Project 365. Weeks 8 & 9.

Monday, March 07, 2011

3.6.11 | day 64 | camera: iphone {hipstamatic}
picking up movie snacks for black swan at fox & obel with c.

3.5.11 | day 64 | camera: iphone {hipstamatic}
we were going to go to yoga, but ended up at Karyn's for lunch instead.
I had the veggie wrap.

forgot to take a photo today, too.
3.4.11 | day 63 | camera: n/a

 3.3.11 | day 62 | camera: canon 7D | lens: 50mm 1.8
my first time making brussels sprouts. so good!
{just add a little olive oil, salt & pepper and bake at 450 for approx 20 min}

3.2.11 | day 61 | camera: Canon 7D
en route to a photo shoot with my 7D in hand.

 3.1.11 | day 60 | camera: canon rebel
snapped a quick shot of my valentine orchids before bed. sloppy.
today marked 7 months in chicago & was the night I launched my new site!

2.28.11 | day 59 | camera: canon rebel | lens: 50mm 1.8
practicing shooting in low light

2.27.11 | day 58 | camera: iPhone {hipstamatic app}
making brunch with the neighbors. i was in charge of chocolate chip pancakes.
whole wheat, of course.

2.26.11 | day 57 | camera: iPhone {hipstamatic app}
it snowed. again.

2.25.11 | day 56 | camera: iPhone
the snow has melted!

 2.24.11 | day 55 | camera: canon rebel
photo shoot

 2.23.11 | day 54 | camera: canon rebel
my first peapod delivery. not loving the plastic bags. i always use reusable ones.

2.22.11 | day 53 | camera: canon rebel

forgot to take a photo today.
2.21.11 | day 52 | camera: n/a


  1. I order from Peapod too and I'm not crazy about the plastic bags either. Like you, I use reusable bags. However, you can give the plastic bags to the driver on your next delivery. They will recycle them.

  2. We use online grocery shopping here in New Zealand and I absolutely LOVE it (especially since we don't have a car)! They use plastic bags, but we reuse them constantly for just about everything. Whenever I go out and do my own shopping, I bring a reusable bag. I really like the ones from envirosax :-)

  3. oh great shots! making me hungry:)...and thinking i need some fresh flowers:)

  4. seriously when is it going to stop snowing?!
    love fox and obel! i used to work in the river east center so i would always hop down there for candy. glad you had a fun weekend! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams