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Monday, September 26, 2011

First vmac + cheese did it. Then things that sparkle. Now it's my turn. Ladies and ladies {let's keep it real -- there aren't any men reading this}, I give guilty pleasures.

1. Social media. The blog {obviously}, facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. Have I forgotten anything? 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

 2. Apple products. iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad + iPhone. They feed my addiction to #1.

via apple

3.  Shopping. Did some of this with Lara yesterday. Picked up two sweaters. The striped sweater is SO cute on. Absolutely love it.

4. Being lazy. I work late pretty often {and some weekends, too} so I there are mornings when I will let myself lay in bed {which usually involves #s 1 + 2} for a little while. Like yesterday. Woke up at 10 and stayed in bed on the iPad and laptop until 11:30. I also love lazy days where I stay in sweats all day and do absolutely nothing. They are rare and wonderful.

5. French fries. The boyfriend will order them every so often & I'll steal a few.

6. Dreaming of remodeling a kitchen, wallpapering something and moving to NYC. I realize a move to NYC would likely kill any chance of owning/remodeling a home in the future unless someone wants to let me borrow a couple million $$. Yeah. Didn't think so.

 images via my pinterest

7. Cleaning/organizing/styling my apartment. I actually enjoy organizing.

8. Jayson Home & Garden. The most beautiful store in Chicago. Add this to your list of things to do and see when visiting this city. I went to the fall flea market with Alaina last weekend and bought the most beautiful poodle plant! Makes me think of Jack & Karen.

Karen: Hey Poodle.
Jack: Who's your daddy?
Karen: You are. 

Any Will & Grace fans out there?

9. Gummies. I usually avoid any + all sweets {especially when high fructose corn syrup is involved} but love gummies and will splurge every few months. Favorites include:
1 2 3

10. Christmas cheer. I play Christmas music and watch Love Actually, Elf, Home Alone and even the occasional fox family 25 days of Christmas movie {don't judge!} the entire month of December. And hello! My dog's name is Buddy. Like the elf. Coincidence? I don't think so.

11. Award shows. The red carpet & the acceptance speeches. I love them.

images via pinterest

12. French toast. I splurged a few months ago and had the best french toast ever at the Original Pancake House in Chicago. Uh. Mazing.

13. My Canon 7D + 35mm. Photography is a ridiculously expensive hobby. As you may know, it's more than a hobby for me. But I do love it.

14. Movies. Favorites include anything by Nancy Meyers or Woody Allen, any and all Christmas movies, The Single Man, The Royal Tenenbaums, While You Were Sleeping, Pulp Fiction and As Good As It Gets. I really love Jack Nicholson.

15. Making fancy ice pops with my zoku duo + new obsession...making sparkly pancakes with my ebelskiver. Posting my first ebelskiver experience tomorrow!

16. My pup + dreaming of a rescue bulldog friend for Buddy me. Don't they look cute together? Ok. My dog would look cute next to anything. Handsome little nugget, isn't he?
  frenchie photo via Buddy's board on Pinterest

And remember, when you rescue one dog you save TWO. The one you rescue and the one that the rescue organization is able to take in.

17. Reading Suri's Burn Book. I can't help myself.

18. Staying up late to watch TV, blog or pin things on pinterest.

19. Pretzel bread. Hannah's Bretzel makes this sandwich on pretzel bread. Haven't been since the week I moved to Chicago {14 months ago!}. Must go soon. So. Good.

20. Television. I love good {dexter, shameless, modern family} and bad {millionaire matchmaker, desperate housewives} television. Don't get me started on friends reruns. And in case you forgot, guess what returns tonight?! Having some of my favorite girls over for a little GG viewing party.
 image via

Writing down all of my favorites in one place has made me want them all. If only I could eat a sandwich on pretzel bread with a side of fries while making pancakes and ice pops in my newly remodeled kitchen in my wallpapered NYC apartment decorated with furniture from Jayson Home and Garden with buddy and his frenchie sister at my feet. At Christmas time. Am I asking for too much?

What are your top 3 guilty pleasures?


  1. haha this is awesome! 1) using apple slices as an excuse to eat a lot of peanut butter. 2) i love christmas everything too! 3) just dance for wii.

    marissa @ the boot

  2. LOVE that you did one of these posts. They are so much fun!!

  3. Always love your blog. I've never been to Hannah's for the pretzel sandwich and based on your picture I need to!

    1) shopping online too much
    2) reading my celebrity gossip in US Weekly
    3) eating too much junkfood

  4. So happy you did this! I loved it on vmac and TSS. So much fun! Sad I'm missing tonight!

  5. love this post! made me smile :)

  6. Fun post! I'm also guilty of tuning in to the 25 Days of Christmas... not ashamed, though! I need to get to JH&G soon. I haven't been there yet! Excited for GG tonight :)

  7. I love this series and am planning on writing my own this Friday :)
    Also, I must say we share a few guilty pleasures (social media, pretzel bread (love!), television, and a few others...

  8. LOVE IT! And we share several of the same guilty pleasures. Suri's Burn Book is a new guilty pleasure for sure!!

  9. Loving these GP posts! Adore all of yours...except the cleaning:) I share so many of them...adore JH&G, shopping, gummies, social media, TV (bad and goo,) Christmas...I could go on an on...great post!

