My weekend

 - Friday -

I walked almost 3 miles in a snowstorm to go shopping after work with Audrey. It's so nice having friends who help me step outside of my gray & white little box. And I actually live in a grey and white box. Have you seen my apartment?

Audrey pulled some amazing pieces for me including blush pink pants. I also picked up a bright fuchsia sweater from Zara / initially $60, on sale for $20. I met up with Shari and we walked back to my place with groceries in hand to get ready for movie night with Taylor. I dropped my phone in a big pile of snow and my legs were numb. Good times. We never finished the movie. T was exhausted and headed home & I ended up talking to Shari until almost 2am. 

The snow looked a little bit like this. Poor Buddy.

Hey, pal. Want to go outside? He's usually a happy little pup.

Movie night with the girls + Buddy.

 Shari made this ridiculously deliciously not so healthy but so good cookies & cream popcorn

My faux fur Hunter socks arrived.

- Saturday -

I worked on The Everygirl with Alaina and then headed out to do some returns. Look at me wearing color.
There's that gorgeous feather from Jayson Home & Garden.

I got all ready to face the 20something degree weather. I love my sorel boots.

I took care of my returns and picked up a few things, too. After that very long week I needed this down time and was reminded of how important it is to take some time to myself.

I must remember to get out and enjoy Chicago. It has been a while since I've walked these streets.

Between us, there are times when I have my doubts. I wonder what I was thinking moving 2000 miles away the place I called home to a city where I didn't know anyone. I left my family & everything I knew behind. And then I walk outside. I see this beautiful city. I spend time with my friends. I work on The Everygirl with my friend/business partner. I spend a night relaxing in my little apartment with the pup. It isn't always easy and it isn't always good. I love this city but wonder what my life will be like in the future if my family isn't nearby. It's a struggle, but I have faith that it will work out.

And now, back to the fun stuff.

Bought this black & white striped sweater for $14.50 from Forever 21. Cute & cozy.

Bought a little chalkboard canister with yellow lid at Anthro. See? Blue is my favorite/safe color so I went with the yellow. I'm bringing color in to my apartment. Baby steps.

- Sunday - 

Photo shoot for The Everygirl. Took a break and met Audrey for lunch at Tavern on Rush. 

Ordered a few pieces from BaubleBar.

Enjoyed a much needed late night chat with one of my best friends. Jess is a reminder that you can stay close to anyone no matter where they live. I can [and do] share everything with her & love her and her little family so much. She's having a baby girl in a few weeks so I am gathering gifts from lots of lovely little etsy shops. Compiling lists of my favorites and will put a post together soon. Some of the cutest things I have ever seen. 

Met with Alaina, did a little blogging & watched some TV.

And it's Monday again. Here we go.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. It's always nice to have 'me time' once in a while specially after a long week at work.
    Fabulous find at Anthropologie, they have the best housewares and candles.

  2. great post! I too get a little too comfy at home sometimes and don't go out as much as I should and enjoy the city where I live... but every time I do, I'm so happy I did! love those anthro canisters, and Buddy is adorable as usual :)


  3. I love Chicago, it has been too long since I have been up there.

    It is funny that you are trying to add some color to your (fabulous, I have loved the photos) apartment. I am trying to dial back on the color in my house. I love color, but it becomes dated fast. White and gray is classic and never out of style. :D

    My fave part of the weekend was having dinner at Cantina Laredo (love the gourmet Mexican) with my family down from Tennessee. I do not see my dad as often since we moved to Huntsville, so I can identify with your missing them.

    Happy Monday--very excited about the blog revamp!

  4. such a great weekend :) love those pics of buddy!!

  5. Sounds and looks like the perfect weekend!

  6. It sounds like you had such a fun weekend! Love that F21 find! And that popcorn looks amazinggg.

  7. I love that you love Chicago. And yes, it most definitely will all work out.

  8. Have you met the girls from Nico and Lala yet? They just moved there from Nashville and are really fun. Thanks for posting back about the pouf on Ebay. I must have one!

  9. Sounds like such a delightful weekend with productivity and rest! I love that you reconnected with your city. I love wandering the streets of my own just to remind myself how much I love living here :)

  10. What a fab weekend!! jealous you had snow -- we got a LITTLE bit, but nothing like home.

  11. mmm that popcorn looks FANTASTIC.

  12. You look so cute in your Sorels! It looks like you had a fun weekend, despite all that snow!



  13. I am so sorry you miss your friends and fam! Chicago can be quite dreary during this colder months...but I loved your finds! And I am excited to see The Everygirl! What is it about? I am very new to your blog.

