Happy weekend

Friday, February 03, 2012

What a long week. For the first time ever, I closed my wait list. For anyone interested in working with me -- it will open again in the next few weeks. After adding my 20th client's name to the list, I realized that I needed a week or two to catch up. Aside from my graphic design work, I had a photo shoot this week and there's this little thing called The Everygirl launching later this month. I love saying that.

Spending Friday and Saturday night on my couch with Buddy. I am too old to work 70 hours a week and then get dressed to go out at night. But let's keep it real. I wear leggings or yoga pants to work. I'm so fancy.

Alaina and I will be running all over town on Saturday to prepare for Sunday's shoot and another big shoot next weekend. We will post photos & updates on Twitter, so I hope you'll follow us. Looking forward to this because a. it will be fun and b. I'll put on some real clothes!

A few favorite things this week.

This photo by one of my favorite photographers. She is crazy talented.

My new "D" necklace c/o Maya Brenner. I am in love. It's on sale right now!

 I ordered two necklaces from BaubleBar last week. Love them both!

My sweet & lazy little pup and his leopard bed. I love him and his cute little Santa belly.

Also loving...

Maura Stoffer took our profile photos for The Everygirl last weekend! I love how they turned out and can't wait to share them when we launch! Thank you, Maura!

Alaina and I announced that we are looking for interns & photographers for The Everygirl. We have an awesome LA photographer & one in London, too. We have received lots of emails and will get back to everyone as soon as we can. I would also like to mention that we are looking for photographers in NYC and SF.

In case you missed it, color POP is BACK.

This happens every time I read Liz's blog. I want this entire look! I also want it to be summer.

Audrey's cookies and Lara's truffle fries.  

This tour of March Pantry on Will's blog. What a gorgeous space!

I also love animals & bright lacquered boxes.

I have been watching SVU before bed.

You should know that I am already sick of the gold on my blog. Don't tell Alaina! She wants me to commit to something. I may do a minor revamp in the next week. I need a little blush pink and I'll be set. Or maybe a bright pop of color? I'm sure you all love that I change the look every 5 min, right?  Just smile & nod.

What are you loving this week?

Have a happy weekend! xo


  1. I'm loving your D necklace as well (and am contemplating getting an S one). I'm also being stuck into a good book - all my spare time is going towards reading at the moment

  2. You're full of pep and always on the go. You must take pride in yourself ;)

  3. So many activities, love it!
    BTW, I have a couple of those lacquered boxes from the container store and I love them.

  4. I cannot WAIT until the Everygirl launches! I'm moving to Boston this summer and will be there for two years while my husband goes to Harvard Business School, so if you need a Boston correspondent, let me know ;)


  5. I love this blog look! I am so impressed with all of your redesigns, I'd take any of them! But do love the idea of some bright pink.

  6. I am officially a Bauble Bar addict - love your picks. Happy Weekend!

  7. I love the Bauble Bar picks! Have a great weekend my dear. :)

  8. Sounds like you'll be busy this wknd!! Have a great time in the shoots! Can't wait for the launch - seriously! xox

  9. Love that D necklace!! I will searching for a J! Have a wonderful weekend, looking forward to the photo shoot updates!!!

  10. Love that D necklace!! I will searching for a J! Have a wonderful weekend, looking forward to the photo shoot updates!!!

  11. I love this new look! but I'm sure I'll also love whatever you come up with next! Loving that black Bauble Bar necklace too, may need to copy you.

  12. Loving both the D necklace and the two you ordered from Bauble Bar! Great choices! xo

  13. Congrats on all the work you are getting. You def deserve it! At the end of the day, you have to keep balance in your life so I don't blame you for closing your wait list. Good luck with everything dear! Can't wait for the Everygirl.



  14. Those necklaces are so gorgeous! How cute is Buddy on that bed? Love it! So excited for The Everygirl!

  15. Loving that diamond cluster necklace! Whoah!
    It's so great to have a full list of clients and then a waiting list ;) Means you're doing some tremendous work!

    So excited to see your profile pics for The Everygirl! ah!

    and I love when you keep changing your blog look..it shows that you like to keep things fresh and as a blog designer it really keeps people coming back to see what look you have for them this week!

  16. Love the initial necklace! I want one for me! :)

  17. Ugh, I LOVED that tour of March Pantry on Will's blog--if only I too had a gorgeous, pristine Aga stove!!!:)

  18. It's so funny because those are the two necklaces I have in my Bauble Bar basket. You may have just inspired me to hit the purchase button :) Love buddy's bed!

  19. Oh my goodness, I'm absolutely loving all your finds this week! Also, I know you have a TON on your plate, but I hope you re-open your waitlist soon because I SO want you to redesign my blog! :)

  20. Don't tell Alaina?!?!

    I read your blog, ya know!

    YOU ARE NOT CHANGING YOUR HEADER AGAIN! please and thank you.

    See you tomorrow! IKEEEEEA.

  21. Thank you for the lovely link love! Good luck with the shoot this weekend! :)

  22. Love that "D" bracelet! So cute!

  23. thank you so much for the link love, you're truly the best! I'm having a great time working with you guys :) Kim, xo

  24. Love those Baubble Bar necklaces you picked up! Have a great weekend!


  25. The little D necklace is so precious. I love Maya Brenner :)

  26. I'm glad I caught you before you closed your wait list! I wouldn't know what I would have done! Love the Maya Brenner "D" necklace. I have her California state necklace that I am simply in love with. I will be checking BaubleBar again too! Have a lovely weekend!


  27. Good LUCK this weekend! And loved the shots of your new BaubleBar necklaces!!

  28. yes and a big ol THANK YOU for taking me on your wait list!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! And I love that D necklace.. I want so badly to go on there to see about the J necklace, but my computer won't let me right now...ugg

  29. You go girl! I'm so proud of you!


  30. D necklace = divine. So cute! Congrats on all your success and can't wait to read about tons more. Love your blog. Happy Saturday!

    ~ Alexis


  31. Oh those bauble bar necklaces! Sigh...
    Love your link list, off to check out more!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  32. love all the shots and all the necklaces! adore!