5 Under $50 and Wedding Week!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I revamped my design studio, and my wait list is open for those in need of a custom blog design, photography, or any graphic design work.

We worked with Lara & Shari to come up with five delicious salads under $50. All the dressing is homemade, which I have to say is much easier than I would have imagined. Have you ever made dressing?Any Everygirl could (and should) make these salads. Don't forget to download the handbook which contains the recipes and your shopping list!

Had the craziest day yesterday. Started the day with our newsletter (as usual), worked on some design projects (logos + blogs), ran to a shoot with Anne Book, and then had 15 minutes to get home, change, and walk to Barre Bee Fit. I barely made it to class which took place in a 95 degree room. Aside from being unbelievably delirious/exhausted, I loved it! Grabbed dinner at Protein Bar, walked home, and spent the rest of the night working. Writing this post at almost midnight. I am exhausted.

But back to Anne. She is a genius. I plan on getting married on an island in an effort to avoid any and all drama, but if I do choose to have a real wedding, Anne will be my wedding planner. I cannot wait for Wedding Week on The Everygirl. We are working with some of the biggest names in the wedding, events, and styling world. Can it be May 7th already?  Here's a teeny tiny little peek. Florals by Hello Darling. The most beautiful flowers I have ever seen!

Alaina and I leave for Boston in less than a week. Can. Not. Wait. I have never been and have always wanted to go. And I'm kind of excited for who we'll be featuring while we're there.

Oh yeah. Domino Magazine tweeted The Everygirl, complementing my styling. My heart (literally) skipped a beat. I also have a theory that Domino is going to come back. Any thoughts on that? Because I think it can, will, and should happen.

One last thing. I was talking to great aunt Rose about The Everygirl. She is 93 and just doesn't get it. She regularly asks if we are "getting requests" and if people are "calling in." I was telling her that I wished she could see the site. My mom has shown it to her but she just doesn't get it.

Rose: You can't have anything appear on raspberries, can you? Can it appear on that? I thought something could come across and that we could all get together so I could see it.
she often refers to a blackberry as a raspberry or blueberry

Me:  My mom can show you on the computer when you're at the house.

Rose: So you don't have to get dressed up? You aren't in front of an audience. Are you going to wear pants all the time?
Has she thought The Everygirl was on TV this entire time?Does she think I don't wear pants all day?

Me: I don't understand your question. Where?

Rose: Next Tuesday. You're going to wear pants and be comfortable?
zero transition into what I'll wear in Boston

I love my great aunt.
Hope you enjoy today's feature


  1. My mother does the zero transition and she has no excuse. She isn't 93 so it's not endearing, its annoying...very, very annoying.

  2. Your barre class takes place in a heated room? I've never heard of that! I do barre classes here in PDX and I die if it's over 72 in the room. How you handle 95 is beyond me!

  3. Love your great Aunt Rose stories! I was just in Boston 2 weeks ago visiting some family and friends. If you guys get a chance, stop by Santarpio's Pizza. It's the best!

    Fingers crossed Dominoe DOES come back!

    I can't wait for wedding week on the Everygirl. I just got engaged, so I'm ready to plan :)

  4. I'm super excited about The Everygirl coming to Boston. As a local, I can't wait to see who/what you feature!!

  5. your aunt calling a blackberry a raspberry i about the cutest thing i've heard all year!!

  6. Thanks again for the feature! So excited to be a part of The Everygirl. :)

  7. Hope you enjoy Boston, we have been having some amazing weather here! I can't wait to see who you feature- but I'm already making some guesses!

  8. Love your great aunt stories! Thinking you're in front of an audience!

  9. I have never made my own dressing. Maybe when my kids are older. (They are 3 yrs and 6 months.) I'm doing good to even make a salad!



  10. oh. my. gawd. Your great aunt rose literally made my day. hahaha.

    "Does she think I don't wear pants all day?"

    kill-in me.

  11. Haha, your great aunt story is too funny.



  12. Oh I love Boston, I lived there twice, is one of my very very favorite cities, so jealous! You'll love it!
    PS: hilarious conversation, reminds me of my grandmother, she's in her 90's too.

  13. i hope you enjoy boston :) I am so proud to call boston my home- so if you ladies need any recommendations on where to eat, where to shop (of course!), or fun things to do- feel free to ask! XO