Color POP // charlie brown

1. Ordinal dresser, Anthropologie - $998  2. Wastebasket, Layla Grayce - $108  3. Metallic canvas ella tote, Tory Burch - $250  4. Southampton Candle, Jonathan Adler - $28  5. Printer's letter stand, Anthropologie - $7.95  6. X base stool, Wisteria - $299  7. Q & A a day, Anthropologie - $16.99  8. Friends of the forest cards, Anthropologie - $18  9. Tree trimmings doormat, Anthropologie - $75  10. Specs case, Jonathan Adler - $38

My entire apartment is composed of brown {jute & wood}, white, black & gray.
What can I say? I like to keep it simple.

Thinking of bringing in a little pop of color for spring.
What color would you choose?


Girls who inspire: Sharstin of Me & Mine

Sharstin is one of my favorite bloggers. She is wildly creative, adorable, sweet & has the cutest little family.

name & age:
Sharstin 29....what? when did that happen?

ogden, Utah aka o-town

current home:
same as above

meaning behind my blog name:
{me and mine...} i guess it's not that original--pretty much just the daily in's and outs of me and my little fam--mixed with my love of photography, running, design, & some craftin'

what inspired you to start blogging?:
i started blogging as a way to document/scrapbook all the picts and such of my kiddos and family.

current job:
Mommy and photog

dream job:
 I would love to do something with party planning, and design....but i really feel so lucky, because i love what i do! i get to stay home with my kiddos, and also get to go and take photos of some pretty flippin fantastic people. live what you love--right?

if i could travel anywhere:
 i love to travel and see new places. I would love to go to australia and the great barrier reef, new zealand, greece, and Italy--to name a few~

something unique about me:
my name is swedish

i like to:
design, bake,shop, travel, run/race,photograph, eat, spend some time at the spa, read a good book, snug my babies, be with my family, renovate, diy, lay on the beach, hang in my pjs, and drive with the windows down and the music up!

i watch:
too many shows! ha! ok, lets break it down--project runway, vampire diaries, the rachel zoe project, amazing race, G&B, anything hgtv....to name a few....

listening to:
i am music junkie--and music is such an inspiration for me. There is something about music---i love that it can bring out some much emotion, and can take you back to a certain memory or place like nothing else can...{sigh}I am loving florence and the machine, ingrid michealson,pinback, the weepies, band of horses, imogen heap, mumford and sons, and the beatles (always).

crushing on:
hubs, but i have girl crush on zoeey deschanel--love her mad style~

5 things that inspire me:
My babies color Music art and architecture blogs--and all of the insane talent out there

favorite nail polish:
OPI--we'll always have paris favorite perfume: sexy little things-noir by victoria secret

where do you buy you children's clothes?
you know, i get this question a lot--and i really buy my kids clothes everywhere--thrift stores, target, gap, crewcuts,..pretty much anything goes. I just love to mix, match, and layer different styles~

what tips do you have for someone throwing a party on a budget?
i would say to plan ahead on the menu you want to do, and the decor you want to have. Then you can start to find things for a better deal. There is some pretty fantastic fabric at your local walmart that make some great tableclothes, or swatches for a cute bunting. It's also all about the DIY. Anything that martha sells, you can make! and wow the goodies you can find at the 99 cent stores. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to look/be chic~

 where do you find most of your inspiration for crafting?
and with 3 kids and a photo business, where do you find the time?? ;) I will see some fabric that i love, or a cute craft/idea in a magazine or blog, and i will just put my own spin on it. I love me some craftin~ Ah time.....i sure wish i had much more in a day~ I only do 2-3 photo sessions a week--max. I am so fortunate that i live by my family, and they will watch my kiddos while i go to a shoot. The post processing and blogging i do when my kiddos are at school, napping, or at night. When i do get my craft on, i try to have an activity or something for the kids to do......but lets be honest, the best time to get any crafts done is when they are in bed, or the hubs is watching them:)

thanks D--was a lot of fun:)



Elizabeth Taylor
February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011

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Color POP // gold coast

 1. Ally sunglasses, Kate Spade - $148  2. Ticker tape plates, Kate Spade - $50 {set of 4}   3. Glass teardrop earrings, J. Crew - $48  4. Glitter toms, Toms Shoes - $54  5. House of Harlow 3 stacked rings, Singer22 - $70  6. Golden nugget, Essie - $8
7. PB gilt frames, Pottery Barn - $24 - $49 {have one & love it}    8. Gold table lamp, Inside Avenue - $417   9. Gold porcelain tray, West Elm - $6  10. Mercury glass melon knob, Anthropologie - $8  11. Swissco gold tweezers, Anthropologie - $22  12. Metallic Reva clutch, Tory Burch - $325

Can you believe I managed to get all these gold items together without any sequins?
But I did include some glitter. Have to have a little sparkle.

