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Monday, June 13, 2011

They may not have given me a job offer but Bob + Cortney Novogratz did link to this post on twitter along with their daughter Tallulah. I'll take it.

Today is my friend Melissa's birthday. We celebrated with brunch this morning. I gave her my favorite summer scent, too.

Meeting C for dinner. Haven't seen her in a month.

My sis is coming to Chicago on Wednesday! In case you're really bad a math, that's only 2 days away.

My take care of your skin post is officially the most read post on my blog. Spread the word, people.

I am having the mole {or what's left of it} removed tomorrow. Think good thoughts for me. I know it isn't a big deal but the idea of someone cutting + stitching my skin does make me a little nervous. Will update on twitter.

Two weeks from today. Weeds + The Big C are back.


  1. My dad died of Malignant Melanoma, and my sister was diagnosed with early stage Melanoma several years ago. THANKS for spreading the word about skin protection!!!

  2. Reminds me! Must buy spf 70 sunscreen!

  3. For serious, i bought sun screen yesterday at the grocery store.

    That is one ah-mazing celeb shout out!

  4. Such a great reminder and so important. And very cool that the Novogratz linked to your post !!


  5. I LOVE The Big C!!! I have laughed out loud and cried in the same episode before: pure greatness.

  6. have a wonderful time with your sister :)

  7. thinking of you today! let me know how it goes!