend, NYC with Alaina the following weekend (for NYFW!), will be celebrating my 30th (holy crap) the weekend after that, and the last week of the month we are hosting an event for TEG. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

At the Chicago Fire white party with The Everygirl team! (L to R) Mary, Chloe, Me, Alaina, Caitlin, Clarissa.

Air and water show last weekend.

We saw Hugo in the park. Food, wine, fireworks, and good friends. The perfect summer night.

 I signed up for 7 months of CrossFit and bought my first RNCF tank. I feel so official now.
Also, Buddy is perfect.

A peek at my new Serena and Lily bedding.

We have a shoot for TEG tomorrow and I plan on enjoying a little down time Sunday. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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  2. I'm going to be in NYC the same weekend as you and Alaina! Aw I wish we could meet up for a drink, I'd die!
    Congrats on your unreal number of pushups.

  3. Love the white party photo! You girls all look gorgeous!

  4. Love the bedding. so pretty! wish i could see more of it! just discovered your blog. Looking forward to more posts. :))


  5. That sounds like such a busy/exciting/fun/exhausting week. I love the picture of everyone at the white party! You all look so lovely!

  6. Such a cute doggy! I really like your blog. I want to see more of that bedding, hope it's coming soon! :)

    - Shannon

  7. You look AMAZING --- especially your legs. I've tried Crossfit once and need to go back!

  8. Congratulations on everything! From someone who can't do a push up, your updates on crossfit really inspire me!

  9. so exciting about the upcoming feature for the everygirl. looks like you had fun at the chicago fire party, that photo is so cute. great shot of the air & water show -- the skyline makes me miss chicago!!


  10. I was literally sitting like a step below you at the air and water did I not see you! haha. Glad you have been having a good week!!

  11. So, I was the girl in the Texas t-shirt who blurted out "Breakfast at Toast" this morning on Diversey. I felt so awkward afterwards!

  12. i just love when pups cross their hands like that! it's just the cutest. x