wedding week {the BIG day} & blog crawl

Today is the day that Prince William & Kate Middleton {now known as Princess Catherine} got married! Congratulations to Will & Kate! I wish Princess Diana could have been here for this event. I {like everyone else} absolutely loved Lady Di.

Today is also the last day of wedding week on the blog & I wanted to write about something that I think is very important. Some people {and by some people I mean some brides} get all crazy with the details and forget that this is supposed to be one of the best days of their lives. I know event planning can be stressful but I do believe that planning a wedding should be fun. Don't you? I also think that everyone should do something fun on the big day.
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I need to take a moment to rave about Sweet Lady Jane & Elegant Cheese Cakes. We have ordered a few cakes from SLJ & I went to a cake tasting at Elegant Cheesecakes years ago. SLJ was rated the no. 1 patisserie in the world by National Geographic & ECC was featured on Oprah. You can place orders online from both shops & I cannot recommend them enough. If you don't trust me you know you can trust National Geographic & Oprah. But you can trust me. Really.

Straws, fruit, jumping with parasols. Fun.

Photo booths, typewriters, straws, a lemonade stand. Also fun.

Two of my biggest loves. Photography & lemon water.

 Don't forget to invite all your friends.

And I do mean all of them.

 My best buddy will be there with bells on. Ok, no bells. But he will wear a bow tie.
SillyBuddy. Perfect name if you ask me. Such a cute shop!

And most important of all...

...don't forget to smile & have a little fun.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first blog crawl!

I hope you all enjoyed wedding week! What did you think? I loved it.
I may have to post some favorite event photos every so often. This was fun!

I am leaving Chicago for warmer weather this afternoon. So excited!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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wedding week {lights & location}

The winner of the 2 chicks & a fancy owl giveaway is...Shelli! Congrats!

The blog crawl & royal wedding are tomorrow!
Over 20 blogs with gorgeous + fun wedding inspiration. Are. You. Ready?
You have until tonight at 8:00 {pacific time} to sign up!
I love natural light & candle light so my ideal wedding would take place in the afternoon and go until the evening. The best of both worlds.

From day {top} to night {bottom}

And location? I think you can make anything beautiful. 

The beach.

A vineyard. {pics from my friend's wedding}

Or even your own yard.

Daylight, candlelight & hanging lights come together. Perfection.

Would you {or did you} have your wedding take place during the day or at night?
Indoors or outdoors?
Where would your dream wedding take place?

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wedding week {color}

 I would love to have a white wedding. Tres chic.

But a little color can be lovely, too.

You know how I love a little pop of color.

And a not so little pop, too.

 Or a rainbow of bridesmaids, perhaps?
Yes -- these ladies were all in the same wedding.

What color{s} would you {or did you} choose for your wedding?

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wedding week {sweet treats}

I would love to have a table full of sweets at my wedding.

 Sweet little details.

And macaroons. In a beautiful shade of blue for a pop of color.

Because everyone loves something sweet.

 Would you {or did you} have a table full of sweets at your wedding?

If you would like to write a wedding post this Friday
please sign up for my blog crawl!

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wedding week {mason jars} // & a wedding blog crawl

With Prince William & Kate Middleton's wedding taking place this Friday, I thought it would be fun to have a week devoted to weddings on the blog. Along with this week of weddings, I have decided to host my first blog crawl, so please save the date for this Friday. If you would like to participate, please RSVP by leaving a comment letting me know that you would like to participate!

For those of you that want to participate, here is an image for your post.
{just copy and paste the image to your post}
My first post is devoted to mason jars. Naturally, I am all about simple, chic & intimate weddings. Only close family & friends. And the dress. Small wedding. Gorgeous dress. Done.  

I love this look because it is so simple & chic &amp. And having mason jars at a wedding is the perfect excuse to stock up. A girl could develop quite the collection this way.


Would {or did} mason jars make your list?
What is the one thing you have to {or had to} have at your wedding?

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Smile {weekend edition}

fresh tulips getting ready to bloom

hydrangeas from whole foods

veggie platter with red pepper hummus for a potluck dinner with friends
& my beautiful WS chip & dip tray purchased on sale from $120 for $25

see the steam rising off the freshly toasted pita?

home made mini cheesecakes
recipe at the bottom of this post

another cheesecake shot | a few not so fresh tulips from last week in a mason jar

holiday decor

and of course, the pup
 and my ali ro trench {hanging on my bar stool}

a few more things...
weather that allows me to wear my ali ro trench
potluck dinners & Easter brunch with friends
{almost} 3 hour talks with this friend
planning blogger meet ups {it's this week. stay tuned}
sharing recipes

16 oz low fat cream cheese
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup sugar
{mix with electric mixer}

crumbled graham crackers mixed with smart balance
{don't have details. just feel it out & make it happen.}

bake at 350 for 25 min
cool in fridge

yes. it's that easy.

what made you smile this weekend?


Happy Easter!

Happy Saturday! It is currently 63 degrees & sunny! I am about to head to the grocery store in my Ali Ro anorak & couldn't be happier! I may head out for a run on this gorgeous day before preparing something for an Easter potluck dinner with friends tonight. If you live in Chicago, enjoy this weather! We deserve it!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter weekend!

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Jodee in Chicago.

Well, this is a little late -- but better late than never, right?

One of my best friends arrived in Chicago just in time for some of the most disgusting weather I have seen to date. Thanks for that, Chicago. Really. Jodee lives in SF so she's used to a little fog. But still -- we could have used some warmer weather. A north face & gloves? Unacceptable. My weather obsession is out of control.

The day after she left we had highs in the 80s. I wore a dress & flip flops. Figures...doesn't it?

 Are you seeing this fog? Gross.
My friend/neighbor Brandon drove me to the airport to get Jodee.
{Wish I had a car but neighbors/friends with cars are the next best thing}
Ordered deep dish from Lou Malnatis.
 Went to a bar with friends.

Lunch at Hub 51
Cloud Gate aka The Bean
Michigan Avenue
Shopping on Armitage in Lincoln Park
A little lounging at the apartment
Dinner at Luxbar 

we are the only two people in the bean! amazing.

Massage with C
Lunch at Portillos with C
{Jodee really wanted a Chicago hot dog. I've been here 8 months and still haven't had one}
Dinner at Zocalo with C & Annie
Met up with a few friends at Gilt Bar

Loved having 2 of my bist girls together.
And no. That isn't a typo. Maybe I'll explain someday.
And of course -- they loved each other.

Me, Jodee, Annie & C

Breakfast at Pierro Gourmet with C & Raj
{followed by dessert - a berry tart, strawberry pistachio tart & macaroons}
Shopping on Michigan Avenue
{yes. again.}
Time to go :(

'Twas a lovely weekend with one of my favorite girls.
It went by way too quickly.


Pouf it up.

I am in love with Moroccan poufs. I really really want one.
The Serena & Lily pouf is my favorite.

Do you think this trend is here to stay? What color would you choose?
I am torn between smoke, natural & white {L to R above}.

ps - I don't care about trends. I go for what I love. I was just curious as to whether or not you think they will be around in the years to come!

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