What's your favorite item on this list?


Earn your stripes. {happy spring}

Spring is in the air! The sun is out & I can't help but smile.
After successfully surviving my first winter, I think I've earned my stripes.

1. Umbrella - $75
3. Lido - $99
7. Stripe straw hat - $67.50

Happy spring!


Hello, deer.

Just a quick note that fellow Chicago blogger Meagan won my pre-made giveaway! Congrats! And one more thing! It's in the 50s! I just wore toms, skinny jeans and a light sweater to walk the pup.

1. Deer silhouette print, Stella Girl - $18 {photo taken of the one on my wall}
 2. Deer head, Z Gallerie - $49.95
3. Creature kingdom hook, Anthropologie - $20 
4. Oh deer mug by Jane Jenni, Pop Deluxe - $12.99
5. Deer antler in cast resin, Restoration Hardware - $129
6. Sunny forest day dog collar, Day Dog Designs - $16
7. Oh, deer letterpress note card, 622Press - $3

Deer/antlers are everywhere.
Is this a trend you love? Do you think it will last?

#1 is hanging in my apartment, so I am obviously a fan.



A new friend recently told me that instead of worrying I should focus on gratitude. Why is it that it is always easier to focus on what's missing rather than what you have? Let me preface this post by telling you that I absolutely love Chicago & the friends that I have made here.  This move could have gone in a completely different direction. When I was in Chicago in Feb 2010, I put down a deposit on an apartment and ended up backing out. Something just didn't feel right. Had I taken that place I would have missed out on 20+ friendships that I have made in my current building. These people have become such a big part of my life in Chicago.

  I cannot explain how much I love this little man.
He is the best dog in the world and he's mine. Not sure how I got so lucky.

I left LA because I wanted to be in a great city with great people and found exactly what I was looking for in Chicago. It may be cold and I may think about flip flops & dresses multiple times a day, but I believe that the cold & gray days make you truly appreciate the warm & sunny ones. I am an LA girl who is looking forward to 60 degree weather. When the warm weather does arrive, I will be very grateful.

For the past few months I have thought a lot about my career and what my next step{s} should be. I haven't really gone in to this on my blog but wanted to write about it for a few reasons. First of all, I know that someone going through the same thing may be able to relate to what I have to say. I also want to be able to look back on this and know that I figured it all out.

My BFF, C.
I am a fairly driven person {ok -- total overachiever/perfectionist} which leaves me feeling like there are a million things I want to do there is not that one thing that I was prepared for. You go to med school and become a doctor or law school to become a lawyer. I majored in Sociology, so where does that leave me? Should I work for someone else or start a new venture on my own? If I work for someone else what should I do? I am at a crossroads. There are multiple paths that I could take and I am not entirely sure where to go.

The problem is that I think about this all the time.

Jess, my other BFF.
We haven't lived in the same city for years but have managed to stay very close.

I have always been one of those people with ideas running through my mind all the time. I love my down time but feel like I always have something going on. Just look at me. Graphic design, photography & a scrapbook line. I like to dive in to everything. I {literally} came up with an idea over the weekend that I am really excited about. I often feel like I am the only person like this. I know that isn't the case, but it can feel that way.

 My small apartment & my even smaller roommate.

I have come a very long way in the past year. I am grateful for Chicago, my home, my pup, friends, my business, my blog & all the good things in my life. I am grateful for the people that read my blog and leave comments every day. I do this because I enjoy it but getting to know all of you has been a bonus. My blog was also a huge factor in my move to Chicago. Had I not started this blog, I would probably still be in LA right now. You can read about that story here.

I love Chicago.

So what do I do? How do I figure this all out? No idea. People always ask if I would give up design/photography & the answer is no. It is such a big part of who I am but I am so ready for the next step. I just have to figure out what that one thing is and that isn't easy. No one prepares you for the fact that you will have to figure these things out. Or no one prepared me for it. While some people have their careers all sorted out, I know there are so many others like me who aren't quite sure of what they want to do.

For now I plan on making some lists and deciding on some next steps. I really want 2011 to be the year that I figure this out but at the same time know firsthand that these things do not always happen when you think they should. I wanted to move here last winter. Had things gone the way I thought I wanted them to, I would have missed out on so much more. 

