Jazz it up with the next Rachel Zoe.

This is Lucy. She is 6 years old & is the cutest little fashionista I have ever seen.

I look forward to the day that Lucy has her own show on the Style network. 
A special thanks to Dawn {Lucy's mom} for giving me the ok to post this!
Happy Monday!


question of the day // the creek

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Dawson or Pacey? Who would you choose?

My vote is for Pacey Witter. I tend to go against the norm.
I also chose Aidan & Noel.


Color POP.

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Thought I'd leave you with a little color on this gray Chicago weekend.
I also have a new {colorful} feature coming to the blog. Stay tuned.

have a good one!


question of the day // face it

I may be sick, but I want to know...

What's your favorite foundation/cover up?

I swear by perfekt beauty skin perfection gel. It is phenomenal.


My Sunday started with a little sledding before the bears game.

Outdoor bar at my friend's apartment.
Because it was {literally} 30 degrees colder than the fridge.

The boys made potato skins.

And then started arm wrestling. Boys...

It was a great Sunday.

On Monday morning, I woke up feeling very drained.
By Monday evening my temp was 103.

On Wednesday, I started Tamiflu.
For the first time ever, I have the flu.
I am now on day 5 of solitary confinement being sick.

I have spent lots of time cuddling with this little man. He loves to cuddle.

I haven't been well enough to work.
I can't talk on the phone. It hurts to talk.

The pup went outside 3x yesterday & I didn't have to leave my apartment.
I love my neighbors for walking him for me.

Do you get a flu shot every year? I don't. May reconsider after this!
Any movie rental recommendations for me? I am so bored!!!

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be inside on my sofa.


Girls who inspire: Jo of Lifestyle Bohemia.

This week's girl is Jo from Lifestyle Bohemia. I met Jo when I redesigned her blog and quickly became a fan of her blog & jewelry line.

name & age:
My name is Joanna, although my family and friends all call me Jo. I recently turned 30.

she loves photography

Brooklyn, NY

current home:
Brooklyn, NY

meaning behind my blog name:

I started my blog, Lifestyle Bohemia, in 2009 when I was making a big career change. I stopped working in the corporate world and started my own jewelry line, BrooklynThread. I wanted my blog title to reflect the feeling of freedom and possibility I was suddenly feeling.

current job:
Owner and designer at BrooklynThread.

dream job:
I am so fortunate that my current job IS my dream job.

if i could travel anywhere...:
I would love to explore India, Morocco and Thailand. Many of the jewelry components I use come from these countries, so I would love to visit for inspiration.

something unique about me:
I am super organized, especially when it comes to my business. I keep lists, folders and a strict calendar. There's no shortage of glass jars, baskets and plastic containers in my studio.

i like to:
My hobbies include photography, interior design, blogging, reading, baking, hunting for vintage jewelry components and vintage home decor.

she loves baking

i watch:
My favorite television shows are Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, Party Down, Weeds, The Office, 30 Rock and Modern Family.

My favorite movies are The Departed, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Lost in Translation, Juno, Traffic and No Country for Old Men.

listening to:
Whether I am working, blogging, cleaning or just hanging out, I always have music playing. My play-list is very diverse and includes Lykke Li, Little People, Santogold, Jay-Z, M.I.A., Eminem, Civil Twilight, Regina Spektor, Sia and La Roux.

crushing on:
I don't have any celeb "crushes," but I do love to follow the trends and styles worn by Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Erin Wasson and Ashlee Simpson.

5 things that inspire me:
Interior design, Brooklyn's architecture, vintage pieces, textiles & fabrics, the coast.

favorite nail polish color:
Peacock by American Apparel

favorite perfume:
Pink Sugar by Aquolina

she is inspired by brooklyn architecture. i can see why.

when did you start brooklyn thread?
I’ve always loved crafting and making things with my hands and have been especially drawn to jewelry and accessories. I started BrooklynThread as an Etsy shop in March of 2009. I had a lot of design ideas in my head and once I started making the pieces, I couldn’t stop. After receiving many kind comments and positive feedback from customers, I decided to take it more seriously. I then developed my website and turned BrooklynThread into my full-time job. Most people around me have corporate jobs so I never thought I could make a living while living creatively.

is there a brooklyn thread piece you always wear?
There isn't one specific piece that I always wear, but I do always wear new BrooklynThread designs before adding them to the website. This gives me a chance to test out new designs, see how they hold up and get feedback. Lately I've been wearing a wrap bracelet/necklace that I designed in the Fall. The version that I wear is made of brass beads and olive green thread (inspired by the military trend). I love that it can be worn as either a necklace or a bracelet that wraps around the wrist 5 times. I plan to include it in this Spring's collection in a variety of color options.

bracelet she is currently wearing

For more inspiration, visit Lifestyle Bohemia.


