mad about missoni

Thursday, May 26, 2011

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1. Coverup - $650
2. Hugo beach towel - $205
3. Bikini - $395
5. Lancilloto throw - $505

Liuwa rug - $3825 

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 Oh, who am I kidding? This is for us.

Bugaboo Missoni coming July 2011!
Would it be weird to buy the one on the right & store it until I'm a mom?
Maybe I'll find one on Ebay. It will be vintage by the time I'm ready for it!

Are you mad about Missoni?

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  1. That rug is amazing. I'd love to have it! I love this collection!!!

  2. Missoni is not really my style but I LOVE that stroller!

  3. I absolutely love the first three pieces

  4. have you seen the missoni bike?! its pretty amazing. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. I'm excited for the Missoni/Target collaboration this year. I'm sure the clothes will be thin and crappy, but the home line will probably have some great pillows and plates!

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  6. Ugh, your tugging at my heart strings with all this Missoni. I heart big time!