Girls who inspire: Sharstin of Me & Mine

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharstin is one of my favorite bloggers. She is wildly creative, adorable, sweet & has the cutest little family.

name & age:
Sharstin 29....what? when did that happen?

ogden, Utah aka o-town

current home:
same as above

meaning behind my blog name:
{me and mine...} i guess it's not that original--pretty much just the daily in's and outs of me and my little fam--mixed with my love of photography, running, design, & some craftin'

what inspired you to start blogging?:
i started blogging as a way to document/scrapbook all the picts and such of my kiddos and family.

current job:
Mommy and photog

dream job:
 I would love to do something with party planning, and design....but i really feel so lucky, because i love what i do! i get to stay home with my kiddos, and also get to go and take photos of some pretty flippin fantastic people. live what you love--right?

if i could travel anywhere:
 i love to travel and see new places. I would love to go to australia and the great barrier reef, new zealand, greece, and Italy--to name a few~

something unique about me:
my name is swedish

i like to:
design, bake,shop, travel, run/race,photograph, eat, spend some time at the spa, read a good book, snug my babies, be with my family, renovate, diy, lay on the beach, hang in my pjs, and drive with the windows down and the music up!

i watch:
too many shows! ha! ok, lets break it down--project runway, vampire diaries, the rachel zoe project, amazing race, G&B, anything name a few....

listening to:
i am music junkie--and music is such an inspiration for me. There is something about music---i love that it can bring out some much emotion, and can take you back to a certain memory or place like nothing else can...{sigh}I am loving florence and the machine, ingrid michealson,pinback, the weepies, band of horses, imogen heap, mumford and sons, and the beatles (always).

crushing on:
hubs, but i have girl crush on zoeey deschanel--love her mad style~

5 things that inspire me:
My babies color Music art and architecture blogs--and all of the insane talent out there

favorite nail polish:
OPI--we'll always have paris favorite perfume: sexy little things-noir by victoria secret

where do you buy you children's clothes?
you know, i get this question a lot--and i really buy my kids clothes everywhere--thrift stores, target, gap, crewcuts,..pretty much anything goes. I just love to mix, match, and layer different styles~

what tips do you have for someone throwing a party on a budget?
i would say to plan ahead on the menu you want to do, and the decor you want to have. Then you can start to find things for a better deal. There is some pretty fantastic fabric at your local walmart that make some great tableclothes, or swatches for a cute bunting. It's also all about the DIY. Anything that martha sells, you can make! and wow the goodies you can find at the 99 cent stores. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to look/be chic~

 where do you find most of your inspiration for crafting?
and with 3 kids and a photo business, where do you find the time?? ;) I will see some fabric that i love, or a cute craft/idea in a magazine or blog, and i will just put my own spin on it. I love me some craftin~ Ah time.....i sure wish i had much more in a day~ I only do 2-3 photo sessions a week--max. I am so fortunate that i live by my family, and they will watch my kiddos while i go to a shoot. The post processing and blogging i do when my kiddos are at school, napping, or at night. When i do get my craft on, i try to have an activity or something for the kids to do......but lets be honest, the best time to get any crafts done is when they are in bed, or the hubs is watching them:)

thanks D--was a lot of fun:)


  1. Her kids are adorable! Great pictures.

  2. I think I will def have to check out her blog!

  3. such a cute interview! i love the photography :) xoxo jcd

  4. Great idea to feature Sharstin! She is seriously the most adorable person on the planet.

  5. thanks chick--seriously so flattered:)

  6. oh she is one of my all time favorite bloggers and I adore her family!! She sure is an inspiration.

  7. Ok Sharstin, you know I think you're amazing, and this just sent it up a million notches! So fun to learn about you:) That party, darling!

  8. Love her style- that photo of her daughter is beyond adorable!!