The Top 10

Friday, August 26, 2011

10. Jessica Durrant is the fabulous artist who designed the girl in my banner + she has some gorgeous new prints available! Jessica is offering 20% off for my readers! Just enter breakfastattoast at checkout!

9. Nicole of Frankie Hearts Fashion sent my favorite votives off of my birthday wish list as a thank you for making the blog/logo design process so enjoyable. Such a sweet and thoughtful surprise! The following day the ebelskiver arrived from Williams Sonoma. Also from Nicole. Thank you, Nicole! Please fly to Chi for a visit. I'll make pancakes!

8. Guess what is finally on its way? I've been waiting a month for this. It definitely makes the list.

7. Girls night with Shari last weekend. Peanut butter Pinkberry {in the cute little mini size}. Walked around Chi, made dinner and redesigned her blog. We made these delicious grilled polenta cakes. Very light, healthy + low in calories.

6. J. Crew with Alaina, Sarah, Lesley, Shari, Liz, Alex + Audrey on Tuesday night. So. Much. Fun. I snapped these pics very quickly. Was too focused on the clothes. But -- the girls still look so pretty and chic! Such a great group of girls!

I am carrying my envirosax bag. Carry it with me wherever I go. + my hair is a mess. 
Taken with Alaina's iPhone

5. Air and Water Show last weekend followed by lunch at Tavern on Rush.

4. Giving away a pair of earrings on the blog. I purchased the little tray at Anthro last weekend. Oh. and this is that sneak peek of my apartment that a few people asked for.

3. Designed a logo + new site for Katie Parrish Photography. Love how it turned out. Definitely my favorite design project this week.
2. I have been working a lot. So glad I have this perfect little roommate to keep me company. Is it just me or is he not the most handsome little pup you've ever seen? And he's the sweetest dog in the world.

1. Looking forward to the weekend. Shopping, lunch + more shopping on Saturday. Going to spend time with Lesley, Sarah + Shari. Picking up some finishing touches for the apartment and hope for a little down time, too.

What's at the top of your list right now?


  1. The new blog designs look fabulous! And I love Jessica's artwork. I'm trying to figure out the perfect place for it before I order something, but I'm definitely planning on placing an order. :)

  2. Everything in this post is awesome! So cool you all went to J.Crew and I love the pics of the air and water show! Hope your weekend is amazing!

  3. Thanks for all the shoutouts! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! :)

  4. Loved your week in review! Need to order some prints stat. Love the photos from J.Crew, lets do that again soon!

  5. you take the best pics. love those shots of everyone at jcrew!