Can I borrow $10 million?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some mid week thoughts...

I want to thank my friend Shelli letting me feature her this morning! Can't wait for our chat tomorrow!

I redesigned my blog banner. Since I cannot commit to anything for too long you should prepare yourself for some color changes in the coming weeks/months.

My issues with color may explain why apartment looks something like this.

 Old photo. Frames have been filled & I added a floor lamp.

Speaking of my apartment, I ordered 2 new throw pillows from a great little etsy shop & quite a few art prints, too. I am looking forward to making a few changes although I have no idea how long they will last. I need to finally find some end tables for my bedroom & would love to find a different fabric for my headboard.

Or in a perfect world, a new headboard. Hey. A girl can dream.
To quote one of my faves...I'm in love I'm in love & I don't care who knows it!
~ Buddy the Elf

Earlier today, my friend/neighbor Becky went in to my apt and got on my desktop for me. We signed on to iChat & I was able to access my desktop from my laptop here in LA. I placed a bunch of files I needed on my desktop & she emailed them to me. I was even able to drag one file in to PS to delete a few layers. Amazing!

I loved the Glee finale. Glee + NYC + Wicked + Kurt's Eloise reference = brilliant.

And now all I can think about is running & singing in Central Park with balloons. Too bad I cannot sing & would look like a psycho. Otherwise, I'd be all over it.

Finally bit the bullet & purchased a Clarisonic Mia {in blue}. I am liking it so far.

I extended my LA trip through Memorial Day. It was supposed to rain in Chicago so I figured I would just stay in sunny LA a little longer. And now that I booked a new flight it looks like sun & temps in the 70s in Chi this weekend. Perfect. 

The other day I mentioned wanting to see fireworks this weekend. I was reminded that it was not the 4th of July. But...I was talking to C who let me know that fireworks begin in Chicago this weekend. Of course they do. I love Chicago. And for anyone wondering, I do not feel that way about LA. At. All.

Oh. And about that 10 mil.

If one of my very friendly readers would kindly loan me $10 million, I could have this. The views in downtown Chicago are to die for. And you can bet that I wouldn't mind seeing them through 20' windows. Oh, the things I'd do with this space...

Of course I'd consider settling on something a little smaller. 


  1. oh my gosh there was an eloise reference?! my favorite book ever!
    i love your new header - i too am bad at color choice and my apartment is also a million shades of neutral! ha!

  2. Yes! Kurt said that he felt like Eloise! My fave book, too! Bought a copy at the Plaza in NYC just so I could say I got a copy there. Sad, but true. I love Eloise.

  3. Holy lord that apartment is unbelievable!! Also, loved Glee, love love loved it.

  4. That apartment is insane!! I'll take 10 mill too:) and yes, gleek here:)

  5. I never got in to Glee, but the Eloise reference has me reconsidering. I LOVED Eloise as a kid... my mom even took my sister and me to tea at the Plaza one time so we could pretend we were her :)

    Also, I saw in a different post this is your first summer in Chi. Get ready for fun! Summer is the reason so many of us deal with cold, crappy weather for the rest of the year. It's so fun in the summer!

  6. Hey! Love that header too, and of course I didn't mind the other one! I wish I had your talent in graphic design :)
    xoxo Lauren

  7. That apartment is amazing! And yeah, it's probably better you're in sunny LA right now. The weather is beyond horrible.

  8. That apartment is amazing! I still have to watch the glee finale and of course this week's gossip girl. Oh and don't forget...the best way to spread christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear!

  9. Glee was so fun. I immediately thought of you when Kurt made the Eloise reference! That apartment is Ah-mazing. Please buy it so my whole family can come visit & stay with you :)

  10. I'm the same way about colour. I change my mind every other day haha

  11. As crazy as this sounds, Kmart has a line called Baxton Studio that looked like the headboard you posted. I saw it on Elements of Style a while back and couldn't believe it!

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie