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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am so excited to feature my friend Lesley of Six Twelve Place! I have loved having Lesley right upstairs [we live just one floor apart!] and look forward to having her so close by this winter when we are forced to hibernate. I have loved following her blog, but more than anything I've loved getting to know her. She is sweet, is a wonderful friend, has great taste and always posts something that makes me smile.

Lesley recently started this amazing series on her blog because she believes it is important to stay positive. Don't you just love that? So, here is a little bit about my friend Lesley.

name & age: Lesley, 30

hometown: Dallas, Texas

current home: Chicago, Illinois

meaning behind my blog name: 6/12 is my birthday and my blog is my place to share the things I love.

current job: My title is Educational Program Consultant- basically I travel throughout the Midwest helping schools find and implement programs that will meet their students' current instructional needs. I worked as a teacher before pursuing my masters degree in integrated marketing so this position allows me to utilize both of my degrees.

dream job: I'm always dreaming about what I want my career to be and jotting down business ideas. All of these businesses have a few things in common- I want to be my own boss, work with creative and inspiring people and I want my work to be centered around something I am passionate about. Recently, one of my best friends quit her long-time job at a Hedge Fund to start her own barre studio in London. She has been completely fearless and a huge inspiration to me to stop jotting down business ideas and to start pursuing them!

if i could travel anywhere...: ALL over Europe {I've never been!}, but Paris, London and the Greek Isles are definitely at the very top of my list.
something unique about me: I am a quarter Korean and I love this unique part of my heritage! My grandmother was a small but mighty Korean woman and I am thankful that I inherited some of her best qualities!

i like to: cook and play hostess, have wine nights with my girlfriends, indulge in life...especially when it comes to food and I love a good theme party!

i watch: Let's just say my DVR gets a lot of use... I watch way too many shows: Parenthood, Hart of Dixie, Shameless, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights {we just started from the very beginning!} and I am definitely not immune to reality TV...

listening to: My taste in music is so varied but currently the most played on my iTunes are Adele, James Morrison, Jack Johnson, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Michael Buble and Stoney LaRue

crushing on: Adam Levine {he can sing!} and Jimmy Fallon {this is random, I know, but I cannot resist a funny man}

5 things that inspire me:
1) People who live fearlessly and go after what they want in life
2) Entrepreneurs
3) Pinterest
4) My Friends
5) Strong, gracious women who balance careers, family, friends and faith

favorite nail polish: Usually Essie Ballet Slippers is my go to, but right now I am loving Essie's Carry On for fall

favorite perfume: Bvlgari Amethyst

biggest advantage to working from home: There are so many advantages to working from home. I love not having to commute daily and it is especially nice to be able to take care of things at home like laundry or prepping for dinner, while you are working.

what do you miss about texas? The people {!!}, the convenience of my gym back home and just knowing the city- I could tell you how to get anywhere, I knew what restaurants to go to and after years of trial and error I found the perfect nail salon, tailor, dry cleaner, hair dresser, etc... Now the search begins all over again!

who or what inspires your style? My style is inspired by looks that are classic, comfortable and girly but balanced with current trends. For example, I love a simple black sweater dress, but throwing a faux fur vest over it makes it so now; I can't resist a pair of preppy, girly flats with a contrasting, rougher snakeskin print; A polka dot blouse is both girly and trendy- add a tailored blazer and pile on the accessories and now it's even better!

favorite candy: It is tough for me to narrow down to one favorite candy because I am a sugar addict, but Twizzlers and Hot Tamales are definitely at the top of my favorites list.

what do you love about chicago? I LOVE Chicago- this city has so much to offer! I love the history and that all of the neighborhoods are so unique and different from one another. I love that on any given day, I can experience some of the best shopping in the country, eat at one of hundreds of amazing restaurants, have rooftop drinks with an incredible city view or just walk around and get lost exploring a new neighborhood {one of my very favorite things to do!} Plus, I know I am in for a difficult winter, but Chicago weather during the summer and early fall is absolute perfection.
what don't you love? State sales tax + high city sales tax, having to shop at several different grocery stores to get everything I need and my absolute least favorite thing is driving in the city!! The roads are terrible, traffic is awful, parking is the biggest pain and then add buses, cabs, pedestrians and bikers to the mix and it is enough to drive a girl to drink {but not while driving, of course!}

Thanks for having me Danielle, I'm honored to join so many other wonderful bloggers in your Girls Who Inspire series!

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  1. All I had to read what that she "works from home" and I died. How I want to do that. She is so sweet! I'm so jelly that you are neighbors :)

  2. I love seeing Lesley here, she is without a doubt a girl who inspires - I just adore her!

  3. So happy to learn more about Lesley! And yes, the sales tax, YUCK

  4. Loved learning more about lesley! I can sympathize with the sales tax -- no bueno.

  5. I heart Lesley's blog and loved learning more about her. This is a really great series!

  6. Thanks everyone and thanks for your sweet words, neighbor :) XO

  7. I love this series. I read every one from top to bottom! So happy to have you in Chicago my dear ! xo

  8. Lesley is a natural fit here! Love her blog and her energy. We have a lot in common too! Love hosting dinner parties...wish we were neighbors!!! xo

  9. Love this series, and Lesley of course. :)

  10. I'm relatively new to Lesley's blog and loved getting to know her better. Very envious of her work form home status. Also can't wait to read more from you Danielle as your newest follower! You both are ladies to inspire! xo

  11. aw it makes me happy to see another texas gal learning to settle into the midwest. i dont think i ever will settle in 100%...i def hate the cold weather the most!

  12. Brilliant on your blog name Lesley!! Hot tamales? wow! ;)

  13. Definitely a girl who inspires!! I love the list of the 5 things that inspire you!! Especially #5!

    Pursue those great ideas you have! ;)

  14. I just love this series! So nice to get to know bloggers more :)

  15. She is so great and I absolutely love her new positive series on her fab!! xo