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Monday, March 12, 2012

I enjoyed a lovely girls night with Shari on Friday. She came over and we talked for a good 5-6 hours. It was great catching up!

The rest of the weekend was devoted to The Everygirl. I spent most of Saturday laying out a feature  and we spent Sunday working on another week of meals under $50 with Lara. Everything was delicious. And guess what? Lara's second food feature went up today! Three meals, 1 cocktail, and a dessert with one key ingredient. Blood oranges.

 Beautiful styling by my girl Alaina. Photography by yours truly.

The Big C will premiere on April 8. It is the best show on television, so if you haven't seen it, rent season 1 on DVD.  It's brilliant.

The weather in Chicago has been phenomenal. It will be in the 60s-70s all week. Last year it was in the 30s for a week in MAY so this feels like a miracle. I even sat on the balcony with the pup yesterday!

I am getting my hair straightened this week. I have curly/frizzy hair and it makes my life 1000x easier. I love not having to iron my hair 2x a day.

I am crazy about Jess LC's Flea collection. Each item is a limited run and they are made from a combination of new and vintage materials. If you want any of these pieces -- order now! 

I am also crazy about little baby Harper. I haven't been back to CA since early December (she was born in Feb) and have no idea when/how I'll be able to go. I have photo shoots almost every weekend but need to meet this little peanut! Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen? She's wearing a little headband from Aunt Danielle in this photo.

Whole 30 is going well, but I was relying on fruit and nuts more than I should. Snacks have definitely been a challenge, but this feels like it's right for me. I am really bad about making meals and prefer to have a snack which is terrible! So -- this has forced me to look at what/how I eat. I highly recommend this to anyone who might be interested in giving it a try. As far as energy goes, I am very run down but this probably has something to do with working until midnight + my lack of sleep.

I am never on Facebook and don't check twitter as much as I used to. So fill me in. What's going on in your world? Have I missed anything big?


  1. i LOVE the blood orange feature. i tried a blood orange margarita a couple summers ago, and i've been obsessed with blood oranges ever since!

  2. The Jess LC Flea collection looks amazing! Baby Harper is adorable! Cannot wait to try out some more of The Everygirl recipes!

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  4. the food looks lovely - getting very hungry now :) Congrats on The Everygirl too - it's a wonderful site with lots of useful hints and tips - keep up the good work x

  5. I'll have to check out the meal ideas! I love blood oranges :)



  6. Harper is so precious! So glad we finally got to catch up this weekend. :)

  7. Lots going on in your world! I have been following all your healthy meals via Twitter/Instagram, so maybe I need to check out the Whole 30? Sounds like an excellent program.



  8. She is precious! Love your photos! The Everygirl is looking so great - I check in daily to see what's new!

  9. It looks so delicious!

    I just love the Flea Collection! It's a pity there's no retailers in Miami. ideally want at least one of those chain bracelets!

    Lots of greetings,

  10. That blood orange feature looks simply delectable! It sounds like you had an excellent weekend. Catching up with friends is always the best :)

  11. I can't believe I only just found your blog (I found it through Tumblr, if you were wondering)! I really love your photography and the content of your posts. Plus baby Harper is SO adorable!!

    I can't wait for future posts :-)

    XO Daisy

  12. I have to check out the blood orange article. Sounds delish! I love these personal posts too :)

    I have been on an all fruit, veggie, meat, no bread, pasta, dairy, starches, sugar (other than fruit) type of diet...BASICALLY the paleo for 3 weeks as part of a cleanse, and it's amazing. My skin looks great, and I've lost 7 pounds. Well, yes, I go boxing too about 3 times a week. But you should try this diet. It's great!

    And, I'm going to Hawaii for 11 days, starting tomorrow!

    Will be reading your blog while on vacation! Love the Everygirl too! Great job!


  13. Thanks so much for sharing the FLEA!! I'm so excited to get you your pieces. : )

  14. Hello Sweetie,

    Just wanted to thank you for having such an inspirational blog. Hope you have an amazing week full of lots of beautiful things.
    Feel free to drop past my blog if you have time =)

    -Mia xoxo

  15. those recipes with blood oranges--yummers! and miss harper is seriously a gorgeous lil lady! way to go on the whole 30!

  16. Loved the blood orange feature! The salsa looks delic!