Taking care of my skin.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost one week ago, I wrote a post on taking care of your skin.  My mole {which was on the middle of my back} was not cancerous but could have eventually become cancerous. You just never know. But as of today the mole is gone and I this is all behind me. I will now go in every 6 months for a body exam to make sure everything is ok. As of now, there isn't even a mole we are keeping an eye out for. Awesome! I went in for a spot on my forehead {which was nothing!} and the mole on my back that I did not know even existed had to be cut out. So if you have not had your skin checked in the last year, please make an appointment!

I wanted to share my experience with you because as an overly neurotic person who absolutely hates needles, cutting + pain. I felt that sharing how great the experience was might make it easier for anyone else who may have to have a mole removed.

I saw Dr. Alam at Northwestern. When I arrived, I was very nervous and even took an anti anxiety pill that I had gotten for this appointment. I was afraid it would be painful + that just knowing my skin was being cut would be too much for me. I am happy to say that this was not the case. Dr Alam and his staff were so wonderful. One of the doctors stood right next to me and asked me questions about my job, LA vs. Chicago, etc. during the procedure. I did not feel any pain at all. I felt one tiny pinch for a second. That was it. I never could have imagined feeling absolutely no pain but that was how it went down. I couldn't be happier.

It has been about 3 hours and I definitely feel like my back is a little tender but I wouldn't even rate this as being painful. I did take a vicodin 2 hours ago just to ensure I wouldn't feel anything. I think it's working :)

So don't let fear stop you. And if you are afraid of a grim diagnosis that is more reason to go. When caught early, cancerous moles can be removed. If you do need one removed it really isn't a big deal at all. Take it from the girl who asks for a butterfly needle when having her blood drawn. I went it by myself and did just fine. Even filled my antibiotic prescription afterward and picked up some post procedure/sis is coming to Chicago hydrangeas + tulips at Whole Foods.

The follow up is pretty simple. Stitches will be removed in 3 weeks. I cannot get them wet and cannot work out. I have to keep a bandage over the stitches and keep it hydrated with vaseline. I am so happy that this is behind me. I am healthy, was able to share my story + inspire others to see their doctors and know that I will be better about putting sun screen on every day from now on. It was a wonderful wake up call.

Neutrogena lotion + spray // Bobbi Brown {moisturizer with SPF 25}

When was the last time you saw your dermatologist? 
Has my experience inspired you in any way?
 Please share your stories + favorite products. I would love to hear them!

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word. Let's stay safe this summer!


  1. Great to hear everything turned out ok! :) On another note, did you change your banner AGAIN?? :) It looks lovely doll! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. So happy that mole is gone! Thank you for raising awareness in your blog about how important skin care is.

  3. I haven't...mostly because I'm not prone to moles and have been out of the sun for nearly two years. Eesh I'm pale! I love Korres products...they're AMAZING!

  4. I posted my skincare faves right here:

    SLATHER IT ON YA'LL!!! xoxo shel

  5. SO GLAD ALL IS WELL!!!! I am checking my insurance tomorrow to see if he is on the plan. I went last year because I have a couple that aren't round and are discolored. The ancient lady I saw and her Sally Rafael glasses had me writing down the sizes for her...needless to say she didn't seem to be all there! I want to go to make sure the CA girl is all good!

    Love ya!

  6. That sunscreen is good stuff! I neverrr leave my house without sunscreen on my face... I don't want to look back in 20 years and wished I had of taken better care of my skin...