Have you found your career? Do you think about what you should be doing with your life? What do you want for your future?
I do not expect answers to all of these questions. Just something to consider...


Color POP // feeling gray

 1. Aidan Gray dining chair, Layla Grayce - $750  2. Pillow cover, Rubie Green - $75  3. Aidan Gray office organizer, Layla Grayce - $84
  4. Solid twist bandeau top, J. Crew - $46  5. Solid bikini, J. Crew - $38
6. Staub round cocette, Williams Sonoma - $270 {in love with this collection}
  7. Smoke moroccan leather pouf, Serena & Lily - $395  8. Chinchilly, Essie - $8   9. Cashmere cable scarf, Ralph Lauren - $149
Women's classic cardy, Ugg Australia - $140

Some people see gray as a gloomy color. I am definitely not one of those people.
But I could use a little sun & warm weather right about now.

Does gray make you feel gray or do you love it like I do?


Pre-made template giveaway.

Rather than simply promote my new pre-made line {which is on sale -- $5 off each pre made through the weekend!} I figured it would be fun to let one of my readers win a pre-made of their very own. My favorite part about this line is that for an extra $10 they can be customized with the color scheme of your choice.

I have one tiny favor to ask in return. To enter this giveaway, you just need to become a fan of my FB page. That's it. Then leave a comment with the name of the pre-made that you want to win. You have until Monday night to enter.

Click on any of these pre-mades to see a live preview.

Chic Photo



Pretty Bird


Sail Away


Girls who inspire: Erica of Erica Miss America.

This week's girl is my blog-friend Erica. Love her. She is super sweet, active, creative & is an all around great girl. So...it is no surprise that I would want to feature her. Erica also runs her own business designing jewelry. Erica constantly inspires me & I think {ok -- I know} that she will inspire you, too!

name & age:
Erica Sara, 32 years young

Syosset, NY

current home:
New York City

meaning behind my blog name:
My nieces, who were born in Israel but recently moved to England, think my name is actually “Erica Miss America”. They’re young, don’t have TV, and have no idea what Miss America actually is. When they get on the phone with me, they say “Hi Erica Miss America!” It’s beyond adorable; makes my heart melt every time. So when I was trying to come up with a name, I decided to base it on what, or who, I love most. My little munchkins!

dream job:
To  own and run a bed and breakfast in the country. It would be on a beautiful farm and I’d have a green house so I could grow my own veggies in the cold winter months. I’d serve delicious vegetarian & gluten free food, would teach my guests daily yoga classes, and would have a small jewelry studio set up as well. I'm hoping to make it happen one day.

if i could travel anywhere...:
Well right now, it would be England to see my nieces. But other than England, definitely Israel, Morocco, Greece, and maybe hiking in the Rockies. Can I just go everywhere? It's so hard to choose when there's this giant world out there.

something unique about me:
Unique & slightly embarrassing… I don’t know how to ride a bike. I never learned! I’m dying to but even though I was a ballet dancer for years, I can’t seem to balance on a bike. I’ve decided to make it a goal within the next 5 years so that maybe one day I can complete a triathlon.

i like LOVE to:
Smile. What makes me smile? I run, listen to live music, practice yoga, cook, eat, read, sew, draw, paint, make jewelry, dance, and meet new people.

i watch:
(fave tv/movies) I used to watch a lot more television but don’t seem to have much time for it these days. I DVR jeopardy to watch when I have time. And I love House and Gossip Girl.  Some of my favorite movies are Thing Called Love, Fine Art, and Dazed and Confused.

listening to:
Lately, lots of Ani Difranco, Jack Johnson & Joshua Radin. I’m also a huge classic rock and folk fan. But mostly, if I listen to something & I can feel something for it, if it stirs something in my soul, then I like it.  No matter who’s singing it.

crushing on:
Luke Wilson. Adorable! Do you think he'd go for me? Luke, call me ;)

5 things that inspire me:
1.     My future children. There was a point a few years ago when I thought I was ready to have children. And then I asked myself what I had to offer them, to teach them. I realized that I needed to live a whole lot more and explore life and the world, so that’s what I try to do every day.

2.     Runners. I took up steady running almost two years ago and completed my first marathon this past fall. I watch other runners and they inspire me to keep going on days when I don’t think I can.

3.     Artists. All artists, even those whose art I don’t necessarily enjoy. I just love the fact that there are always new ideas out there, new beauty.

