New to Restoration Hardware

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Came across Restoration Hardware's fall 2011 collection while searching for office inspiration for Lesley + living room inspiration for my friend Jess. Lesley recently moved in to my building and Jess is about to move into a new home. Loving some of this new collection and wanted to share it with you.

Industrial stools. I have 2 vintage stools from Brimfield. Love this look.

Tufted bed and bench with nail head. Beautiful.

More tufting.

A little too much tufting, but I appreciate the effort.

Beautiful lighting!

Tres chic!

Those shelves!

Those arms.

Love the two tables on the left.

Spending the day shopping with some of my favorite girls. Have a great weekend! 


  1. OMG - came across this on their site yesterday and I am in love. That bedroom is absolutely stunning - rustic and romantic all at once, perfection!! Great post :)


  2. such a great feel of everything!
    xo emily

  3. I adore Restoration Hardware. We visit their store after church most Sundays -- I love just being amongst all of its loveliness.

  4. I love their new collection, too. Just gorgeous. My brother works for them, and I am looking forward to taking advantage of his employee discount soon!

  5. Love RH! Such a great store. Hope you had fun (how can you not) shopping with your girlfriends!

  6. oh ma gah. i just saw this post and i have no words. no. words.

  7. I LOVE tufting! Want a tufted headboard so badly.

  8. I just got their massive catalog in the mail! SWOON! I absolutely love this place!!!