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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When facing a breast cancer diagnosis eventually leading to a double mastectomy, Giuliana Rencic turned to friend and Bright Pink founder Lindsay Avner. The second Giuliana and Bill's show ended, I logged on to Bright Pink's website to learn more about Lindsay. That same evening, Alaina's sister actually emailed us to say that we had to feature Lindsay on The Everygirl. Great minds.

We got in touch with Lindsay (we actually met her at an event) and asked if she would share her story on The Everygirl. She graciously accepted, a shoot date was set with Jenn of Jennifer Kathryn Photography, and before we knew it we were shooting Lindsay in the offices of Bright Pink.

Sharing Lindsay's story means so much to me. We have all been impacted by breast or ovarian cancer in one way or another, and I am so grateful that Lindsay was willing to share her story with us. Read more about Lindsay on The Everygirl and please take a moment to learn more about BRIGHT PINK.

Be bolder. Make more mistakes. Fail fast and move forward. - Lindsay Avner

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  1. I love that you all "introduced" us (who didn't already know) to Lindsay! My mother and grandmother both had breast cancer, and I may have some tough decisions to face at some point in life. Lindsay's story is such an inspiration. Thank you to Everygirl (and you) for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! My mom, grandmother, & aunt all had & beat breast cancer, so its an important cause to me. I always like being introduced to other organizations & people working for the cause!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am a major breast cancer awareness supporter... I've got it all in my family. Going to check out the Bright Pink site now :)

  4. Super loved that feature today. Thank you for introducing us to her and her fantastic organization. I can't wait to further champion her and her work!

  5. i loved this article on the everygirl -- so inspirational. the world needs more women like her :) xx

  6. Danielle- I LOVED this post. So well done. Ps did Jess get you into G&B?? We're totally obsessed.