The farmhouse sink.

I often dream of the day when I will be able to remodel a kitchen of my own. When that day comes, you should expect to see a farmhouse sink {or two}.

clockwise from top left
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

What do you want in your dream kitchen?

Happy Birthday, Jess!

One of my dearest friends is celebrating her birthday today. Jess & I met back in 2006 and she has been the such a wonderful, sweet & supportive friend.


Jess was the first person to board a plane to come visit me in Chicago {less than a month after I arrived}, and just two months after welcoming baby Jude. And yeah. She brought him along.

Jess, thank you for always being there for me -- no matter what. Thank you for being such a sweet friend.


question of the day // omg

dan vs. nate

who would you choose?

i had to leave chuck out.
because who wouldn't choose chuck bass?

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ps. A little life lesson. Do not go sledding in Lululemon pants. Wear something warm, or you'll end up with a fever the following day. Ugh.


Sledding with C.

Growing up in LA, I never had the opportunity to go sledding.
Unless you count sledding down a mini hill of fake snow at Knott's Berry Farm.
Yeah. I don't think that counts, either.

But now that I live in Chicago, it was time I made it happen.
Because in case you hadn't heard, we get a little snow here in Chicago.

Last week, my friend C shipped not one but three sleds to my apartment.
Thanks, C! You really are the best.

And very early on Sunday morning, I woke up to lots of snow.

So C came over & agreed to go sledding with me.
I told C that I wanted to go sledding every single day for the past week.
And I may have tweeted about it a dozen times, too.

So we went sledding.
I even got to throw myself off a sled to avoid hitting a tree. True story.

Which might explain why my entire head was covered in snow.

Am I the only one that had never been sledding?
It's so fun. Can't wait to do it again!

Project 365. Week 3.

1.23.11 | day 23 | camera: canon rebel
sledding with c

1.22.11 | day 22 | camera: iphone
drinks at public house

1.21.11 | day 21 | camera: canon rebel
baked brie

1.20.11 | day 20 | canon rebel
i won't sit down to read a novel but can spend hours pouring over these.

1.19.11 | day 19 | camera: canon rebel
package from christine. b was {obviously} very excited!
1.18.11 | day 18 | camera: iphone
words with friends on the elliptical

1.17.11 | day 17 | camera: canon rebel
glitter candle from paper source. because everything should sparkle.


End of the week eye candy.

I love those arms. Gorgeous.
You'd think I was talking about David Beckham.

What {thing} do you really love?

It's going to be a great {but cold} weekend!
Tonight - girls night with Jess & Alaina
Saturday - plans with Christine
Sunday - Bears game with friends

I love Chicago!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Dreaming of summer.

It is currently 12 degrees and feels like -4. Stupid wind chill. And no, that isn't a typo. We're talking single digits. Tonight's temp is supposed to go down to -4 & I've heard that it might feel like -20. A-w-e-s-o-m-e.

While warm weather may be months away, I am already dreaming of riding my non existent bike along the water. This bicycle may have to be mine. I can see it now. Dream sequence music is playing & I'm sipping a margarita. I know you can't bike around town with a margarita but it's my fantasy so just go with it. Thanks.

What are you dreaming of?

The Brooklyn Home Company.

Nate Berkus recently featured this beautiful Brooklyn home designed by Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol of The Brooklyn Home Company. I fell in love & just had to share this with you. Enjoy!

Giant farmhouse sink & open shelving? I'm in love.
And let's not overlook the pup on the kitchen counter. The perfect accessory.

The ladder {on the left} leads to a guest room.

The door on the left came from a barn. Gorgeous!

The sofa is made of two daybeds. They made it. And the coffee tables. 

If you could take one feature/item from this home
& place it in your own, what would you choose?

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Seeing stripes.

1. Yarn dyed organic napkins, West Elm - $16 {set of 4}
2. Stripe dreamy cotton pant, J. Crew - $45
3. Palm stripe bikini, J. Crew - $46
4. Slate seersucker fabric, Serena and Lily - $40 per yard
5. Steel Versa Rug - Madeline Weinrib
6. Tote, Dash and Albert - $60

These stripes make me think of summer.
Which makes me wish it would warm up outside. 

