Happy Monday

Monday, April 09, 2012

image. new glasses c/o Mezzmer. my next read.

I took Saturday off. It is very rare that a whole day goes by without doing any work. Loved every moment.
Bought this dress for an upcoming event. 
As soon as I finish book 3 of The Hunger Games I plan on re-reading The Great Gatsby.
I worked out 4x last week. Goal for this week: 5.
Spent Easter Sunday with Alaina at her mom's house. Instagram photos can be seen here.
Alaina also surprised me with a pretty bracelet.
I love this headboard from Ballard Designs.
The Big C is back.
My hair is a little longer than this. Probably closer to this.
Love this budget friendly  beach Tote.
Hello, neon shoes.

On The Everygirl:
Alex Berlin of Things That Sparkle
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  1. I wish I was still in bed, but at work on this "holiday" Monday. Booo. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. I really need to start reading the Hunger Games! Have a fab week, D!

  3. Just got book 3 in the mail today! I hope it's as amazing as I anticipate it to be. :) Happy monday!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. I am so glad to hear you took a day off for yourself! I saw the Hunger Games this past weekend, and I completely understand the craze now. It was fascinating!

    Excited to read Alex's feature. :)



  5. love that tote too! saw it yesterday and thought it would be perfect for an occasional trip the lake this summer :)

  6. Sounds like a lovely, relaxing weekend! Happy Monday! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I love the Great gatsby! And those glasses are super cute, I bet you look great in them!

  8. I just finished reading all of the Hunger Games again. So good. The Great Gatsby is on my list!

  9. I should download The Great Gatsby on my Nook so I can read it on my vacation!

  10. i LOVE the glasses and i just started reading a moveable feast by hemingway! something about classic literature...!

  11. I'm so happy you bought the dress! After seeing you tweet about it- I'm so happy you took the plunge and did it!