Halloween Week // Dress it up!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Linking up with AV from Long Distance Loving for Friday's Fancies. This week she asked us to share our dream costumes [dream = no budget] so you can imagine that this would be the perfect excuse to dress like one of my fashion icons. Last year I went as RZ. This year, I'd go as one of these lovelies.

I'll go as Serena for this Valentino bag and Rag & Bone skirt

Any excuse to buy this Vince sweater or a Chanel bag!

I have a crazy girl crush on Kelly Framel. She's kind of perfect.

And Blair. Love her.

Budget aside, who would you dress up as for Halloween?
Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend!

some good stuff:
My best friend is in Chicago!
Looking forward to a girls night with some of my favorite girls tonight!
Worked on a little something with Lara this week!
Photo shoot with Alaina last Sunday + another project with her this Sunday.


  1. cute ideas!! if we're going that route for costumes i'd want to dress up as zoe deschanel so i can get a cute retro dress + shoes! happy friday and have fun tonight!!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. I'd probably do something totally extreme like try to get my paws on a dress worn in a really famous movie or something like that! BUT if I could use this as an excuse to dress up as Leighton Meester and add to my wardrobe, then that sounds like a wonderful idea to me!

  3. Great ideas and very cute clothes! I would pick Serena from Gossip Girl I think! SO many options of how you could stle it up!

  4. You are always so creative...love your ideas! If I had to pick out of these ladies I'd totally be Rachel.

  5. Looove your picks for halloween "costumes"! Have a great weekend

  6. I love the idea of being Rachel Bilson! Have fun w/your best friend and all your amazing weekend plans!

  7. Love, love love Rachel Bilson's striped sweater - I pretty much always want whatever she's wearing!!

  8. I'd you get the Vince sweater and Chanel
    Bag, you will be the very stylish Danielle all year round! Have a lovely weekend dear!

  9. Enjoy your weekend. Have a Happy Halloween. Cool photos!

    Jeavon @ Interior Decors

  10. oh, yes --- any of these!! My friends keep trying to convince me to go as Rachel Bilson one year. (I just never have anywhere to go for Halloween!)

  11. I think you could TOTALLY rock any of these outfits, pretty lady! so so happy to have you linking up for Friday's Fancies :) hope you're having a great weekend with the BFF! xoxo {av}