Are you ready for summer? I cannot wait!

Girls who inspire: Helena of A Diary of Lovely.

This week I am featuring Helena from A Diary of Lovely. I love this girl. She is super chic, so sweet, and uses one of my favorite words in the title of her blog. And did I mention that she lives in London? Yeah. London. When can I come visit???

name & age:
Helena, 28

Barcelona, Spain

current home:
London, UK

meaning behind my blog name:
aaah none really, I always say it half embarrassed, but it is just what it says really, a collection of everything that makes me happy, everything lovely and beautiful

current job:
I'm an account manager at an affiliate network, whaaat you say? I look after some retailers in a very specific part of their online marketing strategy (more or less)

dream job:
Be a mom. But I have always had this dream of having a little boutique where I would sell everything that I would like to buy, from candles, to pretty floaty dresses, from delicate necklaces to fancy rings. A bit of everything, with pretty interiors wher eone could feel at home, where ladies could try clothes as if they were at home (aka not in a tiny bad lighted box) and gentlemen can find the perfect gift. All that in my hometown, in Barcelona. And travel around the world to find these beauties, or around the internet world nowadays.

if i could travel anywhere...:
I would LOVE to go on road trip through California. And to Turkey, New York, Morroco, Venice! South Africa, Cuba, so many places really!

something unique about me:
ok, that's a tricky one... I'm a multilingual, I speak 5 languages, was born in Barcelona, grew up between Barcelona and Athens and now live in London.

i like to:
discover new blogs, it's such a rush when I find someone new that excites me so much to follow I had it with Danielle, (no ass kissing (oops!) here, just the truth), I love going to the cinema and reading a good book (while writing this I'm reading One Day which I have been recommending all over!), I would love to say I love going to the gym but hey no, not a sporty girl here, but need to get on track! Shopping, lately online shopping, tv, I'm a big tv fan oh yes! I like cooking but I lack the imagination to be innovative, that's my boyfriend's work :) Who wouldn't want to be a Nigella Lawson?

i watch:
too much tv, hahahaha!
TV: Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Two Men and a Half, Glee, The Mentalist... and film wise: I'm a twihard, but I love many other films like the Godfather, King Arthur, It's Complicated, Two for the Road, The Client...

listening to:
mmmm, not much, I love everything that everyone loves really.

crushing on:
Edward but at the moment I'm between Clive Owen and Johnny Depp

5 things that inspire me:
Blogs, TV, London (anywhere you go there is something that will make me go "That is"), Anthropologie (yes they know how to reach my senses! Below the green wall in the London store) and not a thing but a person, my Mom of course

what inspired you to start blogging?
As many, I was inspired by all the other fabulous bloggers. I also wanted a place to store all the lovely things out there. And it has been such a fantastic creative outlet.

what is your favorite thing about blogging?
Getting to virtually know some fabulous people really and a some in real life too. This one is obvious of course, and pretty much everyone feels that way. I have also feel inspired to be a better person, there is so much kindness and kindred spirits that one feels kind of ashamed if not hahaha, lame, maybe but truth.

do you have a favorite go-to outfit?
A couple, but I'm pretty boring to be honest, it's usually jeans, top, cardigan, boots or skirt, top, cardigan, boots, see a trend here??

Thank you so much Danielle, I'm dearly honored. xo

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{even more} golden globes

 Best & worst cleavage. I normally love the Zoe but this is not good.
What do you think of Hayden's dress? I love it!

Helena Bonham Carter always looks crazy but this takes crazy to a whole new level.
1 red shoe + 1 green shoe = ?

Annette Bening looks like she stuck her finger in an electric outlet.
Love her but the hair is awful.

Best neutrals. Natalie looks beautiful. Much better than her gown for the show.
And Leighton? Fabulous.

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The Golden Globes {red carpet}.

Let's start with Olivia Wilde & Anne Hathaway. As you may know I am all about the sparkle. Olivia's Marchesa gown was stunning {and my personal favorite}. And Anne looked stunning in Armani. As the Zoe would say. Per-fec-tion.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

It's all about the details.

Claire Danes looked lovely as always. {in Calvin Klein}

Eva Longoria & Lea Michele. Beautiful.

On to the bad. 

Maybe it's just me, but I wasn't loving Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress. At all.
January's Versace. I have no words.

I love Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams but these just weren't working for me.

And the boys men.
Aww. The Biebs wore patent leather platform tennis shoes.
And Zac Efron. He's pretty.

Who made your best {and worst} dressed list?

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