summer scrapbook

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have a {digital} scrapbook line. Have I mentioned that?
New kit released on Friday & I love it. Thought I'd share it with you.

Here are some lovely layouts made by my creative team.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love the coral and turquoise colors especially!

  2. I have always loved scrapbooking the traditional way so this looks just up my alley!

  3. that is seriously the best idea ever! traditional scrapbooking is so expensive, this is perfect. i'll tell all my friends that love scrapbooking about it :)

  4. so *totally* buying this when I get home from my travels and have time to redecorate my blog! but, by then of course, summer may be over! haaa! I'm still buying it. it's way to cute.