Smile {weekend edition}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

fresh tulips getting ready to bloom

hydrangeas from whole foods

veggie platter with red pepper hummus for a potluck dinner with friends
& my beautiful WS chip & dip tray purchased on sale from $120 for $25

see the steam rising off the freshly toasted pita?

home made mini cheesecakes
recipe at the bottom of this post

another cheesecake shot | a few not so fresh tulips from last week in a mason jar

holiday decor

and of course, the pup
 and my ali ro trench {hanging on my bar stool}

a few more things...
weather that allows me to wear my ali ro trench
potluck dinners & Easter brunch with friends
{almost} 3 hour talks with this friend
planning blogger meet ups {it's this week. stay tuned}
sharing recipes

16 oz low fat cream cheese
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup sugar
{mix with electric mixer}

crumbled graham crackers mixed with smart balance
{don't have details. just feel it out & make it happen.}

bake at 350 for 25 min
cool in fridge

yes. it's that easy.

what made you smile this weekend?


  1. yum, i should try to make those mini cheesecakes for my sister's wedding shower! she loves real cheesecake :)

    ps. check out my amazIng print giveaway

  2. I love hydrangeas. Those mini cheesecakes look divine...I should make some and try not to eat them all :)

  3. "just feel it out & make it happen"?!?! You should SO have your own cooking show!! lol
    Easter looks yummy at your place and what a great capture of your pita steam! :)
    Happy Easter!

  4. Love all these pictures here! And that picture of your little guy at the end, so precious!

  5. I made mini cheesecakes this weekend too! How funny! Lovely pics, friend. Lovely.

  6. Fun pics! So glad you found your healthy dish to contribute to the potluck--good thinking! Mini cheesecakes aren't such a bad idea either ;)

  7. your photos. dying. so beautiful. whyyyyyyyyy can't you live close to me and take all my pictures for me????????? xoxo

  8. Oh wow, such prettiest, and wow the food looks fantastic!

  9. Thanks for posting the recipe for the mini cheesecakes. It looks so easy to make, I should try it for Mother's Day.