4.     People with heart. Good people.

5.      My grandparents. All four are/were holocaust survivors. They lost their entire families, started over and overcame tremendous obstacles to create incredible lives and our family. I think of them and I think “Wow.”

when did you start running?
I dabbled in running a bit in college but it didn’t become a significant part of my life until almost two years ago. I was dealing with some really difficult personal situations and needed to face something more difficult than what I was going through. Something that would show me I could handle anything. So I set my sites on running marathons and I’ve been running ever since! It’s definitely my medicine.

do you have any advice for someone that wants to start running or lead a healthier life?
But of course! One step at a time. No matter what it is, whether it’s running, eating healthier, trying yoga, or just getting your head into a better place. Cut yourself some slack, take a step at a time and accept your success and your setbacks because both will happen. But don’t give up.

when did you start designing jewelry and what inspires you?
I’ve probably been designing jewelry since I was 9 or 10 but back then it was made out of leather scraps from my father’s showroom floor. It was the 80's. Cut me some slack. I can’t really pin my finger on when I began using semi precious stones and metals but it’s been quite a few years. Color and texture inspires me. I buy stones I’m drawn to, sit at my workspace and just see what combinations move me. Then I create.

Thanks for this great opportunity Danielle! So happy to have "met" you :)

Let the sunshine in

Inspired by last night's production of Hair. Have you seen it?

I would have enjoyed being a hippie. Peace & Love.

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Color POP // your aura is purple!

1. Linen pillow, Wisteria - $80  2. Hunter wellies, Jildor - $125  3. Keep calm postcards, Keep Calm Gallery - $11.36  4. {YSL} your lovely palette duo eye color, Saks - $65  5. Colby sunglasses, Kate Spade - $160   6. Cuff, Anthropologie - $118  7. Christian Louboutin python pumps, Saks - $1145  8. Arm chair, Wisteria - $749
9. Marc Jacobs color pop earbuds, Marc Jacobs - $28  10. Speck case for macbook & macbook pro, Apple - $49  11. Gumdrop stud earrings, Kate Spade - $38

Couldn't resist the post title. One of the best scenes from Almost Famous.

How amazing are those Louboutin pumps?
If I had $1145 laying around, they would be mine.


An elephant never forgets.

 1. Elephant trivet, Jonathan Adler - $38
2. Guess elephant ring, Macys - $30
3. Mug, Jonathan Adler - $24
4. Letterpress elephant calling cards, Crane & Co. - $184
5. Elephants' child dishtowel, Anthropologie - $18
6. Elizabeth & James elephant ring, Bloomingdales - $325
7. L'object porcelain elephant, Saks - $95 
8. Encased elephant hook, Anthropologie - $20
9. Elephant bank, Jonathan Adler -$78
10. Jungle pancake molds, Williams Sonoma - $18
11. Elephant every day card, Paper-source - Starting at $53
12. Elephant bottle stopper, Jonathan Adler - $18

What's your favorite item on this list?

Project 365. Weeks 8 & 9.

3.6.11 | day 64 | camera: iphone {hipstamatic}
picking up movie snacks for black swan at fox & obel with c.

3.5.11 | day 64 | camera: iphone {hipstamatic}
we were going to go to yoga, but ended up at Karyn's for lunch instead.
I had the veggie wrap.

forgot to take a photo today, too.
3.4.11 | day 63 | camera: n/a

 3.3.11 | day 62 | camera: canon 7D | lens: 50mm 1.8
my first time making brussels sprouts. so good!
{just add a little olive oil, salt & pepper and bake at 450 for approx 20 min}

3.2.11 | day 61 | camera: Canon 7D
en route to a photo shoot with my 7D in hand.

 3.1.11 | day 60 | camera: canon rebel
snapped a quick shot of my valentine orchids before bed. sloppy.
today marked 7 months in chicago & was the night I launched my new site!

2.28.11 | day 59 | camera: canon rebel | lens: 50mm 1.8
practicing shooting in low light

2.27.11 | day 58 | camera: iPhone {hipstamatic app}
making brunch with the neighbors. i was in charge of chocolate chip pancakes.
whole wheat, of course.

2.26.11 | day 57 | camera: iPhone {hipstamatic app}
it snowed. again.

2.25.11 | day 56 | camera: iPhone
the snow has melted!

 2.24.11 | day 55 | camera: canon rebel
photo shoot

 2.23.11 | day 54 | camera: canon rebel
my first peapod delivery. not loving the plastic bags. i always use reusable ones.

2.22.11 | day 53 | camera: canon rebel

forgot to take a photo today.
2.21.11 | day 52 | camera: n/a