An elephant never forgets.

Monday, March 07, 2011

 1. Elephant trivet, Jonathan Adler - $38
2. Guess elephant ring, Macys - $30
3. Mug, Jonathan Adler - $24
4. Letterpress elephant calling cards, Crane & Co. - $184
5. Elephants' child dishtowel, Anthropologie - $18
6. Elizabeth & James elephant ring, Bloomingdales - $325
7. L'object porcelain elephant, Saks - $95 
8. Encased elephant hook, Anthropologie - $20
9. Elephant bank, Jonathan Adler -$78
10. Jungle pancake molds, Williams Sonoma - $18
11. Elephant every day card, Paper-source - Starting at $53
12. Elephant bottle stopper, Jonathan Adler - $18

What's your favorite item on this list?


  1. I am elephant obsessed! every single one of these things are going on my birthday wishlist! :) cute finds!

  2. Love the Adler mug. :) I have been an elephant lover ever since I first read the Babar books when I was little (I thought is was quite neat that one of the characters is Queen Celeste) ... and, it doesn't hurt that the elephant is the symbol of the GOP. ;)

  3. I love the mug and the trivet. Great finds!

  4. LOVE! elephants are a fave animal motif (second only to turtles and lions). i've had my eye on the adler elephant salt and pepper shakers for ages...

  5. I love the Jonathan Adler elephant pieces. He makes them so fun and whimsical.

  6. i am lovin the dishtowel--and the S&P shakers--:)

  7. i love the elephant hook and the bank, it's a tie. Just discovered your blog and so excited. I just moved to Chicago also;)

  8. Oh I love elephants- great roundup-#7 is my favourite!!

  9. the mug is by far my favorite with the elizabeth and james ring coming in at a close second. great finds, danielle!

  10. I love this post SO much D! This is my fave ever! I reposted on Facebook because Erin and I LOVE elephants! Jack likes the pancake molds and I love the calling cards!

    and WE love you!

  11. that elephant hook from Anthro will be finding its way into my apt asap!