this + that. & the zoku winner.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I would like to thank the wonderful people at Williams-Sonoma for giving away a Zoku Duo on my blog! I am so excited for the winner + hope that those of you who did not win do not wait over a year to purchase the Zoku like I did. I am having so much fun with mine and cannot recommend it enough.

A big congrats to the winner + a thank you to everyone who entered!

And now, for a little bit of this + that.

You may or may not have noticed, but this blog designer finally got a fancy new look! I wanted something to celebrate my 1 year in Chicago + felt that it was time I treated myself to some pretty extras. I am not set on this color scheme so don't be surprised if you come back to find a new one very soon. I especially love the buttons under "blog series" and "I love" up top. What do you think?

I finally caved and purchased the Wisteria wall clock {20% off} that I have been pining over for forever + a new mirror from Ballard {10% off + free shipping}. I had ordered another mirror but it was really heavy + I was afraid it would fall and crush my dresser. I will see these items in the middle and end of August.

I am having a pillow made {for my bed} with one of my favorite fabrics by Kelly Wearstler. Much to my own surprise, I did not go with the imperial trellis. The fabric should bring a much needed pop of color to my bedroom. My place is really coming along + should be done within a month.

Hanging a perfect grid of 6 frames on a wall is MUCH more difficult than one would anticipate. Fortunately, I was hanging these frames with a friend.

Made coconut ice pops last night + the recipe was an epic fail. One should probably add sugar to coconut milk and coconut shavings.

I actually enjoyed Weeds on Monday.

I have a great giveaway for the home coming very very soon. It's a good one.

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  1. Love your new design! I think I'm going to buy the Zoku, such a great purchase it would if I can find the room in my freezer. Excited to see what the giveaway is going to be!

  2. As I told you last night, i'm LOVING the new design. Sad, I didn't win..but I may have to purchase one of these soon. Then we can bang out multiple pops at once. :)

  3. Adore the new blog design! And congrats on your new purchases. How not satisfying is a back order though?

  4. Love the way the blog looks and those buttons on the series and love pages are too cute. Really I just love all of your work. Im constantly tempted to order one of your premade's, I think it crosses my mind daily. That probably means I should just do it already. P.S the clock and mirror are too good, of course they would be on backorder. Hate when that happens.

  5. Hanging a perfect grid is SO hard. Who knew?? Thank God for awesome neighbors and going from 9 frames to 6 :)

    PS- love your new look!

  6. Love the new blog look! Need to purchase the Zoku stat!

  7. New design looks so fresh and clean. Love it - very you!

  8. I like your new blog design! I need to update mine as well...That sun burst mirror is on my wish list too. I saw a tutorial online that shows you how you can make one...but I'm probably too lazy for that. Congratulations on the great buys!

  9. Yum! Coconut popsicles sound delicious! I am jealous of the winner!

  10. Can't wait to see how your new pieces look when they FINALLY arrive. I hate backordered stuff! Instant gratification is way more fun!

  11. The new look is great!! Kelly Wearstler fabric pillow?! Sounds fancy, fancy!! Must see when it's done! and coconut ice pops sound amaaazing!! I MUST get that little contraption!!