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a week of summer // beauty

Monday, May 30, 2011

Here is the list that will have you looking & smelling your best all summer long!

1. Bobbi Brown Beach, Saks - $55  2. Body perfection gel, Perfekt Beauty - $48  
3. Jergens Natural Glow Express  4. Essie Turquoise & Caicos  5. Essie Mango Bango 
6. Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, Seophora - $38   7. Perfekt Beauty skin perfection gel, Sephora - $57.50  8. Nars bronzer, Sephora - $33  9. Bobbi Brown SPF 25 moisturizer, Sephora - $88 10. Viktor & Rolph Flowerbomb roll on, Sephora - $25

I have been using Bobbi Brown's moisturizer for years. It is cruelty free, has SPF 25 & is very hydrating! Beach & flowerbomb are my summer scents and I am really loving coral & turquoise nail polish right now.

2011 summer collection. Brazilliant!

I have MJ rain. Wish it was still available. Love it.

MJ Daisy. Another lovely summer scent.

I have been a fan of Bobbi Brown for years! Love her entire line.

makeup by the late Kevyn Aucoin

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What are your summer beauty must haves?
What is your favorite summer nail polish?

If you have posted your favorite beauty products please link up below!
See you tomorrow for a SURPRISE summer post! 

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  1. i LOVE your picks! (we both had mj daisy, too!) and i think i just died a little over those new essie colors! absolutely shore and too too hot, come to mama!
    xoxo marissa

  2. So many fabulous pics- I love Flowerbomb too and that Essie orangy/pink is so pretty. And of course, I always like me some glow...the see through white needs a break over summer:)

  3. I am going to get a pedicure on Friday and if the salon has Essie polish, I am going to get Braziliant for sure!

  4. oooooh super love all your pics and I really love all those nailpolish colors, they are so bright and happy

  5. Right now I'm actually wearing braziliant on my fingers and too too hot on my toes :) I usually don't change up my routine too much for summer because my look in winter is pretty minimalist as well.

  6. Great list! Love Jergens stuff! And currently my nails are bright lime-y green and my fingers are a pink-purple sparkle explosion haha

  7. Hmm so you love this self tanner?? I need a good one ASAP

  8. I've never tried any of these scents. Good to know! I just love this post because it screams Summer~!

  9. How fun! BB Beach is just fabulous!

  10. Oh my gosh, you have the key to my heart. These are all my favorite products, especially Bobbi Brown and NARS. Great picks!

  11. Oh, how I miss the style and makeup of the Kevyn Aucoin. Loved your last pick.

  12. LOVE these picks!!!! Ahhh, summer beauty, I want to be sunkissed and smelling good;) ha.

  13. Ah, summer...yay, you're finally here!!

    Excellent picks - those Essie colors feel so tropical and I'm curious about the Bobbi Brown Beach scent, I'll bet it smells amaaazing!

  14. I love your picks and agress about MJ Daisy. Love that summer scent. New follower from alamode

  15. I love Nars Bronzer and Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks!!!

    I will be using Laura Mercier's Illuminating tinted moisturizer in bare or natural for all my summer brides!

    For myself, I love the yellow nail color trend-Chanel's Mimosa is so pretty

  16. Great picks, and I love summer scents. Have been wanting to get a new one, and thanks to this post I will go out right about now and look for a new one! :)