The Gold Athena Tray is BACK!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In case you missed the link at the bottom of yesterday's post, the Gold Athena Tray is back at Jayson Home & Garden! Everyone who comes over comments on this tray. Every. Single. Person. If you love it and think you need one, it's because you do. Jump on it. She's beautiful.

A feature on Mara of M Loves M, photographed by my talented friend Kimberly Genevieve!
Our first Coffee Talk post went up yesterday. Stop by, meet some new girls & tell us about yourself!
Love this Budget Find. I have the red one. A Christmas gift from my sis.
A new advice column for small business owners!


  1. Oh, I do need that golden tray!

    Wish you a fabulous day!

  2. I like it! It's a subtle design element. It would fit right in with the decor of my home. Thanks for sharing.

    Quiet Luxury

  3. yup, that tray is pretty fabulous! loving all the features on TEG!

    enter to win a $100 shopbop gift certificate!


  4. Ok, you sold me on the tray! Great price too. My apartment definitely needs a touch of gold!

  5. If you insist I buy it, then I guess I must! ;)

    Loving the latest features on the Everygirl!



  6. Oh my word I have never seen this before, but I am thinking I really need it. Very pretty! xo

  7. I thought that beautiful tray would be a wonderful anniversary gift for my husband and they already sold out! Perfect for his keys and sunglasses and it's gorgeous! I hope they will get more in! Love your blog and the Everygirl!

  8. I really think I need that tray in my life. It'd be perfect for holding keys and chapsticks by the door. Pure perfection. Plus it's sasstastic!

  9. So chic. I love this! Just the right pop of gold.

  10. This tray kills me everytime I see it. I need to just buy it already!!

  11. Love this tray! I think it's about time I got one for myself!