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wedding week {lights & location}

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The winner of the 2 chicks & a fancy owl giveaway is...Shelli! Congrats!

The blog crawl & royal wedding are tomorrow!
Over 20 blogs with gorgeous + fun wedding inspiration. Are. You. Ready?
You have until tonight at 8:00 {pacific time} to sign up!
I love natural light & candle light so my ideal wedding would take place in the afternoon and go until the evening. The best of both worlds.

From day {top} to night {bottom}

And location? I think you can make anything beautiful. 

The beach.

A vineyard. {pics from my friend's wedding}

Or even your own yard.

Daylight, candlelight & hanging lights come together. Perfection.

Would you {or did you} have your wedding take place during the day or at night?
Indoors or outdoors?
Where would your dream wedding take place?

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  1. Two things:
    HAPPY DANCE!! I'M STOOOOOOOOOKED!!!!!! WAHOO!! I was SUPER ecstatic about this one!!! Wait, it was me right? I just saw Shelli with an i at the end and assumed, lol

    Secondly, THIS POST!! Dear LORD it is gorgeous!!! You never disappoint!! xoxo

  2. I cannot wait to see your wedding after all of the inspiration you've shared. Stunning. Thanks for including my pics among the wedding gorgeousness! xoxo

  3. Napa. Hands down. Now I just need to get engaged...haha.

  4. Tomorrow's the big day!!! :) I will be so watching.

    As for my own wedding...a beach or vineyard wedding would be my ideal thing. Then again, it all depends on where I'm gonna tie the knot eventually and since that isn't around the corner I keep dreaming about it. :) And your inspirational posts this week are just amazing!!!


  5. They're all gorgeous, but I love that shot of the bride and groom on the pier.

  6. Dreamy post! Our wedding started at 4 and lasted until 10 (I wish it could have gone on longer but we opted for the Friday package to save some g's!). We had it at a vineyard and held the ceremony outdoors with a phenomenal view, then had the reception indoors and the dinner in a wine cave :) It was all pretty perfect. The link to the post is here - the pic of my shoes are at the bottom!


    See ya tonight!!!

  7. we're going to have our ceremony outside (weather permitting) and the reception indoors. it'll be on a saturday and probably last from 6ish-midnight.. or later :) can't wait! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  8. Lovely pictures! I'm a new follower :) I just LOVE your blog!