happy SUMMER.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today is the first official day of summer and I have already managed to scratch a few things off my summer bucket list. My friend Jill posted her list last week + inspired me to make a list of my own. Hopefully we can scratch something off the list together. It is my FIRST summer in Chicago and I could not be more excited!!! I have already had breakfast, brunch, lunch + dinner outside. Awesome.

Tonight, I will have another dinner outside with my BFF, C. Can't wait!

Clockwise from top left // green city market, margaritas at big star, navy pier,  maxi dress + sandals, fireworks at trump and the architectural tour.

Fireworks at Navy Pier
Take the architectural tour
Visit Navy Pier {haven't been during summer}
Rent bikes
Take a water taxi 
Walk home with an ice pop in hand
Pilates at the park
Have a BBQ!
Margaritas on a patio
Find a side or bistro table for the balcony
Movies in the park
Outdoor concert
Randolph street market
Farmer's market
Visit Buckingham fountain
Street festival

And most important - Avoid getting a sunburn!
Wearing sunscreen every time I go outside!

And PS. I have switched sunscreens. Kind of strange that I didn't think of using a natural sunscreen earlier. I have been using Alba Botanica shaving cream for the past year and love it so I bought this {and the lip balm with SPF 25, too.} I will post more on sunscreen and sun safety soon. If you have not read this post please take a moment to read about the wake up call that forever changed how I take care of my skin.

What are you looking forward to this summer? What is at the top of your list?



  1. I SO need/want to come visit you sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Oh you have a fabulous list- for me, I'm most looking forward to the same thing I do every year...cottage!!

  3. I love this idea and that sunblock! It's what I wear! I got a bit red on Saturday, traipsing through Brooklyn because I didn't know we'd be doing that. Lesson learned, always have sunscreen!

  4. Love the photos! I haven't been to Chicago in years and I miss it.

  5. So funny because I thought summer started last month! Thanks for reminding me it was today :) Love the idea of pilates at the park! I want to come ;)

  6. Great Summer Bucket list!! I would LOVE to do Pilates in the Park!!

  7. Have a fantastic summer 2011 in Chicago girl! I need to try that lip balm...mine is almost finished. :(

  8. Sounds like your summer to-do list is off to a great start! Having visitors helps with getting out and doing the fun stuff. I hadn't thought of watching the fireworks from Trump (I'm assuming from the outdoor patio at Terrace?). I might have to do that one Wednesday night!

  9. i love the photos and i want to do everything on your to-do list!

    speaking on sun safety, i'm so mad at myself for letting myself get sun-burned yesterday. so today i'm covering up, and stocking up on sunscreen!

  10. Yayy sweet summertime is here!

  11. YAH! love this list.. we need to schedule another blogger thang soon. water taxi to chinatown? movie in the park? or the randolph street market?! emailing you now! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  12. I couldn't agree with Jillian more. Can't wait. :)

  13. I love your list, I want to join in! Summer is all ready slipping by to fast..no!!!!

  14. great list!! so happy summer is finally here : )

    xx Katie
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  15. What a great summer list! I'm definitely gonna have to try the natural sunscreen...my skin is sensitive so this might be the perfect one for me! xo