What to buy a baby girl

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I want to thank you for your sweet comments on yesterday's post. I was pretty miserable for a few hours and then snapped out of it. That nightmare of a woman could have been my landlord! On to better things. I did not love the place I saw this morning, so that's out.

I am seeing a less expensive place with a w/d in the unit on Saturday morning. It looks really charming (hello, crown molding) and is in one of my favorite areas so please think good thoughts for me.

One of my best friends had a baby girl earlier this year, and as "Aunt Danielle" I took it upon my self to send Harper a few very important necessities from some darling little Etsy shops. I love this little peanut! It kills me that I have yet to meet her, but I haven't had a chance to get back to CA since December. My work load has doubled and now that I am slowly finding some balance, I am apartment hunting. Story of my life. I don't think I have ever gone six months without a trip to LA.

First - how cute is baby Harper? I want to squeeze her face. Look at the makings of her wrist fat. This is the one time in life where wrist fat is looked at as a positive. And the belly. it kills me.

The grey mary janes from Bitsy Blossom are so. ridiculously. sweet. I have instructed Jess to save them and let me "borrow" them (this is code for: I want them) when I have a little girl of my own someday. She should really do that with all of Harper's accessories. Obviously.

Zuzii is a sweet little shop with tiny little headbands and shoes. I mean -- how cute are these?! Zuzii is launching a new collection soon, so if you have a little one or need to buy a baby gift, be sure to check back for the new line.

The adorable "Harper" print is from Metro Line 6 Photography. Jessica has some gorgeous prints available (including a few Paris photographs). I love her work.

I love the little bird print from Points Art! Isn't it precious? Jess loves birds, so this was a must. 

I also sent Harper a little Splendid outfit. I shared a photo on instagram.

She also scored by receiving all the presents I bought for Kate. Who is Kate, you ask? Well, Jess was told that her first was a girl, but she had a boy. And yes. It's rare -- but it does happen.


  1. Oh I love the part about Kate. That happened to one of my friends as well, Molly ended up being Ethan!

  2. She is so cute! I love all your gifts, especially the top shoes and print. xo

  3. Oh! I love everything! My best friend just found out she's pregnant and I can not wait to start buying cute things for her little one!!

  4. wow so cute, nice gifts all the best

  5. I need those mary janes for my little one. Soooo cute :) Hope you are well.


  6. So cute! Those shoes are just adorable! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  7. I love this! I might have to get some stuff for my nieces :)

  8. Those little shoes are just too cute! It's so easy to spoil the little ones, isn't it? :)

  9. I love her headband, what a stylish little cutie!