Summer in the City

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I am sharing my summer favorites on Channeling Contessa today, and with summer halfway over (sad!) this got me thinking of everything that's still on my summer to do list.

Movie in the park / Ferris Bueller, specifically
Farmer's market
Rent bikes
Run by the lake
Margaritas on a patio
  Go out on the lake
Randolph street market
Street festival 

I still have time. Better get on it. What's on your list?

You may also notice that the blog (and my website) have a new look. I'm done redoing this thing – promise!  And new PR at CrossFit yesterday! 3 rep 70 lb thruster (overhead lift). I have never lifted 70+ lbs overhead.  

Aunt Rose's (she'll be 94 in 2 weeks) thoughts on the issue:
Me: I lifted 70 lbs over my head.
Rosie: You shouldn't do that. You're a woman and not a man. Women will never be as strong as men. It doesn't sound right. What do you want to do? Do you want to lift 200 lbs eventually, or something?


  1. love it -- I have a summer bucket list too that I've been pretty good with accomplishing things!

  2. i love the new layout! so minimalist and clean and chic. congrats on the new PR!

  3. Congrats on the new PR - your Aunt Rose sounds adorable! The new look on your blog and website are awesome!

  4. What a fun summer list!
    And Aunt Rose... too funny! My grama just turned 90 in July and she says stuff like that all the time! Got to love them! :)

  5. I just cracked up at your Aunt Rose's comments. My mom is 71 and thinks women should refuse to do any heavy lifting. If I told her I lifted weights, she would die. "It will hurt your womanly shouldn't strain." ha!

  6. chicago looks like a dream! my friend lives there and i'm trying to plan a visit for next spring. i can't wait!

    aunt rose sounds pretty awesome, btw.


  7. Such a fun list! I can't believe you have already done so much. I love the new look too - I love seeing how you change it so feel free to keep on doing it! :)

  8. I most definitely have a summer to do list on which I've slowly been checking things off! Congrats on completing almost everything on your list!

    And P.S. I love your conversations with your Aunt Rose.

  9. The kids and I have a Summer Bucket List, and we've been making awesome progress on it lately ... in the home stretch!