  14. i just discovered your blog and spent the last 30 minters overflowing!!! great taste, i am really looking forward to read more...I am down with a terrible cold and you made my day!! thank you!

    greetings from France


  15. Great shots of Chicago! I'm jealous about your Zara purchase - I can never find a deal! Which one did you go to?

    I can relate about missing your friends and family. I moved here from DC and am from Ohio - with friends and family spread out everywhere. It can be tough, but it has taught me that true friendships know no distance. I love chatting with friends and it feels like no time has passed!

    I'm excited to see the new Everygirl! Your work is excellent! :)

  16. ohhh i have to say it again, i LOVE those little canisters!! what are you putting in them?

    your snow boots and the hunter socks are so cute! now ive decided i need black hunters and some faux fur socks! and buddy. poor poor buddy. being tortured by bad weather when he has to go pee lol he looks so sad there!

    i know its gotta be difficult living so far from your family. its the one reason why i havent done so [though i want to and its a shame]. but i think "Who will take care of my dogs if i go on vacation?" "will we spend all holidays alone?" but i guess my situation is totally different from you since i'm married. but now is the time for you to take these chances and see what happens so dont worry! im sure things will be fine for you :) you're doing great so far!

  17. You are fabulous! I love each n every single of ur posts...

  18. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I also love your Sorel boots ;)

  19. These are awesome photos, love the boots and of course the doggy!

  20. I commend you for having the guts to make such a move. My boyfriend and I have been toying the idea of moving as well and Chicago is at the top of my list!

    That popcorn looks sinfully good :)

  21. Cookies and cream popcorn AND faux fur boot liners in one weekend?! Too much amazingness! :) Love Chicago... glad you enjoyed!

  22. what a busy bee you are, sissy! LOVE LOVE LOVE the wellie socks...so cute/cozy! you look absolutely adorable/hilarious/ridiculous all bundled up like that. so glad that's not me :)


  23. Lovely seeing you Fri (as usual), and enjoyed our late night talk. See you soon!

  24. sounds like a great winter weekend. I (heart) the windy city so much & cannot wait til I get to go back again.

    the highlight of my weekend was a quick day trip to Santa Fe on Saturday for some fabric/baby shopping. just what the doctor ordered.

    happy monday!

  25. Oh I need to walk over to Anthro and get those jars right now!! And love the hunter fur socks :)

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  27. Love the boots! Just bought a pair myself and I am obsessed with how warm and dry they keep my feet in this icky weather! Also love your phone cover:) i've been needing a new one! Where is it from? It's pretty! xo

  28. such fun snapshots. Love your hunter socks!

  29. So fun to see these shots of Chicago as I've never been. Thanks for sharing with us!

  30. Isn't it amazing how fast the weekends go by? Sounds like yours was busy but fun! That popcorn looks so yum!! xo

  31. Let's talk about how fun your weekend looks. I envy you, you know.

    Buddy looks so adorable. I like to imagine you being all, "Buddy, wanna go outside????" and then he cowers like that and is all "PLEASE MAMA NOOOO." I'm sure he cheers up a bit with those booties. Who wouldn't?

  32. loveee movie dates! shari's popcorn looks like it was amazing! xo

  33. I can't say that I mind when movie nights turn into heart-to-hearts <3

    What a fantastic snowy view you are having!!

  34. Hey D,

    Lovely weekend. I need to get back to walking down the streets of our lovely city. Especially the downtown area.

    I share your feelings with living far away from your family. Moving to a different city to pursue your dreams/aspirations. It was so diffucult to be away from my family while I was in DC. I think you just have to stay positive. Nowadays with skype, facetime, etc. it makes things a little easier, a little more bearable. You're doing a great job at staying strong and positive. And just remember, you're only a plane ride away from home. E

  35. Needing that popcorn, those Hunter booots (didn't realize you could change the socks) and the chalkboard canisters! Love the pictures in this post. Chicago is such a cool city.

  36. Such a cute poochy and that popcorn is making my tummy rumble so so much


    Eda ♥

  37. We were visiting Chicago this weekend in the middle of all that snow! Crazy times but you gotta love Chicago!

  38. Wow, you crammed a lot in! Sounds equally productive & relaxing. So with on thinking about the future... I've been away from my family for 10 years & instead of getting easier it's getting much, much harder! I love life here but nothing beats fam time.