  10. we share similar guilty pleasures...4, 7, 9,'s the small things!

  11. Love all these guilty pleasures. I might have to create one of my own because its too much fun thinking of all of my own. I agree on the french fries, the lazy days, and the gummies (dylans candy bar kills me)

  12. love this! we have many of the same guilty pleasures! love that striped sweater btw.

  13. I love guilty pleasures!
    1) Garrett's popcorn Chicago mix while watching
    2) Any marathon Bravo TV decides to suck me into while
    3) Reading blogs on my iPad

    Well, actually I don't think 1 & 3 mix. Can't have cheese fingers near my iPad :)

  14. oooh i LOVE this post! some of mine are definately yours... like my canon [though im upgrading to a 5D soon] and apple products and bravo tv shows! i love them all!!

  15. Love it! I just had Hannah's a couple of weeks ago for the first time in a long time and forgot how much I love it. Suri's Burn Book is hilarious. I will have to check this site more often. Happy Monday!

  16. I love Will & Grace! I watch reruns all of the time. So funny!

  17. 1. random TV shows - jersey shore, teen mom, DISNEY CHANNEL hahaha :)

    2. bellinis

    3. getting massages; i have major back knots and i can't live without massages!

    i love your blog!! my BF is actually starting up an online business and i think when the time comes i will contact you re: logo designs, etc. <3

  18. Ohh I love this, and I too have so many similar guilty pleasures. Hello GG return!! French fries, yet it would be my hubs ordering them and me eating ALL of them and organizing. oh gosh. but just about all of them. Think i might have to strike up the courage and do a similar post. :)

  19. yours were great so excited for GG tonight! Mine would be, dreaming of amazing things to do to my apartment..and wardrobe and bad tv...well its not bad to me hah!
    xo emily

  20. 1)Dr. Pepper, I keep trying to give up soda and Dr. Pepper just lures me back in.
    2)Flash sale sites, they always have such great deals on things I'd never buy for myself at full price.
    3)Pumpkin Cheesecake, it is delectable.

  21. These posts are a ton of fun! :) Love your list.

  22. I can't wait for GG tonight!!!

  23. my top 3 are:
    1. my addiction to blogs/blogging
    2. lazy days
    3. buying clothes for molly

  24. What a fun post!! I LOVE Dexter!!!

  25. This is awesome! I am too an Apple product addict and and J.Crew fanatic!

  26. amen on suri's burn book. hysterical. double amen on rescues! i am dying for a rescue frenchie, but really, the beau and i just want a second rescue of any kind. our rescue boy is the best!!

  27. I don't know if it's the Chicago connection or what, but our list of guilty pleasures is verrry similar :)

  28. Such a fun post! I'm pretty much waiting at my door for my new MacBook Pro...I'm right there with you on the Apple bandwagon ;) I could point out all the other things we both love too--but just suffice it to say, there are quite a few! Hope you had a great Monday! xoxo {av}

  29. I LOVE Jayson Home & Garden! AND Hannah's Bretzel! AND Modern Family + Dexter, social media, lazy days, french bulldogs (the one you posted looks just like Canuba, my "niece" haha). Such a fun post! And you only eat gummies once every few months? And french toast? Man, I'm feeling really guilty...

  30. Gah! I don't even know where to begin. Your list is killer. And I'm now dreaming of that first J.Crew sweater. help.

    Guilty pleasures for me include:

    1. Felicity--all seasons. I've worn out an entire set of dvds. Confession.
    2. James Perse--any and all James Perse. I'm a freaking addict and can barely house all of it anymore. The cat snagged a tiny hole in my comforter the other day and I almost started bawling. Hot mess. Coincidentally--Current/Elliott is a close second.
    3. Mexican food and Don Julio Margaritas. Do they have rehab for people like me?

    ps-at Christmas I lose all sense of adulthood and play those rudolph, frosty, jack frost kids shows every day for at least a month...sometimes into january. shhhhhh don't tell!


  31. Oh wow, so many guilty pleasures to choose from! LOVE Lazy days! AND Of course I'm a Will & Grace fan... Even though we all know it should be called Jack and Karen... or my personal favorite, Just Jack!

  32. Just found your blog and love it! You named so many of my guilt pleasures--Any desserts, shopping and apple products are definitely in my top few.

  33. love that sweater!! great picks. im really into anything metallic right now

  34. love this post!! so fun!
    waiting for gossip girl to come on!!

  35. Oh mercy, that sandwich looks DIVINE!!!
    I slept the other morning until 10:30!!
    Do you have a new roommate or just a temporary visitor? :)

  36. I watch the exact same movies over and over every Christmas! Buddy is hilarious. "Santa! Oh my god! Santa's coming! I know him! I know him! haha. loving your blog

  37. These are awesome ~ but I was especially excited to read your New York daydreaming guilty pleasure. I always wanted to move there but never had the guts (or money). Thanks for inspiring me to do my own guilty pleasures post! Here is the link:

    Thanks again!

  38. This is a great post. I love how you presented it.

    My guilty pleasures:
    1) Suri's Burn Book
    2) Shortbread cookes
    3) Ross Matthews (he's hilarious on Chelsea Lately)