Midwest ---> West Coast

Friday, September 30, 2011

Off to LA where it will be 75-79 and sunny. It feels strange packing sandals since I've been in fall mode. Not that I'm complaining. I suppose that I just want to enjoy the weather in Chicago before it's so cold that I can't feel my face.

Getting my nails done with my mom when I arrive in LA.  Too bad the nail I slammed in a door well over a month ago looks just awful. I am so going to lose this nail. At least that's the first thing everyone likes to tell me. I have lincoln park after dark on all of my other nails because it blends with the bruising. It's that bad.

Shared my guilty pleasures this week. That was fun.

My sparkly pancakes were featured on Refinery29 this week!
Tomorrow is the first day of OCTOBER. Where has this year gone? How is it almost winter again? It was just the beginning of summer!

Alaina posted this on her blog. I am obsessed + in awe. Wallpaper made entirely of...stickers. Amazing.

Image via Elle Decor      Wallpaper by Flat Vernacular

Liz posted these gloves on her blog. I love plaid. Why do they have to be so expensive?

Sarah & a few other friends are taking turns watching the pup while I'm away. Thanks, S! You are the best!

Skinny cinnamon dolce lattes have saved me this week.

Video chatted with Rosie and my sis this week. The poor pup was whining throughout most of the chat and had to sit on my lap afterward. Such a sensitive little guy. Side note: I'm in workout clothes and am not wearing makeup. Don't judge.

Great Aunt Rose quote of the week {shared by my sis}:
"Ooh that's sexy. Jessica, you're sexy. It's a sexy night." ~ my 93 year old great aunt
{I know great aunt Rose, and she was trying to be funny. The lady loves to make herself laugh}

I want to thank Sarah, Jess + Lesley for the lovely birthday gifts!! It means so much that these girls thought of me. They did not have to do anything but they did. My friend Melissa also gave me a candle that I LOVE. Thanks girls! xo

Jess has been such a GOOD friend. Can't imagine anyone doing a better job at being a good friend in another city. I suppose that's how one gains "best friend" status. Right? Easy friendship. We never have to try. She is one of the few people I can safely say will be in my life forever. 

And a little TV recap.
Gossip Girl premiered on Monday. I need that prince to go away.
Loving New Girl. Zooey Deschanel is so adorable. "It's Jess!"
Weeds. Was that a season or series finale? That show isn't what it used to be. Over it.
The Big C finale was so, so sad. Laura Linney should have won that Emmy.That show is beautiful.
DEXTER premieres on SUNDAY! Can. Not. Wait. Any other Dexter fans out there?

What's going on in your world? Anything exciting?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Those gloves are so cute!! And those pancakes were awesome.

  2. I love this little round up! Have a great weekend at home!!

  3. 1. The wallpaper on Alaina's blog is nuts 2. Need those gloves, must stop buying Starbucks 3. Jess is the best! And such lovely gifts! 4. Dexter viewing party!! :) Have fun in LA!

  4. Have a great weekend in L.A. And those are stickers? That is insane!

  5. Enjoy your weekend away. And yes, I love Dexter!

  6. Enjoy LA!!! Also, big Dexter fan here. Can't wait to see where they take him this season. That show never ceases to surprise me!

  7. that wallpaper is ridiculous!! love it. Enjoy your time with Mama! xo

  8. I bawled at the end of The Big C. Seriously,real tears happened. I can't wait for next season. And I was SO annoyed by the series finale of Weeds. What a waste.

  9. Safe travels, D. And let's hope you won't lose that nail... :(


  10. Congrats!

    And will I be in your life forever?

  11. Congrats on the Refinery feature. Your Grandma is so cute and sounds awesome. Have a great weekend in lala land

  12. Those gloves are pretty cool!

    That's awesome that your delicious sparkly pancakes made it on the site.