The time we met Kelly Wearstler

Friday, April 13, 2012

Yesterday was a great day. Alaina curated a collection for Joss and Main and we featured Taylor Sterling on The Everygirl. And then we met Kelly Wearstler. Growing up in LA, you get used to seeing celebrities on a regular basis. Because of this, it is rare that I am starstruck. But this is Kelly Wearstler. When our friend Kat invited us to this event, I almost had a heart attack. Kelly. Wearstler. I broke the zero color in my apartment because I needed this pillow

I got all dressed up in BaubleBar, Jess LC, and Stella and Dot. I even wore heels.

See? It's true. We met her.

 I. Die.

We arrived at Neiman Marcus and Kelly walked right up to me. "Hi. I'm Kelly." I had a big smile on my face and replied with "I know" and then I started rambling about how much I love her. She was so lovely and her clothing line is beautiful! I found a few pieces that I need. Like this, this, and this.

Then I pulled my copies of Hue and Modern Glamour out of my bag and asked if she would sign them. She kindly obliged. So glad Kat brought that pen. 

Best. Day. Ever. 
Happy Friday!


  1. This post makes me smile...big time. I've long been a fan of Kelly and to hear that she was so lovely is wonderful. So fun Danielle. :)

  2. Amaaaazing!!! I would've been speechless!

  3. Now you just need to frame it along with the Louboutin signature and I'd say you are building quite a collection!

  4. That's so exciting! What a fun evening.

  5. Definitely a no big deal moment, right ;) Happy weekend Danielle - make sure and take at least a few hours off missy!

  6. So awesome, I am jealous!! Love your arm party, btw :) Have a great weekend!

  7. What an amazing opportunity! Love the picture of the three of you! She is pretty amazing :)

  8. Wonderful photos! What a lovely opportunity, how lucky of you! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  9. I am beyond jealous! So, so awesome.

  10. Just found your incredible blog and love every bit of it. I just read your about page and the story of your dog melted my heart. I also have two little dogs, a maltese and chihuahua, and know how much joy these little ones can bring to our lives. Looking forward to reading your past posts and following along. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. loving your arm party, especially the spikes!

    xo SideSmile,