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wedding week {sweet treats}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I would love to have a table full of sweets at my wedding.

 Sweet little details.

And macaroons. In a beautiful shade of blue for a pop of color.

Because everyone loves something sweet.

 Would you {or did you} have a table full of sweets at your wedding?

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  1. Yes!! I think a dessert table is such a nice twist to a traditional cake table. So lovely. I've yet to see one in person of all the weddings I've been to. Have a great day Danielle!

  2. i have zero sweet tooth, so we're not having one at our wedding. but we are having a table of pies in lieu of cake. i would like to see cheese tables. that's more my speed :)

  3. v cute! h and i are absolutely going to have some creative sweets at our wedding next year... we just have to narrow it down a bit! xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  4. A table full of sweets would be an absolute necessity for me!! Love this idea. Going to RSVP now!

  5. I know it's perfectly fine to be excited about weddings even if you're not getting married.... however, I'm kind of wondering now if you've met someone special since moving to Chicago. Hmmmmmm.

  6. Oh, yes... I'd definitely have one -- fun, festive, and great for the adults & kids in attendance

  7. If I was to do it again, I'd definitely have a sweet's table and would have to have macaroons on said table- love their dainty/colourful pretty. Beautiul post again- love wedding week!

  8. YES! I love the idea of a sweets table -- that way everyone can pick out what they want. This wedding had one of my favorite sweets tables ever: http://josevillablog.com/2009/08/ainjil-and-chris-vineyard-wedding/

    It might also be because I absolutely LOVE the backdrop of hundreds of ribbons hung from the ceiling. So simple, yet so pretty!

  9. I wish I would have done something like this, the 3 kids at the wedding would have appreciated it immensely! They weren't too fond of the cake because it had fruit in it, ha ha!

  10. We did not have a dessert table...I had mariachis at my wedding and wish I would have thought about Mexican bread like this bride did here...


  11. We just had cake at our wedding, however, now I think I would choose a dessert table instead. I love sweets so I think it's a great idea!

  12. so fun! i love the idea of a colorful candy table! so festive and pretty!

    see you tomorrow! can't wait!